• Accounting 1000
  • Agric Engineering 18
  • Agriculture 5
  • Architecture 11
  • Banking And Finance 386
  • Bio-Chemistry 39
  • Biology 1
  • Building Technology 10
  • Business Administration 640
  • Chemical Engineering 77
  • Chemistry 31
  • Civil Engineering 6
  • Computer Engineering 86
  • Computer Science 173
  • Cooperative And Rural Development 21
  • Cooperative Economics 127
  • Economics 79
  • Education 325
  • Electrical Electronic Engineering 101
  • English 16
  • Entrepreneurial And Business Management 8
  • Environmental Design And Technology 5
  • Estate Management 31
  • Fine And Applied Arts 5
  • Food Technology 21
  • Geography 1
  • Health Science And Technology 1
  • Home And Rural Economics 6
  • Hospitality Management And Technology 24
  • Industrial Chemistry 5
  • Industrial Relation and Personnel Management 7
  • Insurance 60
  • International And Diplomatic Studies 0
  • Law 1
  • Library And Information Science 23
  • Marketing 244
  • Mass Communication 299
  • Mechanical Engineering 59
  • Medical And Health Science 1
  • Microbiology 15
  • Nursing Science 18
  • Office Technology and Management 176
  • Pharmacy 11
  • Philosophy 0
  • Political Science 46
  • Printing Technology 0
  • Psychology 4
  • Public Administration 152
  • Public Relations And Communication 1
  • Purchasing And Supply 17
  • Quantity Surveyor 5
  • Science Lab Technology 215
  • Secretarial Administration 1
  • Seminars 23
  • Sociology 28
  • Staff Development And Distance Education 1
  • Statistic 36
  • Urban And Regional Planning 5

Food Technology Project Topics

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1 Nutrient And Anti Nutrient Content Of Raw, Fermented And Germinated Millet Flour

ABSTRACT The nutrient and anti-nutrient content of raw millet, fermented and germinated millet flour were followed during a germination of 48h and a fermentation of 72hrs. There was a significant decrease in the anti-nutritional factors with tannins from 0.357%, to 0.157%, phytates 0.144% to...

2 Effect Of Oil Types On The Physio-chemical And Organoleptic Qualities Of Akara

ABSTRACT Akara is a tasty snack enjoyed by different sections of the population.  This project investigated the effect of oil type on the sensory and chemical properties of akara produced from three different oil samples.  The cowpea samples were soaked, washed, dehulled, grind, mixed...

3 Determination Of Some Physical Properties Of Fresh And Dried Tiger Nut (cyperus Esculentus)

ABSTRACT This study was conducted to determine the physical properties of fresh and dried Tiger nut which are essential for designing engineering processes, material handling, storage, equipment design and fabrication. Samples of Tiger nut were collected from the market (Ekeonunwa), both fresh...

4 Producing And Sensory Examine The Biscuit Using Wheat Flour Cassava Flour Abacha Floor And African Yam Bean Flour

PRODUCING AND SENSORY EXAMINE THE BISCUIT USING WHEAT FLOUR CASSAVA FLOUR ABACHA FLOOR AND AFRICAN YAM BEAN FLOUR Abstract Production of biscuit using composite wheat / Abacha / African yam bean flour was investigated. Cassava root from one year old was used for the production of Abacha...

5 Nutrient Composition Functional And Organoleptic Properties Of Complementary Foods From Sorghum

NUTRIENT COMPOSITION FUNCTIONAL AND ORGANOLEPTIC  PROPERTIES OF COMPLEMENTARY FOODS FROM SORGHUM ABSTRACT Complementary foods were formulated using sorghum, African yam bean and crayfish. The nutrient composition, functional properties and organoleptic attributes of the formulated...

6 Importance Of Utazi Gongronema Latifolium And Nchuanwu Ocimum Gratissium

IMPORTANCE OF UTAZI GONGRONEMA LATIFOLIUM AND NCHUANWU OCIMUM GRATISSIUM ABSTRACT The research work was focused on the possible vitamin composition of Utazi (Gongronema  latifolium) and Nchuanwu (Ocimum gratissimum) leaf juice. Here, it was only the vitamin A and C that were...

7 Effects Of Different Processing Methods Of Afzelia Africana (akpalata) Seed Flour As A Soup Thickener

EFFECTS OF DIFFERENT PROCESSING METHODS OF AFZELIA AFRICANA (AKPALATA) SEED FLOUR AS A SOUP THICKENER ABSTRACT Afzelia africana seeds (African Oak) were processed into flour using three different treatments. The treatments include: raw Afzelia Africana flour (sample A) the control. The seeds...

8 Production Of Jam Using Banana Its Nutritive Value

PRODUCTION OF JAM USING BANANA ITS NUTRITIVE VALUE ABSTRACT Production of jam is a process being advocated for the preservation of our seasonal fruits during their fruiting period. This work is aimed at producing jam without the combination of fruits and to produce without adding colourants...

9 The Physico-chemical And Antioxidant Properties Of Culinary Herbs And Local Spies

THE PHYSICO-CHEMICAL AND ANTIOXIDANT PROPERTIES OF CULINARY HERBS AND LOCAL SPIES Abstract           a comparative study was done on the physico-chemical and antioxidant properties of some culinary herbs and local spices. Piper Guiness (Uziza),...

10 The Effects Of Different Processign Techniquies On The Organoleptic Quality Of Soymilk Processing And Storage

THE EFFECTS OF DIFFERENT PROCESSIGN TECHNIQUIES ON THE ORGANOLEPTIC QUALITY OF SOYMILK PROCESSING AND STORAGE ABSTRACT   Soymilk was processed from soymilk (Glycine Max) seed using that different processing techniques: A       Hot extraction...

11 Production Of Mixed Fruit Using Fuse Locally Soured Citrus Fruits Orange (citrus Silences) Tangerine Citrus Reticulate) Lemon C Groups (citrus Paradox).


12 Isolation And Performance Evaluation Of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae From On Palm Wine

ISOLATION AND PERFORMANCE EVALUATION OF SACCHAROMYCES CEREVISIAE FROM ON PALM WINE ABSTRACT Saccharomyces cerevisiae was isolated from the fermenting sap of flaeis guinneensis. The yeast isolate was used in dough proofing at different temperatures. The samples B, C, D, E, and F, (containing...

13 Effect Of Storage Time On The Functional Properties Of Wheatbambka Groundnut Blend

EFFECT OF STORAGE TIME ON THE FUNCTIONAL PROPERTIES OF WHEATBAMBKA GROUNDNUT BLEND                       ABSTRACT Study of effect of storage time on the functional properties of wheat...

14 Use Of Composite Flour Blends For Biscuit Making (peanut/cassava Flour)

USE OF COMPOSITE FLOUR BLENDS FOR BISCUIT MAKING (PEANUT/CASSAVA FLOUR) TABLE OF CONTENTS   Title page Approval page Dedication Acknowledgement Abstract Table of Contents   CHAPTER ONE 1.0     Introduction 1.1     Statement of...

15 The Status Of Processing And Preservation Of Cereals In Nigeria

THE STATUS OF PROCESSING AND PRESERVATION OF CEREALS IN NIGERIA TABLE OF CONTENTS   Title page Approval page Dedication Acknowledgement Table of contents   CHAPTER ONE 1.0     Introduction   CHAPTER...

16 Production Of Jam Using Banana/its Nutritive Value

  PRODUCTION OF JAM USING BANANA/ITS NUTRITIVE VALUE ABSTRACT Production of jam is a process being advocated for the preservation of our seasonal fruits during their fruiting period. This work is aimed at producing jam without the combination of fruits and to produce without adding...

17 Production And Acceptability Studies Of Malted Sorghum (sorghum Bicolor) Biscuit

PRODUCTION AND ACCEPTABILITY STUDIES OF MALTED SORGHUM (SORGHUM BICOLOR) BISCUIT   ABSTRACT   Biscuit was produced from malted sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) and wheat flour blend. Sorghum grains were sorted, steeped in water, germinated and kilned. Four samples of biscuit were...

18 Production Of Bread Using Wheat And Cassava Blend Flavoured With Ginger


19 The Extraction And Production Of Essential Oil From Cashew Nuts

THE EXTRACTION AND PRODUCTION OF ESSENTIAL OIL FROM CASHEW NUTS ABSTRACT This study was carried out to extract essential oils from cashew shell and its kernel and to characterize the oils; with the view to ascertain their suitability for consumption and other uses. Soxhlet apparatus was used...

20 Production And Assessment Of Acceptability Of Cake From A Blend Of Carrot And Wheat Flour Original

PRODUCTION AND ASSESSMENT OF ACCEPTABILITY OF CAKE FROM A BLEND OF CARROT AND WHEAT FLOUR ORIGINAL CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Humans have consumed bakery products for hundreds of years. Among the different bakery products is the cake. Cakeis a form of sweet...


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Food Technology Project Topics