Web Based Application For Insurance Services Case Study Of The Insurance Company

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The present system of the insurance companies is characterized by the manual method as a result serious threat has been posed to the operation of the service and too much workload on the staffs. The manual method involves the marketing staffs moving from one location to the other to meet up with the requirement of their broker and also the files and data of their broker are stored in cabinet which are easily destroyed by rodents. With regards to this method the insurance computer application for insurance company would be developed this would have the ability to remotely connect insurance brokers in any location for them to carry out their insurance services and also their data would be stored in a secured database. In the software design, to achieve this task I intend to use the Microsoft visual studio platform and Microsoft access 2007 as the database to store the information.
Insurance is an important area of the business service industry. The U.S insurance industry is one of the largest revenue generators and is the fifth industry sector in the centre. The project is based on implementing a web-based application for insurance services that shows the rates offered by different insurance agencies. The main types of insurance dealt in this project are home insurance, auto insurance, farm insurance, and health insurance. Depending upon the user information, real time quotes are generated from different companies. This project is intended to provide and manage a good customer relationship.
This insurance company is a company that offers insurances policy either by selling directly to an individual or through another source such as an employee’s benefit plan. An insurance company is usually comprised of multiple insurance agents. An insurance company can specialize in one type of insurance, such as life insurance, health insurance, auto insurance or offer multiple types of insurance. Encompass into the insurance policies is the insurance service which the insurance company decided to specialize in offering the public.
Insurance is the equitable transfer of the risk of a loss, from one entity to another in exchange for payment. It is a form of risk management primarily used to hedge against the risk of a contingent, uncertain loss.
An insurer, or insurance carrier, is a company selling the insurance, the insured, or policy holder, is the person or entity buying the insurance policy. The amount to be charged for a certain amount of insurance coverage is called the PREMIUM. Risk
management, the practice of appraising and controlling risk, has evolved as a discrete yield of study and practice.
The transaction involves the insured assuming a guaranteed and known relatively promise to compensate (indemnify) the insured in case of a financial (personal) loss. The insured reviews a contract called the insurance policy, which detects the conditions and circumstances under which the insured will be financially compensated.
Insurance involves posting funds from many entities (known as exposures) to pay for the losses that some may incur. The insured entities are therefore protected from risk for a fee; with the fee being dependent upon the frequency and severity of event occurring. In order to be insurable, the risk insured against must meet certain characteristics in order to be in insurable risk. Insurance is a commercial enterprise and a major part of the financial services industry, but individual entities can also self – insure through saving money for possible future losses.
In some sense, we say that insurance appears simultaneously with the appearance of human society. We know of two types of economics in human societies. Natural or non – momentary economics (using barter and trade with no centralized or standardized set of financial instruments) and more modern monetary economics (with markets, currency, financial instruments and so on). The former is more primitive and the insurance in such economics entails agreements of mutual aid. If one family is house is destroyed the neighbours are committed to help rebuild. Often informal or formally intrinsic to local religious customs, this type of insurance has survived to the present day in some countries where a modern money economy with its financial instruments is not widespread.
The study is carried out to fulfil the following objectives. To ensure effective insurance service communication around the globe from a remote location using the web application. To promote growth and financial stability of insurance companies and effectively enable policy holders monitor their service around the globe. To professionalize insurance services and develop insurance
consciousness among the general populace. To establish a sound national insurance market; and also add speed to their data processing and retrieving.
The justification for the work is a follows to To allow for effective insurance service monitoring by policy holders over the web without office visitation. To do away with the traditional method of using papers as from to fill insurance of policy holder this could easily be misplaced. To contribute to the enormous change in information technology.
To design web based application for insurance service.
Web based application for insurance services has been acknowledged as the fourth site technology that could foster communication of insurance service very quickly and efficiently reaching people around the world irrespective of the location.
The scope of the project corers the development of the web application typically involving the logical programming which is capable of providing insurance policy holders the easy access to any kind of service provided by their insurance company from a remote location. Also certain update and customer suggestion would be implemented. Method of data collection, system design and implementation and all other necessary materials under close supervision has been put together to ensure the success of the work.

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Web Based Application For Insurance Services Case Study Of The Insurance Company