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Peter Mbah's Response To Election Tribunal Affirming His Victory

Peter Mbah's Response To Election Tribunal Affirming His Victory

Peter Mbah, in a moment of elation and gratitude, has offered his reaction to the recent decision by the Election Tribunal, which has unequivocally upheld his electoral victory. This landmark ruling not only signifies a personal triumph for Peter Mbah but also carries immense significance for the principles of democracy and the people of Enugu State.

Peter Mbah expressed his deep appreciation for this verdict, acknowledging that it signifies a significant step towards furthering the values of democracy and justice in Enugu State. He extended his heartfelt gratitude to the tribunal for their diligent examination of the election petitions and their commitment to ensuring a fair and just outcome.

With this legal battle now behind him, Peter Mbah emphasized that the time for political disputes has come to an end. Since assuming office on May 29, his focus has been unwaveringly dedicated to the task of governance and the development of Enugu State.

Peter Mbah extended an open invitation to his fellow contenders in the election, calling for unity in the pursuit of common goals that will enhance the welfare and prosperity of the people of Enugu State.

In his message to supporters, Peter Mbah called for unity and collaboration, emphasizing that the greater good of Enugu State transcends individual victories. He reaffirmed his commitment to working tirelessly to fulfill the aspirations of the people and build the Enugu State they have collectively envisioned.

In closing, Peter Mbah reiterated his gratitude to the people of Enugu State for their unwavering trust and support. He pledged to remain true to the promises made during his campaign and uphold the principles outlined in the Citizen's Charter he executed on his first day in office.

Peter Mbah concluded by urging the citizens of Enugu State to hold him accountable, assuring them that he is fully dedicated to fulfilling his responsibilities as their elected leader. He emphasized his unwavering commitment to the progress and well-being of Enugu State.

May Enugu State continue to prosper, and may democracy thrive. May God bless Enugu State! May God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

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