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Let Us Teach You About Dogecoin

Let Us Teach You About Dogecoin

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Keeping up with crypto is hard. Blockchain Briefs make it easy. Introducing Blockchain Briefs, Blockchain.com’s short-form crypto digest summarizing top coins and giving you the talking points and industry insights you need to sound like a crypto pro.

In our first edition, we cover crypto community favorite: DOGEcoin.


What is DOGE?

DOGEcoin, “the accidental crypto-movement that makes people smile,” is an open source, peer-to-peer digital currency. Currently, it has the seventh-largest market capitalization in crypto.

Why is DOGE getting attention?

The original “memecoin,” DOGEcoin rode the same, community-fueled price elevator as fellow “meme stocks” Gamestop ($GME) and AMC ($AMC).

The asset’s original founders, as well as high-profile crypto celebrities such as Vitalik Buterin, and Elon Musk have taken a renewed interest in the social utility of the asset and released a manifesto.

DOGEcoin traded at $.003 earlier this year; it sits at $.31 at time of this writing.

DOGE History

DOGE began as a literal joke: created by two software engineers to poke fun at the hype around crypto, it quickly became a social media favorite, garnering millions of website views within the first few months of launching.

As it grew in popularity, Redditors and Twitter users began using DOGEcoin to tip fellow users for creating or sharing quality content.

DOGE use cases and future

DOGE is best used for tipping, micropayments, and donations.

This month, Burger King accepted DOGE for a meat-flavored dog treat campaign, the proceeds of which will go towards animal protection NGOs.

Look for DOGE to be the center of attention when it comes to charity and social causes.


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