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Project Topics for Computer Science

21Computerized Land Information System (case Study Of Ministry Of Land And Housing Enugu)

COMPUTERIZED LAND INFORMATION SYSTEM   (CASE STUDY OF MINISTRY OF LAND AND HOUSING ENUGU) Abstract Land is a free gift of nature and a factor of production, land tenure is the name given, particularly in common law systems, to the legal regime in which land is owned by an individual, due to the fact that Keeping record of lands and... Continue Reading »

22Design And Implementation Of A Computerized Point Of Sales System (a Case Study Of Golden Toast Enugu)

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A COMPUTERIZED POINT OF SALES SYSTEM (A CASE STUDY OF GOLDEN TOAST ENUGU) ABSTRACT The global community especially the technologically advanced world is striving to attain what has been the global information age. It is an age that is envisaged to go beyond the use of computers as a mere tool for fast... Continue Reading »

23Designing A Computer Software For The Registration Of Patients In Fsdt&t Clinic/laboratory

DESIGNING A COMPUTER SOFTWARE FOR THE REGISTRATION OF PATIENTS IN FSDT&T CLINIC/LABORATORY ABSTRACT The study was aimed at designing a computer software for registration of patient’s in FSDT&T clinic/laboratory. The work was reviewed from text books, journals, website which highlights the process of designing of designing the... Continue Reading »

24Computer Based Census Management System A Casestudy Of National Population Commission (npc)

ABSTRACTThe researcher chose to research on this topic “Computer Based Census Management System” because of its relevance to the society. Meanwhile, the manual method so far has its attendant problem of being tedious. The researcher, in order to solve this time consuming, monotonous, and repetitive manual census activities went into a... Continue Reading »

25Computerized Crime Tracking Information System Case Study Of Nigerian Police, Enugu

ABSTRACT This project work identifies the challenges facing police departments that seek to implement computerized crime tracking information systems. The project highlights the importance of police departments identifying crime records and then designing systems that accomplish the tasks specific to the needs of their end-users. Data transfer,... Continue Reading »

26Computerized Transcript Management Systemcomputerized Transcript Management Systemcomputerized Transcript Management Systemcomputerized Transcript Management Systemcomputerized Transcript Management Systemcomputerized Transcr

ABSTRACTThis project is a computerized information management for transcript management which will help to over-come the undesirable problem associated with misplacement of student records, student’s grades, slow and strenuous accessibility of student report and record, inaccurate record keeping and poor information management within the... Continue Reading »

27Design And Implementation Of A Security Information System (a Case Study Of The Nigerian Police)

ABSTRACTxiiThe principal objective of this project is to help Security Information Systems (SIS) especially NIGERIAN POLICE which is my case study in the area they encounter problems in securing security data-processing and efficient information system. This will be the solution given to handle this problem by transforming the existing manual... Continue Reading »

28Design And Implementation Of Computerized Population Analysis System (case Study Of National Population Commission Enugu)

ABSTRACT Computerized based spec analysis system includes the sets of methods that allow us to measure the dimensions and dynamics of populations. These methods have primarily been developed to study human populations, but are extended to a variety of areas where researchers want to know how populations of social actors can change across time... Continue Reading »

29Design And Implementation Of Campus Online Help Desk Information System

ABSTRACTThe abstract of the project is now the online help desk information system has eased the general public who wish to make there enquires, log complaints, make a suggestion. These incidents vary significantly in type and urgency and require the attention of officials (hereafter referred to as ‘users’) within one or more Public... Continue Reading »

30Design And Implementation Of Data Mining For Medical Record System.(a Case Study Of Owerri General Hospital)

Design And Implementation Of Data Mining For Medical Record System. (a Case Study Of Owerri General Hospital)ABSTRACTData mining is the extraction of hidden predictive information from large database which helps in predicting future trend and behavior thereby helping management make knowledge driven decisions. The data mining tool designed is to... Continue Reading »

31Design And Implementation Of Network Security (a Case Study Of Uba Enugu)

ABSTRACTNetwork Security is essential to any organization. This has been previously done by manual method. But this project is aimed at computerized Network Security to make the work easier. This is possible because of the advance improvement in information technology as pertaining programming language; because this is achieved by the help of... Continue Reading »

32Design And Implementation Of Online Clearance System A Case Study Of Caritas University

ABSTRACTOnline clearance system is a research work that will help build an effective information management for schools. It is aimed at developing a system for making clearance after graduation hitch free. The designed software will serve as a more reliable and effective means of undertaking students clearance, remove all forms of delay and stress... Continue Reading »

33Design And Implementation Of Online Entrance Examination (a Case Study Of Caritas University Enugu)

ABSTRACTComputers are known for their wide range of uses especially in scientific and mathematical fields. However little or no thought has been given to designing a complete and thorough intelligence entrance examination on a computer system in our immediate environment. This entrance examination system is designed to assist university... Continue Reading »

34Design And Implementation Of Online Student Clearance System (a Case Study Of Caritas Universty)

ABSTRACTComputer Software Based online clearance system is an internet base research work that will help build an effective information management for schools. It is aimed at developing a computer software system that replaces the manual method of clearance for graduating students. The designed software will serve as a more reliable and effective... Continue Reading »

35Design And Implementation Of Patient Management System

ABSTRACT This study investigated online hospital management system as a tool to revolutionize medical profession. With many writers decrying how patients queue up for hours in order to receive medical treatment, and some end-up being attended to as „spillover‟, the analyst investigated the manual system in detail with a view to finding... Continue Reading »

36I Design Of A National 6identity Card System (a Case Study Of National Identity Card, Ngwo Local Government Area Enugu State

ABSTRACTThis project is aimed at improving along lasting processing and administration system on National Identity card. It is also aimed at keeping records of all processing and administration system for national Identity card with view of modifying it into a full computerized system. The study covers the areas of application entry, record... Continue Reading »

37Development Of Document Routing System Online Application And Approval Of Loan A Case Study Of Accion Microfinance Bank Lagos

ABSTRACTAn online loan website would allow AccionMFB to access online application, website, application information from any convenient location, using a single user ID and password. They would be able to do transactions online. The central goal of this initiative is to transform the day-to-day operations of the Bank by reducing paperwork; putting... Continue Reading »

38Examination Verification System Using Biometric (a Case Study Of Waec)

ABSTRACTMy research Project is to develop fingerprint biometrics systems that assist in the elimination of examination impersonation. Up till now, the WAEC examination board (WAEC) is not using fingerprint as mode of identification, this has resulted in people sitting for WAEC examinations for others who collect the result at the end. With the... Continue Reading »

39Web Based Application For Insurance Services Case Study Of The Insurance Company

ABSTRACTThe present system of the insurance companies is characterized by the manual method as a result serious threat has been posed to the operation of the service and too much workload on the staffs. The manual method involves the marketing staffs moving from one location to the other to meet up with the requirement of their broker and also the... Continue Reading »

40Minimizing File Downloading Time In Stochastic Peer To Peer Networks

MINIMIZING FILE DOWNLOADING TIME IN STOCHASTIC PEER TO PEER NETWORKS ABSTRACT The peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing applications are becoming increasingly popular and account for more than 70% of the interneta, cs bandwidth usage. Measurement studies show that a typical download of a file can take from minutes up to several hours... Continue Reading »

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