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Enugu, Nigeria
Enugu State

Project Topics For Mass Communication

301Assessing Social Media Perception By Nigerian Graduates

Abstract The study seeks to assess the social media perception and usage among students of Nigerian universities. Three research questions guided the study. Survey research design was adopted for the study. The population for the study is 1816. The sample size of the study was drawn using Wilmer and Dominic to get 451. 451 copies of... Continue Reading »

302Media Influence On Crises Management In Nimbo Community

Abstract Crises between herders and farmers have been a recurring issue in Nigeria most especially in the North Central states of Taraba, Nasarawa, Plateau, and Benue and recently, in the south east sate Nigeria. This bloodlust has resulted in displacement of families, loss of lives and destruction of families. As broadcast media consumption... Continue Reading »

303Radio Broadcast Programmes And Rural Development In Nigeria ( A Study Of Residents In Agwu Local Government Area, Enugu State)

Abstract The research study was aimed at radio broadcast programmes and rural development in Nigeria; A study of residents of Awgu local government area. The study addressed four research questions. The study adopted the survey research design method using the questionnaire as the research instrument. The findings revealed among others that... Continue Reading »

304Student Perception Of The Corporate Image Of Godfrey Okoye University, Enugu

ABSTRACT The study examined the Image of Godfrey Okoye University by the graduating students of 2017/2018 session of the university. Quantitative design and survey methodology was adopted for this work. The population for the study consisted of 471 graduating students of 2017/2018 session with a sample size of 261. The study was anchored on two... Continue Reading »

305The Influence Of Freedom Of Information Law On Journalism Practice (a Study Of Esbs, Frcn, Dream Fm, Nta)

ABSTRACT The Aim of this study was to determine the influence of journalism practice in Enugu. The objective of the study is to find out the influence of freedom of information law and high rate of curriculum in Government Business in Nigeria e.t.c. survey method is used as instrument for data collection (questionnaire) sources of data (primary... Continue Reading »

306The Influence Of New Media On Social Life Of Nigeria Youth (a Study Of Godfrey Okoye University Students)

ABSTRACT This research exercise is on the influence of new media in social life of Nigeria youth; in Godfrey Okoye University students. The research study adopted the media systems dependency theory as the theoretical framework for this study. The method used for this study was survey research method, with the population of 1640 students and a... Continue Reading »

307Influence Of Formal Journalism Education On Journalists Professional Practice In Enugu State

Abstract This study was set to examine the role of formal journalism education on journalist’s professional practice in Enugu state. The population for the study is the entire registered journalists practicing in Enugu. Multi-stage sampling procedure which involved cluster and simple random sampling techniques was used to draw a sample... Continue Reading »

308News Preference In Enugu State: An Analysis Of Broadcast Media And Social Media News Consumption

Abstract The technological breakthrough of web 2.0 revolutionized communication channels, increasing information traffic from source to sender and vice versa. Media convergence is one of the many outcomes of this technological revolution whereby traditional media and the internet merge to disseminate information to audience. However, news... Continue Reading »

309Public Perception Of The Influence Of Social Media In The Fight Against Corruption In Nigeria

ABSTRACT The study, examine public perception of social media contribution in the fight against corruption, the Idealistic theory, was  used in this research study, as different philosophies  of  scholars review ,is noted to make this research concrete , observed to examine , the public perception ,in Corruption, as news... Continue Reading »

310An Assessment Of Facebook And Radio Advertisements On The Purchasing Habits Of Godfrey Okoye University Students

ABSTRACT The purpose of this research study was an assessment of radio and facebook advertisements on the purchasing habits of godfrey okoye university students. Anchored on the uses and gratification theory, social relationship theory and source credibility theory, the objectives of the study was structured to determine the extent to which... Continue Reading »

311Influence Of Violent Television Cartoon Programs On Children In Enugu Metropolis

TABLE OF CONTENTS Title... Continue Reading »

312Influence Of Nollywood Movies On The Social Behaviour Of Students In Public Secondary Schools In Enugu North.

Abstract   The purpose of this study was to determine The Influence of Nollywood Movies on Social Behaviour of Students in Public Secondary School in Enugu.It adopted the Survey method with the questionnaire as its instrument of data collection. The study population was made up of the students in Enugu North based on Post Primary... Continue Reading »

313Influences Of Advertising On Business Organisation A Case Study Of Diamond Bank, Enugu

ABSTRACT  The study examined the effects of advertisement on the success of an organisation using Diamond bank adverts as a study. The objectives behind the study were to find out various advertising strategies employed by Diamond bank to reach its numerous customers, ascertain how effective these advertising strategies are, to ascertain... Continue Reading »

314Influence Of Internal Corporate Communication On Employee Job Satisfaction

ABSTRACT The focus of internal corporate communication is gaining interest, particularly because it is very essential in all dimensions of the organization’s performance. Hence, effective communication has been linked to a number of positive outcomes like organizational success, financially and socially, higher levels of cooperation and... Continue Reading »

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