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Banking And Finance Project Topics

1 Distress Management And Prevention Strategies For The Nigerian Banking System (a Case Study Of Union Bank Of Nigeria Plc)

ABSTRACT        In this work the researcher worked into different ways of preventing banking distress.        The work is divided into two chapters. Chapter one heated the permute encapsulating the general overview, statement of... Continue Reading »

2 Impact Of Microfinance Institutions On Small Scale Enterprises Development In Nigeria

Abstract: This study examines the impact of Microfinance Institutions in financing small scale enterprises for economic growth in Nigeria. Time series data from Central bank of Nigeria (CBN) report on the activities of Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) from 1992 to 2014 were used. Ordinary... Continue Reading »

3 Job Rotation As Training And Development Tool For Enhancing Employees Performance ( A Case Study Of United Bank Of Africa (uba), Lagos)

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1         Background to the Study The survival of any organization in the competitive society lies in its ability to train its human resource to be creative, innovative, inventive will invariably enhances performance and... Continue Reading »

4 Effect Of Commercial Banks Performance On Economic Growth

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1         Background to the Study The precise link and direction of causation between financial development and economic growth has remained at the centre of empirical debates for decades. The debate arguably gathered... Continue Reading »

5 Diversification Of The Nigerian Economy: Agriculture And Solid Minerals As Panacea

Seminar Project ABSTRACT Diversification of the Nigerian economy with specific emphasis on the agricultural and solid mineral sectors is feasible in view of Nigeria’s resource endowment. Nigeria has a large expanse of agricultural land. This constitutes 77.7 per cent of Nigeria’s... Continue Reading »

6 Industrial Conflicts In Nigerian Deposit Money Banks: Benefits And Challenges

ABSTRACT Conflict can either result to positive or negative outcomes in a firm based on how it is managed. Only when the source is known, can it be properly managed. This study examined the challenges that could possibly lead to industrial conflict and the benefits of a well-managed conflict.... Continue Reading »

7 Financing Agriculture For Sustainable Economic Development

ABSTRACT Nigeria’s agriculture is diverse, presenting various opportunities. It includes four sub-sectors, namely; crop, livestock, fishery and forestry. The crop sub-sector accounts for about 90.0 per cent of agricultural production in Nigeria, followed by the livestock sub-sector which... Continue Reading »

8 The Role Of Deposit Money Banks On The Growth Of Smes (a Case Study Of Yakurr Local Government Area, Cross River State, Nigeria)

Seminar Project | Chapter 1-3 | Banking and Finance ABSTRACT This study examined the role of deposit money banks on the growth of SMEs in Yakurr Local Government Area, Cross River State, Nigeria. The objectives of the study were to examine the degree of relationship between deposit money... Continue Reading »

9 Effect Of Bank Consolidation On Performance Of Small And Medium Scale Enterprises In Nigeria

ABSTRACT   The central tenet of banking sector consolidation was to develop a strong, reliable and diversified banking sector that is capable of playing effective developmental roles in the economy, such as funding of small and medium scale enterprises and becoming a competent and... Continue Reading »

10 Assessment Of The Contribution Of Commercial Banks To Economic Growth In Nigeria

ASSESSMENT OF THE CONTRIBUTION OF COMMERCIAL BANKS TO ECONOMIC GROWTH IN NIGERIA ABSTRACT The study focused on the contributions of commercial banks to economic growth of Nigeria. The specific objectives of the study include: to examined the effect of commercial bank loans on the gross... Continue Reading »

11 The Adoption And Implementation Of International Financial Reporting Standard (ifrs) Issues And Challenges On Nigeria Economy

  THE ADOPTION AND IMPLEMENTATION OF INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL REPORTING STANDARD (IFRS) ISSUES AND CHALLENGES ON NIGERIA ECONOMY ABSTRACT This research work titled adoption and implementation of International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) Issues and challenges on the Nigeria... Continue Reading »

12 Problems Of Budgetary Control As Management Tool For Planning And Control A Case Study

PROBLEMS OF BUDGETARY CONTROL AS MANAGEMENT TOOL FOR PLANNING AND CONTROL A CASE STUDY ABSTRACT The research on problem of budgetary control as a management tool for planning and control. Its source is mainly concentrated at Asaba capital city of Delta as a result of the lack o... Continue Reading »

13 Mortgage Arrangement In Depressed Economy A Case Study Of Federa

MORTGAGE ARRANGEMENT IN DEPRESSED ECONOMY A CASE STUDY OF FEDERA   CHAPTER ONE 1.0      INTRODUCTION A prominent feature of real property investment is that it involves the expenditure of money. As a result, investors in real property hardly fund the project... Continue Reading »

14 Impact Of Internet Banking System In Nigeria Banking Environment

IMPACT OF INTERNET BANKING SYSTEM IN NIGERIA BANKING ENVIRONMENT Abstract This project work entitled “Impact of internet banking system in Nigeria banking environment” with particular reference to Union Bank of Nigeria. The project is divided into five chapters. The chapter one... Continue Reading »

15 The Impact Of The Nigerian Deposit Corporation (ndic) On The Operations Of The Nigeria Banking Industry

THE IMPACT OF THE NIGERIAN DEPOSIT CORPORATION (NDIC) ON THE OPERATIONS OF THE NIGERIA BANKING INDUSTRY   ABSTRACT      The study is an empirical analysis of the impact of The Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation of the Nigerian Banking Industry. The broad... Continue Reading »

16 The Impact Of Banks Credit In The Nigeria Economy (a Case Study Of First Bank Of Nigeria Plc And Zenith Bank Plc)ekwulobia

THE IMPACT OF BANKS CREDIT IN THE NIGERIA ECONOMY (A CASE STUDY OF FIRST BANK OF NIGERIA PLC AND ZENITH BANK PLC)EKWULOBIA ABSTRACT This research is on the impact of bank credit in the Nigeria economy, A case study of first bank plc and Zenith bank plc Ekwulobia. Objectives of the study... Continue Reading »

17 Problem And Prospect Of Poultry Management

PROBLEM AND PROSPECT OF POULTRY MANAGEMENT   CHAPTER ONE 1.0            INTRODUCTION 1.1     GENERAL BACKGROUND TO THE SUBJECT MATTER The role which farming plays in the economic development and growth of... Continue Reading »

18 Banks Participation In The Industrial Development Of Nigeria.

BANKS PARTICIPATION IN THE INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT OF NIGERIA. CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1            STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM AND PURPOSE OF THE STUDY For any country to attain any degree of industrialization, it must have to over-come... Continue Reading »

19 An Examination Of The Techniques Of Managing Financial Distress In The Nigeria Banking Industry.


20 The Role Of The Stock Exchange Market In The Economy.

THE ROLE OF THE STOCK EXCHANGE MARKET IN THE ECONOMY. CHAPTER ONE 1.0      INTRODUCTION 1.1   BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY         The stock exchange is a vital economic institution. The height of development the world has... Continue Reading »

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