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Office Technology & Management Project Topics

21 The Challenges Of Secretaries Coping With Modern Technology (a Case Study Of Select Business Organisations In Enugu Urban)

THE CHALLENGES OF SECRETARIES COPING WITH MODERN TECHNOLOGY (A CASE STUDY OF SELECT BUSINESS ORGANISATIONS IN ENUGU URBAN) ABSTRACT   High productivity is the pursuit of every public corporation. To allow for this, it is therefore necessary that the organization should tackle target for... Continue Reading »

22 The Causes Of Stress On The Secretarial’s Job Performance

THE CAUSES OF STRESS ON THE SECRETARIAL’S JOB PERFORMANCE ABSTRACT According to research studies into the relationship between a worker’s life and his job, stress is assuming a position as number one killer disease in the modern society.  The purpose of his work was to find... Continue Reading »

23 A Survey Of Management Problems And It’s Effects In Selected Business Centers In Nsukka Local Government Area

A SURVEY OF MANAGEMENT PROBLEMS AND IT’S EFFECTS IN SELECTED BUSINESS CENTERS IN NSUKKA LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA ABSTRACT The candid objective of this study is to survey the management problems and its effects in selected business centers in Nsukka local government area. Nsukka as a... Continue Reading »

24 A Survey Of Economic In The Performance Of Secretaries

A SURVEY OF ECONOMIC IN THE  PERFORMANCE OF  SECRETARIES ABSTRACT This project is base on the Economic condition of secretary in an organization it also go long way explaining the problem of economic condition on the work of secretary. This project will also enlighten secretary... Continue Reading »

25 A Study On The Technological Equipment Needed For Maximum Achievement Of Educational Goals In Office Technology And Management Department

A STUDY ON THE TECHNOLOGICAL EQUIPMENT NEEDED FOR MAXIMUM ACHIEVEMENT OF EDUCATIONAL GOALS IN OFFICE TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT ABSTRACT This study was aimed at identifying technological equipment needed in the Office Technology and Management Department for maximum achievement of... Continue Reading »

26 A Study Of The Roles Professional Secretaries In Conflict Resolution In Enugu Urban

A STUDY OF THE ROLES PROFESSIONAL SECRETARIES IN CONFLICT RESOLUTION IN ENUGU URBAN ABSTRACT This research was set out to find the survey of the role of professional secretarial in conflict resolution in Enugu urban, A total of one hundred secretaries formed the population and the whole... Continue Reading »

27 The Secretary And The Effects Of New Office Technologies On Record Keeping Management (in Some Selected Establishments In Enugu State).

THE SECRETARY AND THE EFFECTS OF NEW OFFICE TECHNOLOGIES ON RECORD KEEPING MANAGEMENT (IN SOME SELECTED ESTABLISHMENTS IN ENUGU STATE). ABSTRACT   A lot has been written by many authors about new office technologies and how they have immensely affected secretarial performance. This... Continue Reading »

28 The Roles Of Modern Communication Tools In The Development Of

THE ROLES OF MODERN COMMUNICATION TOOLS IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF ABSTRACT Many modern business organization has spend huge amount of money to equip their offices with modern equipment.  Some of them do so in order to approve the efficiency of their workers and reduce the time spent in doing... Continue Reading »

29 The Role Of Secretary As A Public Relation Officer

THE ROLE OF SECRETARY AS A PUBLIC RELATION OFFICER ABSTRACT   The desire to write on this particular topic. “The Role of Secretary as a Public Relation Officer grew out of the present significant roles secretaries play to ensure growth and stability of any organization they are... Continue Reading »

30 The Role Of Professional Secretaries In Commercial Bank In Enugu Urban And A Case Study Of Afribank Plc

THE ROLE OF PROFESSIONAL SECRETARIES  IN COMMERCIAL BANK IN ENUGU URBAN AND A CASE STUDY OF  AFRIBANK PLC ABSTRACT   The research study investigated the role of secretaries in computerized offices, with particular reference to commercial banks in Enugu urban Afri-Bank ... Continue Reading »

31 The Relevance Of Computer In Management Information System (a Case Study Of Nitel Plc Enugu)

THE RELEVANCE OF COMPUTER IN MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM  (A CASE STUDY OF NITEL PLC ENUGU) ABSTRACT   Is the computer really a new frontier opportunity and means to solve our problem is it of any help to management information system.  It is the aim of research work to... Continue Reading »

32 The Problems Of Ineffective Communication In An Organization (a Case Study Of Vetco Gray Nigeria Limited, Port-harcourt

THE PROBLEMS OF INEFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION IN AN ORGANIZATION (A CASE STUDY OF VETCO GRAY NIGERIA LIMITED, PORT-HARCOURT ABSTRACT   The research work was based on the problems of ineffective communication in business organization, a case study of Vetco Gray Nigeria Limited,... Continue Reading »

33 The Latest Communication Office Equipment And Their Effect On Secretaries Profession

THE LATEST COMMUNICATION OFFICE EQUIPMENT AND THEIR EFFECT ON SECRETARIES PROFESSION ABSTRACT             This study examined the contributions of the latest communication office equipment to job efficiency of the secretary in Nigeria... Continue Reading »

34 The Impact Of The Internet On Secretarial Studies In Selected Business Organisations In Enugu Metropolis

THE IMPACT OF THE INTERNET ON SECRETARIAL STUDIES IN SELECTED BUSINESS ORGANISATIONS IN ENUGU METROPOLIS ABSTRACT   The aim of this study is to find out the impact of the internet on secretarial profession.  This research covers the selected business organizations in Enugu... Continue Reading »

35 The Impact Of Secretaries In Improving The Quality Of Services Rendered By Nigerian Telecommunication Plc (nite),

THE IMPACT OF SECRETARIES IN IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF SERVICES RENDERED BY NIGERIAN TELECOMMUNICATION PLC (NITE), ABSTRACT This research work investigated the impact of secretaries on improving the quality of services rendered by NITEL Plc, Enugu. A sample of 74 respondent is the same with... Continue Reading »

36 The Impact Of Information Technology On The Secretarial Profession (a Case Study Of Selected Business Organizations In Port-harcourt Metropolis)

THE IMPACT OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ON THE SECRETARIAL PROFESSION (A CASE STUDY OF SELECTED BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS IN PORT-HARCOURT METROPOLIS) ABSTRACT Information Technology that is formally known as modern office machines are widely been used in our offices today.  It is usually been... Continue Reading »

37 The Effects Of Modern Information Technology On Yesterday’s Secretaries

THE EFFECTS OF MODERN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ON YESTERDAY’S SECRETARIES ABSTRACT             This research has been carried out to discover the impact of modern information technology (IT) on the job of the effect of modern information... Continue Reading »

38 The Effects Of Modern Communication Equipment On The Secretarial Performance. 2

THE EFFECTS OF MODERN COMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT ON THE SECRETARIAL PERFORMANCE. 2 ABSTRACT The core objective of this study is to identify the effect of modern communication equipment on secretarial performances in some manufacturing firms especially NB Plc-Enugu.  This study comprises of... Continue Reading »

39 The Effects Of Information And Communication Technologies On The Performance Of The Office Staff

THE EFFECTS OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES ON THE PERFORMANCE OF THE OFFICE STAFF   ABSTRACT   This study was carried out in order to find the effect of Information and Communication Technologies on the performance of the office staff. Particular secretaries at... Continue Reading »

40 The Effects Of Human Resources Training And Development On Workers Productivity (a Case Study Of Union Bank Of Nigeria Plc, Enugu Main Branch)



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