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Electrical / Electronic Engineering Project Topics

1A Comparative Study Of Design And Performance Of Free Or Force Vibration Apparatus

A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF DESIGN AND PERFORMANCE OF FREE OR FORCE VIBRATION APPARATUS ABSTRACT This seminar report is on a comparative study of design and performance of free and forced vibration apparatus. This work described the vibrometer and accelerometer apparatus. The work discusses the... Continue Reading »

2Design And Construction Of A 12 Volts Authomatic Battery Charger

  DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF A 12 VOLTS AUTHOMATIC BATTERY CHARGER ABSTRACT           A battery charger is an electrical device employed for charging batteries.  This batteries that are usually charged by battery changer are the storage... Continue Reading »

3Design And Construction Of A Three Phase Authomatic Change Over Switch With Generator Starter And Cut-off

DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF A THREE PHASE AUTHOMATIC CHANGE OVER SWITCH WITH GENERATOR STARTER AND CUT-OFF ABSTRACT This project is on design and construction of a three phase automatic changeover switch with generator starter and cut-off.... Continue Reading »

4Design And Implementation Of Gas Detection System Using Gsm Network

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF GAS DETECTION SYSTEM USING GSM NETWORK ABSTRACT This project presents the design and implementation of gas detection system using GSM network. Gas leakage is a major problem with industrial sector, residential premises and gas powered vehicles like CNG... Continue Reading »

5Design And Construction Of 2kva Step Up Transformer With Input Voltage Regulation And Control Circuit

DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF 2KVA STEP UP TRANSFORMER WITH INPUT VOLTAGE REGULATION AND CONTROL CIRCUIT ABSTRACT This seminar research presents a study on transformer installation, operation and maintenance. A transformer is a static electromagnetic device that transfers energy by inductive... Continue Reading »

6Transformer Rewinding Machine With Digital

TRANSFORMER REWINDING MACHINE WITH DIGITAL ABSTRACT   This project is on design and construction of transformer rewinding machine with digital counter. A coil winding machine is a machine for winding coil onto a spool, bobbin and many more. This coil winding machine is one of types of... Continue Reading »

7Design And Implementation Of Remote Control Door Opener (lucky)

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF REMOTE CONTROL DOOR OPENER CHAPTER ONE 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of Study Security describes protection of life and property. There are doors to keep people out, key locks and chains reinforce the mode of security. Doors are being made of metals not just... Continue Reading »

8Modelling And Control Of Inductive Power Transfer System

MODELLING AND CONTROL OF INDUCTIVE POWER TRANSFER SYSTEM CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the Study Inductive power transmission has become a more and more popular method to deliver power to mobile electronic devices and small appliances with a power consumption of up to 100W... Continue Reading »

9Design And Construction Of An Automatic Change-over Switch With Generator Cut Off And Starter

  DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF AN AUTOMATIC CHANGE-OVER SWITCH WITH GENERATOR CUT OFF AND STARTER   CHAPTER ONE   INTRODUCTION   1.1             Background of The project   The increase rate of epileptic... Continue Reading »

10Design And Construction Of A Central Wireless Switch That Controls The Entire Appliances A Case Study Of Electrical And Electronic Engineering Esut General Office

  DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF A CENTRAL WIRELESS SWITCH THAT CONTROLS THE ENTIRE APPLIANCES A CASE STUDY OF ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING ESUT GENERAL OFFICE ABSTRACT The purpose of this project is to design and construction of a central wireless switch for electrical and... Continue Reading »

11Design And Implementation Of Remote Control Door System

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF REMOTE CONTROL DOOR SYSTEM ABSTRACT The paper presents a simple design and implementation of a remote control door. It enables the user to control the door using remotefrom approximately10 meters away. The remote transmits a tone using an infrared... Continue Reading »

12Design And Construct A Portable Microcontroller Based Intelligent Queue Management Systems

DESIGN AND CONSTRUCT A PORTABLE MICROCONTROLLER BASED INTELLIGENT QUEUE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1  Background of Study This chapter gives an overview of thisproject titled a queue management system (microcontroller based intelligent queue management system).... Continue Reading »

13Design And Construction Of An Alternative Household Power Generating System

DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF AN ALTERNATIVE HOUSEHOLD POWER GENERATING SYSTEM ABSTRACT This work presents the design and construction of an alternative household power generating system. The product is about to acquire knowledge on, is all about on how to convert your fuel generator to a fuel... Continue Reading »

14Ac Power Supply Using Solar System

AC POWER SUPPLY USING SOLAR SYSTEM. CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1     BACKGROUND OF THE PROJECT The perspective of this non conventional method of power generation known as solar power must become the primary source of commercial power for everyone in the world to... Continue Reading »

15Applications Of Stepper Motors.

APPLICATIONS OF STEPPER MOTORS. CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1  BACKGROUND STUDY OF THE PROJECT     A stepper motor is a “digital” version of the electric motor. The rotor moves in discrete steps as commanded, rather than rotating continuously like a... Continue Reading »

16Design And Construction Of A Single Phase Auto-transformer Of Rating Ikva, 240v/110, 80 12v, 6v

DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF A SINGLE PHASE AUTO-TRANSFORMER OF RATING IKVA, 240V/110, 80 12V, 6V ABSTRACT           This project work-up deals on the design and construction of a single phase step down nations fermor, with raking IKVA, 240V/11OV,... Continue Reading »

17Design And Construction Of Automatic Changeover Switch With Indicator

DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF AUTOMATIC CHANGEOVER SWITCH WITH INDICATOR ABSTRACT This project work deals on the design and construction of an automatic power changeover that will change/transfer control from MAINS to Gen set and can switch ON/OFF the Gen automatically. The system integrates... Continue Reading »

18Design And Construction Of Automatic Hand Dryer With Temperature Display

DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF AUTOMATIC HAND DRYER WITH TEMPERATURE DISPLAY ABSTRACT This project work deals on the design and implementation of an automatic hand-dryer with display capable of drying up a wet hand inserted under its vent and goes off automatically as soon as the ands are... Continue Reading »

19Design And Construction Of Rf Based Remote Controller For Electric Lamp

  DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF RF BASED REMOTE CONTROLLER FOR ELECTRIC LAMP   ABSTRACT This project work deals on the design and construction of an Rf based remote control for an electronic/electrical device say electric lamp with the aim of switching on/off of the lamp at discretion... Continue Reading »

20Design And Construction Of A 3-phasea Automatic Power Change Over With Generator Set Switching Facility

DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF A 3-PHASEA AUTOMATIC POWER CHANGE OVER WITH GENERATOR SET SWITCHING FACILITY CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION The evolutionary trend in industrial electronics and automation has engulfed all parts of the world and proved more challenging to as third world like... Continue Reading »

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