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Enugu, Nigeria
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Marketing Project Topics

1 Impact Of Social Media On Consumer Buying Behaviour (a Case Study Of Lagos State University Students)

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY New technological inventions can have a great impact in organizations through its contributions to change the social environment while expediting sharing of knowledge and the development of new ideas. (Kling et al, 2005). Social Media will... Continue Reading »

2 The Impact Of Social Media On Consumer Buying Behaviour ( A Case Study Of Toyota Brand Of Vehicles)

ABSTRACT The research work; the impact of social media on cosumer buying behaviour of Toyota brand of vehicles aim at finding out whether  Customers have positive perception towards online shopping of   Toyota brand of vehicle and also to find out whether Social media has... Continue Reading »

3 Marketing Practices And Consumer Satisfaction In The Hotel Industry

MARKETING PRACTICES AND CONSUMER SATISFACTION IN THE HOTEL INDUSTRY ABSTRACT If management is to maximize customer satisfaction and resulting profits. It must recognize that components of satisfaction are of varying degrees of importance to the consumer. Also it must realize that these same... Continue Reading »

4 The Influence Of Product Quality On Brand Loyalty In Nigeria (a Case Study Of

THE INFLUENCE OF PRODUCT QUALITY ON BRAND LOYALTY IN NIGERIA (A CASE STUDY OF ABSTRACT This study is about the discovery on the relationship between attributes of product quality and brand loyalty. In solving the research problems, both primary and secondary sources of data were collected.... Continue Reading »

5 The Impacts Of Pricing In Markting

THE IMPACTS OF PRICING IN MARKTING ASBTRACT This project investigates “The Impacts of Pricing in Marketing of Coke Drinks in Enugu State” Every individual is interested in the prices, so everyone whether a consumer or a producer is affected by rise or fall in price. The purpose of... Continue Reading »

6 The Impact Of Sales Promotion In The Purchase Intent Of Goko Cleanser Among Student Of Federal Polytechnic, Oko. A Case Study Of Dr Iguedo Goko Cleanser Akwa-ibom

THE IMPACT OF SALES PROMOTION IN THE PURCHASE INTENT OF GOKO CLEANSER AMONG STUDENT OF FEDERAL POLYTECHNIC, OKO. A CASE STUDY OF DR IGUEDO GOKO CLEANSER AKWA-IBOM   ABSTARCT    The study was carried out to find out the roles of sales promotion in the purchase intent of Goko... Continue Reading »

7 The Effectiveness Of Public Relations Practice In The Oil Sector (a Case Study Of African

THE EFFECTIVENESS OF PUBLIC RELATIONS PRACTICE IN THE OIL SECTOR (A CASE STUDY OF AFRICAN ABSTRACT African Petroleum Plc, a market of petroleum product and chemicals, know that public support and goodwill as well is good corporate image are very important for business success. Tends to be... Continue Reading »

8 The Effect Of Product Advertising On A Company's Sales Volume. (a Case Study Of 7up Bottling Ltd 9th Mile Corner, Enugu State).

  The effect of product advertising on a company's sales volume. (A case study of 7up bottling LTD 9th mile corner, Enugu State). ABSTRACT   The major aim of this project is to demonstrate the impact of advertising on the sales and profit of a business organization taking 7up... Continue Reading »

9 The Effect Of Motivational Policies And Practice On Sales Force In Nigeria Banking Industry (a Case Study Of First Bank Nigeria Plc Nnewi)

THE EFFECT OF MOTIVATIONAL POLICIES AND PRACTICE ON SALES FORCE IN NIGERIA BANKING INDUSTRY (A CASE STUDY OF FIRST BANK NIGERIA PLC NNEWI) ABSTRACT The role in which adequate and equitable motivational policies in the life of sales force in an organization cannot be overemphasized. It leads... Continue Reading »

10 The Effect Of Advertising On The Sales Volume Of Beverages In Awka Metropolis

THE EFFECT OF ADVERTISING ON THE SALES VOLUME OF BEVERAGES IN AWKA METROPOLIS ABSTRACT This research work was undertaken to determine the effect of advertising on the sales volume of beverages in Awka Metropolis. The case study of this project was picked from different manufacturing companies... Continue Reading »

11 The Effect Of Exchange Rate Fluctuation On Imported Goods In Nigeria (a Case Study Of

THE EFFECT OF EXCHANGE RATE FLUCTUATION ON IMPORTED GOODS IN NIGERIA (A CASE STUDY OF ABSTRACT The major aim of this research work is to know the effects of exchange rate fluctuation on imported goods in Nigeria. It is also aimed at ascertaining the level of relationship between the... Continue Reading »

12 The Effect Of Advertising On The Sales Volume Of Beverages In Awka Metropolis (a Case Study Of Milo, Bournvita And Viatalo)

THE EFFECT OF ADVERTISING ON THE SALES VOLUME OF BEVERAGES IN AWKA METROPOLIS (A CASE STUDY OF MILO, BOURNVITA AND VIATALO) ABSTRACT This research work was undertaken to determine the effect of advertising on the sales volume of beverages in Awka Metropolis. The case study of this project was... Continue Reading »

13 Marketing Of Agricultural Products In Anambra State

MARKETING OF AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS IN ANAMBRA STATE ABSTRACT This study was conductor or treated to know the improvement in “Marketing of agricultural products in Anambra State”. A case study of selected local government area in Anambra State. The research work handles the general... Continue Reading »

14 Impact Of Public Relation On Marketing Of Banking Service (a Case Study Of Enugu Metropolies)

ABSTRACT This study focused on the impact of effective public relations practice in the marketing of banking service in Enugu metropolis. A case study of zenith bank plc operating in Enugu state. It aims at identifying the areas of potential problems in order o enable corrective measure to be... Continue Reading »

15 Evaluation Of The Impact Of Road Network On The

EVALUATION OF THE IMPACT OF ROAD NETWORK ON THE ABSTRACT This research work problem into the place of impact of road network in the selling of agricultural products in Nigeria Anambra State. This study tries to identify the causes of road network in the selling of agricultural product, in... Continue Reading »

16 An Evaluation Of Product Innovation As A Strategy For The Survival Of Manufacturing Firms In Nigeria

AN EVALUATION OF PRODUCT INNOVATION AS A STRATEGY FOR THE SURVIVAL OF MANUFACTURING FIRMS IN NIGERIA ABSTRACT This research work is to examine the effect of product innovation as a strategy for the survival of manufacturing firms in Nigeria, a case study of Ama Breweries (Nig) Plc Enugu. To... Continue Reading »

17 An Analysis Of Impact Of Warehousing In The Efficient Distribution Of Toilet Soap (a Case Study Of Orange Drug.

AN ANALYSIS OF IMPACT OF WAREHOUSING IN THE EFFICIENT DISTRIBUTION OF TOILET SOAP (A CASE STUDY OF ORANGE DRUG.   ABSTRACT Every business will die if they don’t  every business will die or lose its grounds on the market if it does not recognise the effect of new trends.... Continue Reading »

18 Adverstising As An Effective Promotional Tool In The Delivering Of Banking Service. (a Case Study Of Selected Commercial Bank In Delta Sta

ADVERSTISING AS AN EFFECTIVE PROMOTIONAL TOOL IN THE DELIVERING OF BANKING SERVICE. (A CASE STUDY OF SELECTED COMMERCIAL BANK IN DELTA STA\ ABSTRACT This study on “Advertising as an effective promotional tool in the delivering of banking services has tries to seek answer to the crucial... Continue Reading »

19 An Analysis Of Packaging As A Promo Tool In The Marketing Of Product. (a Case Study Of Petals Enugu)

AN ANALYSIS OF PACKAGING AS A PROMO TOOL IN THE MARKETING OF PRODUCT. (A CASE STUDY OF PETALS ENUGU) ABSTRACT This project work on an analysis of packaging as a promo tool in the marketing of product. (A case study of petals Enugu). Chapter one explained the purpose and the significance... Continue Reading »

20 Determining The Effect Of Advertising Strategy Adapted In The Sales Of Consumer Goods (a Case Study Of Unilever Nigeria Plc)

DETERMINING THE EFFECT OF ADVERTISING STRATEGY ADAPTED IN THE SALES OF CONSUMER GOODS (A CASE STUDY OF UNILEVER NIGERIA PLC)   ABSTRACT Most companies do engage on promotion and as a result creating awareness between their product and the consuming publics. The ignorance of this... Continue Reading »

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