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Enugu, Nigeria
Enugu State

Banking And Finance Project Topics

1An Examination Of The Role Of Fiscal Policy In The Development Of Nigeria Economy

AN EXAMINATION OF THE ROLE OF FISCAL POLICY IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF NIGERIA ECONOMY ABSTRCAT This research work was undertaken in order to evaluate the role of Fiscal policies in the development of Nigeria economy. A major issue in Nigerian economy recovery relates to the prospect of... Continue Reading »

2The Contribution Of Banking Sector To Agricultural Growth In Nigeria A Case Study Of Union Bank, Enugu Branch

THE CONTRIBUTION OF BANKING SECTOR TO AGRICULTURAL GROWTH IN NIGERIA A CASE STUDY OF UNION BANK, ENUGU BRANCH CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1     Background of the Study Every nation aspires to develop its urban and rural areas. Policies are formulated to ensure the... Continue Reading »

3Financial Maikat Development And Economic Growth In Nigeria: Evidence From Vecm Approach

Financial Maikat Development and Economic Growth in Nigeria: Evidence from VECMApproach AbstractThere has been a series of intensive debate on whether financial market development has the potential to impact positively onlong run economic growth of an economy. Thus, this study empirically examines... Continue Reading »

4Taxation As A Major Source Of Government Funds And The Impact On Management Decision Making (a Case Study Of Enugu State Board Of Internal Revenue)

TAXATION AS A MAJOR SOURCE OF GOVERNMENT FUNDS AND THE IMPACT ON MANAGEMENT DECISION MAKING  (A CASE STUDY OF ENUGU STATE BOARD OF INTERNAL REVENUE) ABSTRACT This research work is aimed at evaluating taxation as a major source of government funds and the impact on management decision... Continue Reading »

5Audit Conflict: It’s Impact On Auditors Ability To Resist Management Pressure (a Case Study Of First Bank And Diamond Bank)

AUDIT CONFLICT: IT’S IMPACT ON AUDITORS ABILITY TO RESIST MANAGEMENT PRESSURE (A CASE STUDY OF FIRST BANK AND DIAMOND BANK) ABSTRACT The project deals with audit conflict its impact on auditor’s ability to resist management pressure. This study examines the effect of ethical... Continue Reading »

6Human Capital Accounting As A Means Of Enhancing Information Disclosure In Financial Reports

HUMAN CAPITAL ACCOUNTING AS A MEANS OF ENHANCING INFORMATION DISCLOSURE IN FINANCIAL REPORTS       ABSTRACT This research work is aimed at providing the missing link through human capital accounting as a means of enhancing disclosure in financial reporting with particular... Continue Reading »

7The Problems And Prospects Of Microfinance Bank In Nigeria (a Case Study Of Ogui Microfinance Bank)

  THE PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS OF MICROFINANCE BANK IN NIGERIA (A CASE STUDY OF OGUI MICROFINANCE BANK)    CHAPTER ONE   INTRODUCTION        BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY   The history of microfinance sector is as old as when man started using... Continue Reading »

8The Role Of Nigerian Stock Exchange In The Development Of The Nigerian Economy (a Study Of First Bank Plc Okpara Avenue Enugu)

THE ROLE OF NIGERIAN STOCK EXCHANGE IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE NIGERIAN ECONOMY (A STUDY OF FIRST BANK PLC OKPARA AVENUE ENUGU)   ABSTRACT In this research work titled “the role of Nigerian Stock exchange in the development of Nigerian economy” with specific reference to... Continue Reading »

9Economic Impact Of Local Government Autonomy And Fund Management (a Study Of Enugu North Local Government Area 1990-2015)

ECONOMIC IMPACT OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT AUTONOMY AND FUND MANAGEMENT (A STUDY OF ENUGU NORTH LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA 1990-2015) ABSTRACT The research focused on theImpact of Local Government Autonomy and Fund Management. The objective of the study is to find out whether local government areas... Continue Reading »

10Critical Analysis Of Fraud In Nigerian Financial Institution

Critical analysis of fraud in nigerian financial institution TABLE OF CONTENTS Certification Dedication Acknowledgement   Table of contents Chapter one Introduction 1.1        Statement of problem... Continue Reading »

11Analysis Of Financial Ratios For Improving Bank Performance In Nigeria

ANALYSIS OF FINANCIAL RATIOS FOR IMPROVING BANK PERFORMANCE IN NIGERIA ABSTRACT This seminar report is focused on analysis of financial ratios for improving bank performance in Nigeria. The study illustrated with an example the performance of Nigerian banking sector for the period 2005-... Continue Reading »

12The Contribution Of Financial Institution In The Development Of Nigeria Economy

THE CONTRIBUTION OF FINANCIAL INSTITUTION IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF NIGERIA ECONOMY CHAPTER ONE 1.0     INTRODUCTION 1.1  BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY        The ideal of establishing indigenous Financial Institution came into effect the end of the... Continue Reading »

13The Effectiveness And Challenges Of The Cbn Cashless Policy On Rural Business Development (a Case Study Of Zenith Bank Plc)

THE EFFECTIVENESS AND CHALLENGES OF THE CBN CASHLESS POLICY ON RURAL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT (A CASE STUDY OF ZENITH BANK PLC) CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the Study The financial system of any economy is responsible for mobilizing savings for productive investments and ensuring... Continue Reading »

14The Problem Of Financing Government Corporations

THE PROBLEM OF FINANCING GOVERNMENT CORPORATIONS (A CASE STUDY OF TRACAS) ABSTRACT This research was carried out problem of Financial of Financing Government Corporation and a particular reference with TRACAS, while carrying out this research work these are the areas that this research... Continue Reading »

15The Notion Nursed By Rural People Towards Banking

THE NOTION NURSED BY RURAL PEOPLE TOWARDS BANKING CHAPTER ONE BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY            The origin of what is today known as Bank has been associated with different countries. However, some prominent histories have attributed its... Continue Reading »

16Appraisal Of The Economic Implication Of Electronic Banking In Nigeria Banks (a Case Study Of Diamond Bank)


17Credit Management And The Incidence Of Bad Debt In Nigeria Money-deposit Banks. (a Case Study Of Union Bank Of Nigeria Plc)

CREDIT MANAGEMENT AND THE INCIDENCE OF BAD DEBT INNIGERIA MONEY-DEPOSIT BANKS.  (A CASE STUDY OF UNION BANK OF NIGERIA PLC) ABSTRACT This research work was undertaken to assess the credit management and the incidence of Bad debts in Money-Deposit Banks.This work was intended to... Continue Reading »

18A Critical Assessment Of The Survival Strategies Of Deposit Money Banks In A Depressed Economy With Special Reference To The First Bank Of Nigeria Plc

  A CRITICAL ASSESSMENT OF THE SURVIVAL STRATEGIES OF DEPOSIT MONEY BANKS IN A DEPRESSED ECONOMY WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO THE FIRST BANK OF NIGERIA PLC ABSTRACT Banking is in the midst of change that has arisen due to economic depression. As government seek to improve economic... Continue Reading »

19Loan Granting And Its Recovery Problems On Commercial Banks (a Case Study Of First Bank Plc, Ojo- Alaba Branch)

ABSTRACT This research work was undertaken to assess the Loan granting and its recovery problems on Commercial Banks. The research was intended to achieve the following objectives: To find out the several problems facing loan recovery, the effects of loan default on commercial banks and the... Continue Reading »

20The Role Of Commercial Banks In Small Scale Entrepreneurial Development In Enugu State (case Study Of Uba And Union Bank Of Nigeria Plc.)

ABSTRACT The subject matter of this research work is to evaluate the extent to which Small Scale entrepreneurs in Enugu have been able to obtain loans and raise finance from Nigerian Commercial Banks as a major source of finance to the economy. The main objective of the study is to establish the... Continue Reading »

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