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Enugu, Nigeria
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Project Topics For Mass Communication

101Television Viewing Habits Of Nigerian Elites. A Case Study Of Enugu Metropolis

  TELEVISION  VIEWING HABITS OF NIGERIAN ELITES.  A CASE STUDY OF ENUGU METROPOLIS CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY           The tendency, most of the time especially  in the developing countries, is for media practitioners to package their media... Continue Reading »

102Television As A Postive Contributor To The Socialization Of Children

TELEVISION AS A POSTIVE CONTRIBUTOR TO THE SOCIALIZATION OF CHILDREN   ABSTRCAT             In times past, a great deal of research has been carried out at various levels in the impact of Television on the socialization process of children in several parts of the world by mass... Continue Reading »

103Television Tobacco Adverts And Teenage Smoking Habit: ( A Survey Of Youths In Owerri Municipality

  TELEVISION TOBACCO ADVERTS AND TEENAGE SMOKING HABIT: ( A SURVEY OF YOUTHS IN OWERRI MUNICIPALITY ABSTRACT             This study is a survey on Television Tobacco Adverts and its influence on Teenage Smoking habit.  It uses the Youths in Owerri Municipality in Imo State of... Continue Reading »

104The Advent Of Modern Communication Gadgets: Implications For Nigerian Journalism

THE ADVENT OF MODERN COMMUNICATION GADGETS: IMPLICATIONS FOR NIGERIAN JOURNALISM ABSTRACT           The advent of modern communication gadget –implication for Nigerian Journalism.  The tittle of this study took a vivid look at the coming of communication gadget, more powerful than... Continue Reading »

105The Assessment Of Nigeria Press Council As A Regulatory Mechanism For Nigerian Journalists

THE ASSESSMENT OF NIGERIA PRESS COUNCIL AS A REGULATORY MECHANISM FOR NIGERIAN JOURNALISTS ABSTRACT           In any academic pursuit all over the world, there must be situations and reason which could propel a research or project of this nature.  This same thing applies to this project... Continue Reading »

106The Effect Of Good Public Relation And Organized Promotions On The Achievement Of Marketing Objective, Case Study Of Nigeria Brewerie Plc

THE EFFECT OF GOOD PUBLIC RELATION AND ORGANIZED  PROMOTIONS ON THE ACHIEVEMENT OF MARKETING OBJECTIVE, CASE STUDY OF NIGERIA BREWERIE PLC ABSTRACT           Definition of public Relation is a deliberate, planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain mutual understanding... Continue Reading »

107The Effect Of Radio And Television Broadcast Campaign On The Management Of Hiv/aids Crisis In Enugu Urban.

THE EFFECT OF RADIO AND TELEVISION BROADCAST CAMPAIGN ON THE MANAGEMENT OF HIV/AIDS CRISIS IN ENUGU URBAN.   ABSTRACT The cardinal objective of this study was to empirically comparison of the role of television and radio broadcasting in the management of HIV/AID in Enugu Urban. The researcher made use of the survey research method... Continue Reading »

108The Effect Of Voilent Film On Nigerian Children . A Case Study Of Children In Enugu Urban.

THE EFFECT OF VOILENT FILM ON NIGERIAN CHILDREN .  A CASE STUDY OF CHILDREN IN ENUGU URBAN. ABSTRACT           This project aims at the effect of violent film on Nigeria children, expecially children in Enugu urban.           Chapter one is... Continue Reading »

109The Effects Of Media Programme On Rural Development (a Case Study Of Esbs, Nu Oha Programme

THE EFFECTS OF MEDIA PROGRAMME ON RURAL DEVELOPMENT (A CASE STUDY OF ESBS, NU OHA PROGRAMME ABSTRACT             This study is aimed at critically examining the effects mass media on rural development. The work also includes the origin of the programme, literature review, statement of... Continue Reading »

110The Effects Of Television Advertisements On The Buying Habit Of Consumers [peak Milk Advert In Perspective] A Case Study Of Enugu Urban Dwellers

THE EFFECTS OF TELEVISION ADVERTISEMENTS ON THE BUYING HABIT OF CONSUMERS [PEAK MILK ADVERT IN PERSPECTIVE] A CASE STUDY OF ENUGU URBAN DWELLERS ABSTRACT This study is aimed at given insight into the effects, if any, of television advertisement on the buying habits of consumers. It is a research survey based on a sample size of 300... Continue Reading »

111The Effects Of Tobacco Advertising On Youths (a Case Study Of Students Of Institute Of Management And Technology)

THE EFFECTS OF TOBACCO ADVERTISING ON YOUTHS (A CASE STUDY OF STUDENTS OF INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND TECHNOLOGY) ABSTRACT This study is aimed at evaluating the effect of tobacco advertising on youths, using student in Institute of management and Technology as a case study.           The... Continue Reading »

112The Effects Of Tv Adverts On Children (a Case Study Of Enugu Urban)


113The Impact Of Western Television Programmes On The Cultural Values Of The Nigerian Youths: A Case Study Of Esut Students, Enugu.

THE IMPACT  OF WESTERN TELEVISION PROGRAMMES ON THE CULTURAL VALUES OF THE NIGERIAN YOUTHS: A CASE STUDY OF ESUT STUDENTS, ENUGU. ABSTRACT           This study probes the impact which TV. has on the cultural values of the Nigerian youths.   It specifically tackles the impact of... Continue Reading »

114The Impact Of Advertising On The Marketing Of Global System For Mobile (gsm) Communication In Enugu State: (a Study Of Mtn Nigerian Communication Limited)

THE IMPACT OF ADVERTISING ON THE MARKETING OF GLOBAL SYSTEM FOR MOBILE (GSM) COMMUNICATION IN ENUGU STATE: (A STUDY OF MTN NIGERIAN COMMUNICATION LIMITED) ABSTRACT  This study is to identify the impact of Advertising  on the marketing Global system for mobile (G.S.M) Communication  in Enugu a case study of MTN Nigeria... Continue Reading »

115Viewer Ship Of Television Programmes In Enugu State (case Study Of Enugu South Local Government)

VIEWER SHIP OF TELEVISION PROGRAMMES IN ENUGU STATE (CASE STUDY OF ENUGU SOUTH LOCAL GOVERNMENT) ABSTRACT This research work was carried out in order to find out what the populace of Enugu South thinks or feels about television programmes in Enugu State. The research also attempted to look into other peoples work related to the research... Continue Reading »

116The Role Of The Press In A Democracy (the Press In Perspective)

THE ROLE OF THE PRESS IN A DEMOCRACY (THE PRESS IN PERSPECTIVE) ABSTRACT The study deals with the analysis of the   role of the Nigerian press in the democratic struggle in Nigeria. The research method used was the survey method, with the questionnaires and interview as the  method for data collection. The study kicks off from... Continue Reading »

117The Impact Of News Commercialization On Management Of Broadcast Media In Nigeria (case Study Of Nigeria Television Authority (nta) Enugu.

THE IMPACT OF NEWS COMMERCIALIZATION ON MANAGEMENT OF BROADCAST MEDIA IN NIGERIA (CASE STUDY OF NIGERIA TELEVISION AUTHORITY (NTA) ENUGU. ABSTRACT             This research project examines the implications of news commercialization on management of broadcast Media in Nigeria with... Continue Reading »

118The Role Of The Median In Maintenance And Dispensation Of Justice In Political Crisis In Nigeria.

THE ROLE OF THE MEDIAN IN MAINTENANCE AND DISPENSATION OF JUSTICE IN POLITICAL CRISIS IN NIGERIA. ABSTRACT This study as a matter of fact appreciate the splendid effects of the media in fighting the wills of the society. The study examine the role of the media I curbing crisis, ridden political scene of the country through its... Continue Reading »

119The Impact Of Nigerian Press On Shaping The Country’s Political Structure (period Of Study 1999 To 2004

THE IMPACT OF NIGERIAN PRESS ON SHAPING THE COUNTRY’S POLITICAL STRUCTURE (PERIOD OF STUDY 1999 TO 2004 ABSTRACT This paper examines the role or the impact of Nigerian Press on shaping the country’s political structure period of study 1999-2004. A general study of Nigeria is because it happens to be the period when we... Continue Reading »

120The Role Of The Media In The Crusade Against Global Terrorism – A Case Study Of The Vanguard And Punch Newspapers


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