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Enugu, Nigeria
Enugu State

Electrical / Electronic Engineering Project Topics

1 Construction Of Digital Ac Power Controller

ABSTRACT   The desire for power to be controlled by means of phase angle variation of the conduction period brought about a digital ac power controller. Controlling the phase angle can be made simple and easy if we set different firing times corresponding to different firing angles. The... Continue Reading »

2 Design And Construction Of A Microcontroller Based Electric Cooker With Time Temperature Control And Display

ABSTRACT The objective of this research work is to design and implement a microcontroller – based digital time aware oven temperature controller and display. Various kinds of oven exist for various purposes: electrical, gas and manual types for either home use or industrial purposes. The... Continue Reading »

3 The Design And Implementation Of A Four – Way Traffic Light Control Circuit.

THE DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A FOUR – WAY TRAFFIC LIGHT CONTROL CIRCUIT. ABSTRACT   This work has been aimed at efficient means of controlling the traffic effectively for twenty-four hours. As the world is growing technologically more and more vehicles jump into the public... Continue Reading »

4 Design And Construction Of An Automatic Phase Selector.

DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF AN AUTOMATIC PHASE SELECTOR. ABSTRACT   This is a technical report presented on the design and construction of an Automatic Phase Selector.           In the construction work, an ordinary level knowledge of... Continue Reading »

5 Construction Of An Automatic Change Over Switch (3.7kva)


6 Design And Construction Of A Microcontroller Based Security System With Intruder Position Display

DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF A MICROCONTROLLER BASED SECURITY SYSTEM WITH INTRUDER POSITION DISPLAY Abstract               During the invention of security system alarms, in the early 80s technology of system shadow which involves... Continue Reading »

7 Design And Construction Of 500va Power Inverter System With Inbuilt Battery Supply

DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF 500VA POWER INVERTER SYSTEM WITH INBUILT BATTERY SUPPLY ABSTRACT 500VA power inverter system is a DC to AC conversion system of 500VA power rating and expected to carry around 400 watts load. It provides power to electronic and electrical appliances such as radio... Continue Reading »

8 Design And Construction Of 5kva Sine Wave Inverter

DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF 5KVA SINE WAVE INVERTER ABSTRACT/CONCEPT It is a statement of fact that power plays a significant role in our daily life. However, Nigeria as a developing country has a lot of challenge in the area of electric power supply. The challenges include inadequate of... Continue Reading »

9 Design And Construction Of 1kva Uninterrupted Power System (ups)

DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF 1KVA UNINTERRUPTED POWER SYSTEM (UPS) ABSTRACT A UPS system is a DC to AC conversion system of 1KVA power rating and expected to carry around 800 watts load. It provides power to electronic and electrical appliances such as radio sets, TV DVD/VCD, computers, fans... Continue Reading »

10 The Impact Of Insurance Services In The Nigerian Economy

THE IMPACT OF INSURANCE SERVICES IN THE NIGERIAN ECONOMY ABSTRACT The purpose of this research work was to identify the impact of insurance services in the Nigerian economy. This is because most of Nigerians looks at insurance industry as a weak and poor industry with little or no impact... Continue Reading »

11 Role Of Insurance Industry In Management Of Environmental Risk

ROLE OF INSURANCE INDUSTRY IN MANAGEMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL RISK   ABSTARACT The subject of this research work is the role of insurance industry in management of environmental risks, in every environment there are risks that affect man and their inhabitants, this condition affects our... Continue Reading »

12 New Product Development As A Strategy For Efficient Marketing Of Life Assurance Product In Nigeria

NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT AS A STRATEGY FOR EFFICIENT MARKETING OF LIFE ASSURANCE PRODUCT IN NIGERIA ABSTRACT This research titled new product development in insurance industry as a strategy for efficient marketing for life assurance products in Nigeria was carried out with the objectives... Continue Reading »

13 Marketing Of Insurance Services In The Midst Of Universal Banking Environment Problems, Prospects And Challenges

MARKETING OF INSURANCE SERVICES IN THE MIDST OF UNIVERSAL BANKING ENVIRONMENT PROBLEMS, PROSPECTS AND CHALLENGES ABSTRACT Marketing is the anticipation management, which satisfies human wants through exchange process. The system of marketing of insurance service in universal banking... Continue Reading »

14 Local Content And Growth Of Nigeria Re-insurance An Overview

LOCAL CONTENT AND GROWTH OF NIGERIA RE-INSURANCE AN OVERVIEW  ABSTRACT This study evaluate the expected impact local content on the growth and development of reinsurance in Nigeria. The historical, problems and challenges facing the growth and development of reinsurance business in... Continue Reading »

15 Bacteriological Assessment Of Some Commercially Prepared Yoghurt Retailed In Enugu Metropolis

BACTERIOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT OF SOME COMMERCIALLY PREPARED YOGHURT RETAILED IN ENUGU METROPOLIS ABSTRACT Bacteriological assessment of commercially prepared yoghurt was carried out. The pour plate technique was employed using Nutrient Agar, de Man Rogosa Sharpé (MRS) and CLED... Continue Reading »

16 A Critical Review Of The Effect Of Good Accounting System In The Growth And Development Of Insurance Industry

A CRITICAL REVIEW OF THE EFFECT OF GOOD ACCOUNTING SYSTEM IN THE GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT OF INSURANCE INDUSTRY   ABSTRACT This study survey critical review of the impact of the good accounting system in the growth and development of insurance industry. The data collected for this... Continue Reading »

17 An Examination Of The Contribution Of Real Property Related Services To Gross Domestic Product In Nigeria 1999-2010.

AN EXAMINATION OF THE CONTRIBUTION OF REAL PROPERTY RELATED SERVICES TO GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT IN NIGERIA 1999-2010. ABSTRACT   The examination of the contribution of real property related services to gross domestic product in Nigeria 1999-2010. the land standing relationship... Continue Reading »

18 Design And Implementation Of A Wireless Car Security Device System

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A WIRELESS CAR SECURITY DEVICE SYSTEM   Abstract Car security systems are still of no match to the well-equipped thieves. It is just a matter of seconds to break through the system. This project introduces and describes the design of mobile controlled car... Continue Reading »

19 Patient Heartbeat And Temperature Monitor

PATIENT HEARTBEAT AND TEMPERATURE MONITOR CHAPTER ONEINTRODUCTION1.1 BACKGROUNDHeart beat rate means the number of heartbeats per unit time, usually expressed as beats per minute (bpm). The human heart pounds to pump oxygen rich blood to the muscles and carry cell waste products away from the... Continue Reading »

20 Construction Of Automatic Water Level Controller For Both Overhead And Underground Tanks

CONSTRUCTION OF AUTOMATIC WATER LEVEL CONTROLLER FOR BOTH OVERHEAD AND UNDERGROUND TANKS CHAPTER ONEINTRODUCTION1.0 BACKGROUNDThe project “automatic water level control with an automatic pump control system” is design to monitor the level of liquid in the tank. The system has an... Continue Reading »

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