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Mechanical Engineering Project Topics

41 Design And Fabrication Of A Pilot Production Plant For Paints (emulsion And Texcoat)


42 Design And Construction Of Baking Oven

DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF BAKING OVEN ABSTRACT   This project is aimed at producing an oven a purposeful baking oven with temperature regulator, which is economical and very convenient to use. The equipment was designed taking into consideration the case of its production,... Continue Reading »

43 Design And Construction Of A Woodlathe

DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF A WOODLATHE ABSTRACT             This work is an attempt to evolve a quicker and easier method of achieving cylindrical shape object from a work price. This will no double save considerable human labour and time... Continue Reading »

44 Design And Construction Of A Spin Dryer

DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF A SPIN DRYER ABSTRACT   This work is aimed at designing and fabricating a spin dryer which can be used in drying spent grains after brewing. This will no doubt save considerable human labours and time wastage involved in conventional method of drying the... Continue Reading »

45 Design And Construction Of A Modern Nail Gasket Machine

DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF A MODERN NAIL GASKET MACHINE ABSTRACT   The design and fabrication of a reciprocating nail gasket is a new innovation in technology. The one in existence is manually operated. In which a punch that is adjacent to a die is mounted to the handle ... Continue Reading »

46 Design And Fabrication Of A Dust Extractor

ABSTRACT Man’s impact on global environment system especially in the area of dust extraction is now at a scale where it is disrupting.  These dust extractors varies in major ways. The environmental degradation is, in turn contributing to health threat in this part of the... Continue Reading »

47 Constructoin Of An Open Steam Distillatoin

CONSTRUCTOIN OF AN OPEN STEAM DISTILLATOIN ABSTRACT             We constructed an open steam distillation column with the following specifications:- FOR THE COLUMN Height of column =       500mm Length of... Continue Reading »

48 Construction Of Two Face Gas Burner

CONSTRUCTION OF TWO FACE GAS BURNER ABSTRACT             This project which is on the design and fabrication of a two face gas burner is a brief exploration on the various ways and means of designing, construction, operating the two face... Continue Reading »

49 Construction Of Propeller Agitator

CONSTRUCTION OF PROPELLER AGITATOR ABSTRACT             Propeller agitator is a specialized of various types of substances.  It consists of three basic components which are the shaft, blade and the... Continue Reading »

50 Construction Of Grain Grinding Machine

CONSTRUCTION OF GRAIN GRINDING MACHINE ABSTRACT             The aim of the project is to construct a domestic grain grinding machine to be powered by electric motor through pulley and belt... Continue Reading »

51 Construction Of An Electrical Stove With Three-oven Apartment

CONSTRUCTION OF AN ELECTRICAL STOVE WITH THREE-OVEN APARTMENT ABSTRACT           This project is concern about the construction of an electrical stove with three oven apartment is described in his project.  It was carried out in order to solve... Continue Reading »

52 Construction Of A Wooden Book Shelf

CONSTRUCTION OF A WOODEN BOOK SHELF ABSTRACT             A bookshelf is a component fabricated for the purpose of storing or packaging books, files and other important documents.           The... Continue Reading »

53 Construction Of A Standard Banking Oven (mini-oven) With Dual Power Source (electric/gas)

CONSTRUCTION OF A STANDARD BANKING OVEN (MINI-OVEN) WITH DUAL POWER SOURCE (ELECTRIC/GAS) ABSTRACT             This project is designed to make the students utilize as many theoretical and practical concept as have been instructed in... Continue Reading »

54 Construction Of A Mobile Refrigerator Fridge

CONSTRUCTION OF A MOBILE REFRIGERATOR FRIDGE ABSTRACT   This write up focuses attention on a detailed report and account on the process of construction and formulation of plan for the actual and physical realization of the construction of the project work captioned fabrication and... Continue Reading »

55 Design And Construction Of Journal Bearing Demonstration Rig

ABSTRACTThe journal bearing demonstration rig is an apparatus which is used to study how pressure would vary around the section of a journal bearing at various speed of the shaft and loading conditions. The design of the journal bearing was done by the use of standard design procedures carefully... Continue Reading »

56 Design And Construction Of 2.5kg Weight Bench Vice

DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF 2.5KG WEIGHT BENCH VICE CHAPTER ONE   DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF 2.5 KG WEIGHT BENCH VICE   INTRODUCTION A vise (American) or vice (British) is amechanical device used to secure anobject to allow work to be performed onit. Vices have two parallel... Continue Reading »

57 Design And Manufacture A Fuel Less Generator

DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE A FUEL LESS GENERATOR   DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE A FUEL LESS GENERATOR INTRODUCTION 1.1         BACKGROUND OF STUDY           The knowledge you are about to learn is a serious... Continue Reading »

58 The Impact Of Jet Apparatus

THE IMPACT OF JET APPARATUS ABSTRACT This project is focused on experimental analysis of impact of water jet on vanes. This work intends to predict the output of a pelton wheel, and to determine its optimum rotational speed. Hence this work explains how the deflection of the jet generates a... Continue Reading »

59 Description Of Cooling Mechanisms Using Water Jet Impingement As Applied To Run-out Table In Steel Industry

DESCRIPTION OF COOLING MECHANISMS USING WATER JET IMPINGEMENT AS APPLIED TO RUN-OUT TABLE IN STEEL INDUSTRY ABSTRACT This seminar work is on the description of run out table system in water jet impingement cooling of hot steel plate. The cooling mechanisms using water jet impingement as... Continue Reading »

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