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Enugu, Nigeria
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Education Project Topics

1 Performance Appraisal As A Tool For Organizational Productivity And Growth (a Case Study Of Ghana Ports And Habours Authority)

CHAPTER ONE   INTRODUCTION    1.0 Background of the study  The importance of performance appraisal in contemporary business organizations cannot be overemphasized. Some view it as potentially "the most crucial aspect of organizational life” (Lawrie, 1990).... Continue Reading »

2 Teacher Motivation Factors Influencing School Management Practices In Public Secondary Schools In Machakos

ABSTRACT The purpose of the study was to determine the influence of teachermotivation factors on school management practices in public secondary schools in Machakos county Kenya. The specific objectives were to find out how teacher motivation factors which include desire for professional... Continue Reading »

3 Socio-economic Factors Influencing Teachers’ Effectiveness In Productivity In Public Primary Schools In Gaturi Division

ABSTRACT  The study sought to find out the social economic factors influencing teachers effectiveness in productivity in Gaturi Division, Murang’a County, Kenya. The objectives that guided the study were remuneration, school facilities, headteachers levels of training in financial... Continue Reading »

4 Factors Influencing Economics Teacher’s Effectiveness In Public Secondary Schools In Sokoto Metropolis

Abstract  This study was conducted to survey the factors influencing the effectiveness of economics teachers in some selected public secondary schools in Sokoto metropolis. The research design of the study was descriptive survey design. The population of the study was sixty three (66)... Continue Reading »

5 The Impacts Of Teachers Competence In Teaching And Learning Of Computer And Students Academic Performance In Secondary Schools In Enugu, Zone

Abstract The impacts of teachers’ competence in teaching and learning of computer and students academic performance, in junior secondary school in Enugu.  The objective of this work includes, determining teachers competence, to also investigate on students perception of teacher... Continue Reading »

6 Effect Of Teachers Characteristics On Academic Performance Of Students (a Case Study Of Selected Secondary School Students In Lagos,nigeria)

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Background of the Study Teachers have a direct responsibility to shape a student’s academic performance, and are the most important school based factor in their education (Rockoff, 2004; Rivkin, HanushekKain 2005; Aaronson, Barrow & Sander, 2007). This is... Continue Reading »

7 Influence Of Mother Tongue On The Oral English Of Secondary School Students In Ilorin South Local Government Area, Kwara State

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Background to the Study           Language is the most distinctive human quality and attribute. Language is characterized by a set of vocal sounds which can be decoded. Language does not exist in a vacuum. It is always... Continue Reading »

8 The Impact Of Pidgin English On Students Competence In Nigeria University (a Case Study Of 300 Level Students Of Mell)

ABSTRACT    This project is an attempt to explore the recurring grave concerning the academic performance of students. Though a large percentage of students in Nigeria learn English as a second language and are instructed in it, the Nigerian pidgin seems to interfere with their... Continue Reading »

9 Phonological Problems Of Edem Secondary School Students In English Language

ABSTRACT   This study attempts to find out the phonological problems of Edem Secondary School students in the English language. In achieving this goal, 61 students out of a total of 242 students were sampled using descriptive survey design, because it is aimed at collecting data on... Continue Reading »

10 Participle Problems Encountered By Senior Secondary School Students In Nsukka Local Government Area Of Enugu State

ABSTRACT     This study is aimed at finding out the participle problems encountered by senior secondary school students with a view of solving the problems so found.   Teachers of the English language and student in senior secondary schools in Nsukka Local Government of... Continue Reading »

11 Mother Tongue (hausa) Interference On The Syntax Of Second Language (english) (a Case Study Of Ug Iv Students Of English Language)

CHAPTER ONE   1.0  INTRODUCTION   1.1  BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY   Language is generally used for the purpose of interaction among people in the society. It is also used to differentiate people by sex, age and social status within a particular society. Language... Continue Reading »

12 The Importance Of English In International Business

Abstract   This project shows the importance of English in this globalized world. While English is not the most widely spoken language in the world when you look at it in terms of the number of native speakers, it is the world's most prominent language. But a larger number of people... Continue Reading »

13 Good Spoken English And National Development: Sociophonology In The Service Of Man

PREAMBLE It is conventional wisdom that an inaugural lecture is one given by an academic who has just been appointed to a chair in a discipline.  This presupposes that the notion of currency, post-appointment, is important if it is not to degenerate into a valedictory speech or exaugural... Continue Reading »

14 English In The Mass Media

Part I: English Language Skills for the Broadcast Media 1.         The nature and primacy of spoken language: According to Weinert (2010; see also Thorne, 1997), spoken language has the following attributes: It is primary in physiologically and mentally... Continue Reading »

15 Effects Of Pidgin English In Standard English Usage Among Students In Selected Secondary Schools In Eha-amufu, Isi -uzo L.g.a. Of Enugu States

ABSTRACT  The use of Pidgin English in the Nigerian context has gone beyond verbal communication to become more of a mode of behaviour as its expression has moved from informal conversation to formal situations. This above scenario necessitated this study which investigates the effects of... Continue Reading »

16 Causes Of Truancy In Secondary Schools (a Case Study Of Arumeru District Tanzania)

CHAPTER ONE  1.0       INTRODUCTION  The issue of truancy in Tanzania is a critical problem now days.Most students they do not complete their course of study becouse of truancy which lead them to drop out from schooling.most students especially girls... Continue Reading »

17 Causes Of Truancy Among Student Of Government Secondary Schools ( A Case Study Of Kuje Area Council, Abuja)

CHAPTER 0NE 1.1 Background of the Study School is an institution for educating children (oxford Dictionary, 2015). It is also an agent of socialization as well as institution set up by the society in order to pass knowledge, skills, values, attitudes and other necessary qualities to the... Continue Reading »

18 Parental Influences On Incidences Of Truant Behavior

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the study Truancy is a term used to describe any intentional unauthorized absence from compulsory school. The term truancy, typically refers to absence caused by students of their own free will, and usually does not refer to legitimate excused... Continue Reading »

19 Effects Of Truancy On Academic Performance Of Primary School Pupils

ABSTRACT This research work was carried out to examine the effects of truancy on academic performance of primary school pupils in Edati Local Government area of Niger State.The research methodology utilizes descriptive statistics with simple numbers and percentages in the analysis and... Continue Reading »

20 Effects Of Two Instructional Scaffolding Strategies On Secondary School Students Achievement And Interest In Biology

ABSTRACT   This study investigated the effect of two Instructional Scaffolding Strategies on Secondary School Students’ Achievement and Interest in Biology in Udi Education Zone, Enugu State. The study adopted a factorial research design which helped the researcher to determine... Continue Reading »

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