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Enugu, Nigeria
Enugu State

Science Lab Technology Project Topics

1Production Of Facial Powder Using Corncob

PRODUCTION OF FACIAL POWDER USING CORNCOB CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the study Face powder is a cosmetic powder applied to the face to set a foundation after application. It can also be reapplied throughout the day to minimize shininess caused by oily skin. There is... Continue Reading »

2Heavy Metal Contamination Of Well Water

HEAVY METAL CONTAMINATION OF WELL WATER Abstract The determination of heavy metal composition of onu-asata well water has been carried out using standard analytical procedure. This result of the heavy metal determination of Onu-asata well water revealed that the concentration of lead in the... Continue Reading »

3Solid-phase Extraction Of Nickel (ii) Ion By Studying The Effects Of Sample Volume On Coated Silica Gel And Production Of Schiff’s Base (bhpde)

SOLID-PHASE EXTRACTION OF NICKEL (II) ION BY STUDYING THE EFFECTS OF SAMPLE VOLUME ON COATED SILICA GEL AND PRODUCTION OF SCHIFF’S BASE (BHPDE) ABSTRACT Bis-(4-hydroxypent-2-ylidene)-diaminoethane(BHPDE) is a Schiff base resulting from the condensation of pentane-2-,4 dione and... Continue Reading »

4Formation Of Schiff’s Base (acacen) Using Ethylenediamine And Effect Of Ph On Zinc (ii) Ion On Coated Silica Gel By Column Method

FORMATION OF SCHIFF’S BASE (ACACEN) USING ETHYLENEDIAMINE AND EFFECT OF pH ON ZINC (II) ION ON COATED SILICA GEL BY COLUMN METHOD ABSTRACT Acetylacetone ethylenediamine (ACACEN) is a Schiff base resulting from the condensation of pentan-2,4-dione and 1,2-diaminoethane. Solid-phase... Continue Reading »

5Production Of Disinfectant

PRODUCTION OF DISINFECTANT ABSTRACT Disinfectants are antimicrobial agents that are applied to non-living objects to destroy micro-organisms that are living on the object. They are different from other antimicrobial agents like antibiotics which destroys micro-organisms within the body and... Continue Reading »

6Determination Of Cyanide Contents In Cassava

DETERMINATION OF CYANIDE CONTENTS IN CASSAVA Abstract The cyanide Levels in two cassava varieties and some derived products was investigated. The study was conducted on fresh tubers by, sampling in three longitudinal positions (1/4: ½: ¾) and four radials (A, B, C and D). In... Continue Reading »

7Production Of Custard

PRODUCTION OF CUSTARD ABSTRACT Custard is a fine textured food product made from edible corn starch and other concentrated nutrients or the combination of corn flour, egg yellow, milk, vanilla flavours, vitamins, glucose and tetra-zine to form paste. Custard powder can be said to be a... Continue Reading »

8Production And Evaluation Of Activated Carbon From Groundnut Shell For Economic And Environmental Substainability

PRODUCTION AND EVALUATION OF ACTIVATED CARBON FROM GROUNDNUT SHELL FOR ECONOMIC AND ENVIRONMENTAL SUBSTAINABILITY  ABSTRACT   Activated carbon was produced from groundnut shells by acid activation method at temperature of 600oC. The effects of carbonization and acid impregnation... Continue Reading »

9Production Of Custard From Corn Starch

PRODUCTION OF CUSTARD FROM CORN STARCH ABSTRACT Custard is a fine textured food product made from edible corn starch and other concentrated nutrients or the combination of corn flour, egg yellow, milk, vanilla flavours, vitamins, glucose and tetra-zine to form paste. Custard powder can be... Continue Reading »

10Production Of Alkyd Resin Using Water Melon Seed Oil (citrullus Lanatus)

  PRODUCTION OF ALKYD RESIN USING WATER MELON SEED OIL (CITRULLUS   LANATUS) ABSTRACT Alkyd resin was prepared using the seed oil of water melon (Citrullus Lanatus). The extraction of the seed oil of Citrullus Lanatus was done by solvent extraction method using n-hexane as the... Continue Reading »

11Natural Disaters And Their Control Measures

NATURAL DISATERS AND THEIR CONTROL MEASURES ABSTRACT A natural disaster is a major adverse event resulting from natural processes, of the earth; examples include floods, volcanic eruptions, earth quakes, tsunamis, and other geologic process. Natural disasters are caused by nature and... Continue Reading »

12Natural Resources, Their Importance And Ways Of Conservation

NATURAL RESOURCES, THEIR IMPORTANCE AND WAYS OF CONSERVATION ABSTRACT Natural resources are nature’s gift to man, to maintain comfortable and peaceful life. Human beings have the responsibility of conserving the resources by taking the right steps. This will help to maintain the... Continue Reading »

13Construction Of Road Distance Measurement System Using Microprocessor

CONSTRUCTION OF ROAD DISTANCE MEASUREMENT SYSTEM USING MICROPROCESSOR Abstract   Distance measuring wheels are excellent tools for measuring long distance in a hurry they are great for estimating paving jobs building lot sizes, carpet estimates, grass seed and fertilizer... Continue Reading »

14Isolation Of Pathogenic Microorganisms From Hands Of Food Handlers In Institute Of Management And Technology School Canteens


15Production Of Toothpaste

PRODUCTION OF TOOTHPASTE   ABSTRACT We produce toothpaste using fluoride. The practical was carried out in the chemical laboratory which is under the Science Lab technology (IMT) Enugu.  The toothpaste was  done using the low shear Lang Vacmix which is vaccum... Continue Reading »

16An Epidemiology Survey For Schistosomiasis Among Adults In Osumenyi In Okpanku In Aninri Local Government Area Enugu State

AN EPIDEMIOLOGY SURVEY FOR SCHISTOSOMIASIS AMONG ADULTS IN OSUMENYI IN OKPANKU IN ANINRI LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA ENUGU STATE ABSTRACT The prevalence of urinary and intestinal schistosomiasis among adults in Usumenyi in Okpanku in Aninri Local Government Area Enugu State was studied. In... Continue Reading »

17Bacterial Contamination Associated With Poultry Feeds From Three Different Companies (vital Feed, Guinea And Top Feed)


18Comparative Analysis Of Tap Water Collected From Selected Area Of Enugu Metropolis

COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF TAP WATER COLLECTED FROM SELECTED AREA OF ENUGU METROPOLIS ABSTRACT This study is consisted of the determination of some selected physiochemical properties in drinking water (Tap water) in Enugu metropolis, where drinking water source are from the Ajali treated... Continue Reading »

19Comparative Estimation Of Ascorbic Acid Content In Some Ngeria Fruits Viz: (orange) Citrus Sinesis, (pineapple) Ananas Cosmosus

COMPARATIVE ESTIMATION OF ASCORBIC ACID CONTENT IN SOME NGERIA FRUITS VIZ: (ORANGE) CITRUS SINESIS, (PINEAPPLE) ANANAS COSMOSUS ABSTRACT   A comparative analysis of the ascorbic acid (vitamin C) content of some Nigerian fruits were carried out. The fruits analyzed were (Orange)... Continue Reading »

20Determination Of Cyanide From Cassava Tuber (havested Same Day, And Two Days Later)

DETERMINATION OF CYANIDE FROM CASSAVA TUBER (HAVESTED SAME DAY, AND TWO DAYS LATER) ABSTRACT Table instrumentation analysis was used to determine the total cyanide contents of the cassava tuber harvested and allowed to stay for two days. This enzymatic method was done by weighing 10 g of... Continue Reading »

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