• Accounting 1000
  • Agric Engineering 18
  • Agriculture 5
  • Architecture 11
  • Banking And Finance 386
  • Bio-Chemistry 39
  • Biology 1
  • Building Technology 10
  • Business Administration 640
  • Chemical Engineering 77
  • Chemistry 31
  • Civil Engineering 6
  • Computer Engineering 86
  • Computer Science 173
  • Cooperative And Rural Development 21
  • Cooperative Economics 127
  • Economics 79
  • Education 325
  • Electrical Electronic Engineering 101
  • English 16
  • Entrepreneurial And Business Management 8
  • Environmental Design And Technology 5
  • Estate Management 31
  • Fine And Applied Arts 5
  • Food Technology 21
  • Geography 1
  • Health Science And Technology 1
  • Home And Rural Economics 6
  • Hospitality Management And Technology 24
  • Industrial Chemistry 5
  • Industrial Relation and Personnel Management 7
  • Insurance 60
  • International And Diplomatic Studies 0
  • Law 1
  • Library And Information Science 23
  • Marketing 244
  • Mass Communication 299
  • Mechanical Engineering 59
  • Medical And Health Science 1
  • Microbiology 15
  • Nursing Science 18
  • Office Technology and Management 176
  • Pharmacy 11
  • Philosophy 0
  • Political Science 46
  • Printing Technology 0
  • Psychology 4
  • Public Administration 152
  • Public Relations And Communication 1
  • Purchasing And Supply 17
  • Quantity Surveyor 5
  • Science Lab Technology 215
  • Secretarial Administration 1
  • Seminars 23
  • Sociology 28
  • Staff Development And Distance Education 1
  • Statistic 36
  • Urban And Regional Planning 5

Business Administration Project Topics

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1 Production Planning And Control In A Manufacturing Concern (a Case Study Of Dem-mag Nigeria Limited Owerri)

ABSTRACT This research was designed to find out how production planning and control in a manufacturing concern can be improved to achieve the organizational aims and objectives. This therefore draws the attention of establishment/ organization that practice it to realize the beat way for...

2 Performance Evaluation And Its Effect On Productivity (a Case Study Of Star Paper Mill Ltd. Aba)

ABSTRACT The objective of this study is to find out the work of performance evaluation to productivity and the relationship between productivity and performance evaluation in the star paper Mill Nigeria ltd. Aba. The population of the study consists of 100 workers. The sample for the study was...

3 Impact Of Rewards On Employees Performance

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Background of study. Reward is one of the most important elements in motivating employees for contributing their best efforts to generate innovation ideas that lead to better business functionality and further improvise company performance both...

4 Motivation As The Key Factor For Higher Productivity In Nigeria Industries (a Case Study Of Ecobank Plc Owerri Imo State)

ABSTRACT This topic treated in this project is “The impacts of motivation a key factor for higher productivity: a case study of Ecobank Owerri, Imo State”.  This topic is very vast and one cannot claim to have treated all the aspects of the literature covered the topic within...

5 Labour Management Relations And Its Effect On Labour Productivity (a Case Study Of The Subsidy Removal Strike Action In January 2012)

ABSTRACT Labour management relations connote a relationship between workers as individuals in their collective entity with their employer.  In this study, a number of factors seems to be responsible for job dissatisfaction among workers.  These include, poor salary, poor condition of...

6 Gender Differences And Similarities In Career Choice Among Secretarial Administration Students

ABSTRACT The major purpose of this study, was to determine the career preference of male and female in secretaryship in order to identify the gender difference and similarities in career choice among secretarial administrations student.     Secretarial Administration is not...

7 The Role Of Customer Service In The Service Delivery Of Multinational Companies In Nigeria (a Case Study Of Unilever Nigeria Plc Aba)

ABSTRACT The business organization operates in an environment and through is the essence of business.  The business organization is expected to continually to satisfy it customer hence this work gets to investigate the role of customer service in the operation of multinational fir with...

8 The Role Of Non-governmental Organization On The Development Of Rural Areas (a Case Study Of Owerri West Localgovernment Area)

ABSTRACT This study gives a suitable detail on The Role Of Non-Governmental Organization On The Development Of Rural Areas (A Case Study Of Owerri West Local government Area). In handling our topic, we have framed it into five chapters.  Chapter one bordered on introduction, which contains...

9 Trade Fair As An Instrument Of Increasing Sales In Business Organization (a Case Study Of Emily Millionair Industry Limited In Enugu

ABSTRACT Trade fair as an instrument of increasing sales in business organization, a case study of Emily Millionare ndustry Limited in Enugu.  The overview of the unit topic will further strengthen and enhance the business administration and management practice in many cooperate...

10 Financing Small And Medium Scale Enterprises (smes) By Commercial Banks In Nigeria. A Case Study Of Union Bank Of Nigeria

ABSTRACT The critical causes on why financing small and medium scale industries by commercial banks in Nigeria have not been very effective were evaluated. Not only are the SMEs starved with financial back-up, they are also faced with other external problems such as high interest rates,...

11 Effect Of Bank Consolidation On Performance Of Small And Medium Scale Enterprises In Nigeria

ABSTRACT The central tenet of banking sector consolidation was to develop a strong, reliable and diversified banking sector that is capable of playing effective developmental roles in the economy, such as funding of small and medium scale enterprises and becoming a competent and competitive...

12 The Role Of Human Resource Management In Hospitality Industry Performance In Nigeria (a Case Study Concord Hotel Owerri, Imo State And Nike Lake Resort Enugu State)

ABSTRACT This research is based on the role of human resource management in the hospitality industry with focus on its performance in south eastern Nigeria. The major problem that prompted this research is streamlined into ineffective and inefficient human resource management in the...

13 Assessing The Impact Of Overdependence On Oil Revenue To Nigeria Economy

ABSTRACT  The research is on Assessing the Impact of Overdependence on Oil Revenue to Nigeria Economy. The main objective of this study is to assess the impact of overdependence on oil revenue to Nigeria economy. Data for this research were obtained from both primary and secondary...

14 Cooperative Activities On Small Scale Industrial Development

CHAPTER ONE   1.0       INTRODUCTION   1.1       BACKGROUND OF STUDY   Business in Nigeria has been classified as small, medium or large. In both the developing and developed countries, the government is turning to...

15 Human Resource Management And Productivity In Nigeria Public Sector

ABSTRACT    This project is a review “Human Resource Management and Productivity in Nigeria Public Sector”. The problem identified was Work motivation and compensation, Ethics and Values, Work Attitude and Recruitment and Selection Process. This write up showed the...

16 Effects Of Training On Employee Performance.

ABSTRACT Employees are major assets of any organization. The active role they play towards a company’s success cannot be underestimated. As a result, equipping these unique assets through effective training becomes imperative in order to maximize the job performance. Also position them...

17 The Effect Of Performance Management Practices On Employee Productivity (a Case Study Of Schindler Limited)

ABSTRACT  The general objective of the study was to determine the effect of performance management practices on employee productivity with a focus on Schindler Limited. The study was guided by the following research objectives: To investigate the influence of performance appraisals on...

18 An Analysis Of A Computerised System As An Effective Strantegy For Fraud Minimisation In Nigerian Banks (a Case Of United Bank For Africa Plc)

ABSTRACT  Banks play a very significant role and are a key infrastructure of the financial sector of any economy. The efficiency of the banking sector in a way determines the reliability of the economy.   The banking business is replete with lots of risks. Of all the risks faced...

19 International Business Management-an Assessment Of The Role Of Multinational Corporation In Nigeria

ABSTRACT   The main objective of this study was to look, at international business management and assess the role of Multinational Corporation operating in Nigeria, in terms of their contribution to the socio-economic and technological development of the nation. The study was carried...

20 Evaluation Of Usefulness Of Inventory Management (a Case Study Of Some Selected Beverage Companies)

ABSTRACT  It has been generally accepted that for any organization to produce and satisfy its stakeholders, such organization must have good management team that manages the resources of the organization using some laid down rules. In manufacturing concerns, inventories constitute a...

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