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Enugu, Nigeria
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Office Technology & Management Project Topics

1 Investigating Into The Problems Of Personnel Management And Its Effect On Workers Productivity With Special Reference

investigating into the problems of personnel management and its effect on workers productivity with special reference ABSTRACT This topic of this study is the investigation into the problems of personnel management and its effect on workers productivity in some selected business organisations... Continue Reading »

2 The Effects Of Modern Office Automation On The Productivity Of Secretaries

THE EFFECTS OF MODERN OFFICE AUTOMATION ON THE PRODUCTIVITY OF SECRETARIES ABSTRACT This study was carried out to investigate the effects of modern office automation on the productivity of secretaries. In order to obtain the required information, questionnaire were administered to... Continue Reading »

3 Effect Of Industrial Crisis On Productivities Of Workers In Abia State Polytechnic Aba

EFFECT OF INDUSTRIAL CRISIS ON PRODUCTIVITIES OF WORKERS IN ABIA STATE POLYTECHNIC ABA ABSTRACT The major purpose of this study was to find out the Effect of Industrial Crisis on Productivities of Workers in Abia State Polytechnic, Aba in Abia North  Local Government Area of Abia State.... Continue Reading »

4 The Role Of Industrial Training Scheme On The Development Of Manpower In Seleted Business Establishment In Anambra State

THE ROLE OF INDUSTRIAL TRAINING SCHEME ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF MANPOWER IN SELETED BUSINESS ESTABLISHMENT IN ANAMBRA STATE   Abstract The topic of this research is the role of industrial Training scheme on the Development of manpower in selected business Establishment in Anambra state. At... Continue Reading »

5 The Impact Of Ict On The Job Performance Of Workerd In Selected Tertiary Institutions In Anambra State

the impact of ICT on the job performance of workerd in selected tertiary institutions in Anambra State Abstract The impact of ICT is to convey, manipulate and store information; the population is 220, and sample size 142. The findings are based on greatly influenced social, political and... Continue Reading »

6 The Challenges Of Information And Communication Technology To Modern Secretaries

THE CHALLENGES OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY TO MODERN SECRETARIES ABSTRACT This is with the basic aim of providing practical solution towards the re-engineering and sustenance of the secretarial profession. The re-training of secretaries, carrying out of visitation in form of... Continue Reading »

7 Otm The Relevance Of Management Information System On The Performance Of Office Managers In Some Selected Busisness Organization


8 Information Communication Technology As A Tool For Organizational Growth

information communication technology as a tool for organizational growth ABSTRACT The topic Impact on the information and communication Technology as a tool for Organization growth in First Bank Plc Ekwulobia in Anambra State. Before the advent of technology, the tasks in most organizations... Continue Reading »

9 Assessing Of Competencies Required By Secretaries In Secondary Schools

ASSESSING OF COMPETENCIES REQUIRED BY SECRETARIES IN SECONDARY SCHOOLS ABSTRACT The major purpose of this study was to determine the assessment of competencies required by secretaries in secondary schools in Aguata Local Government Area of Anambra State. The population of the study comprises... Continue Reading »

10 An Investigation Into The Problems Of Teaching Business Subjects In Junior Secondary Schools.

AN INVESTIGATION INTO THE PROBLEMS OF TEACHING BUSINESS SUBJECTS IN JUNIOR SECONDARY SCHOOLS. Abstract The theme of this research project is the investigation into the problems of teaching business subjects with particular reference to junior secondary schools in Orumba south local government... Continue Reading »

11 The Study Of Computer Literacy And Its Effect On The Job Performance Of Modern Secretaries In Power Holding

THE STUDY OF COMPUTER LITERACY AND ITS EFFECT ON THE JOB PERFORMANCE OF MODERN SECRETARIES IN POWER HOLDING ABSTRACT Since the inception of computer this present age, a lot of changes has been in the business organizations, demonstrative work and communication  filed as well. The ... Continue Reading »

12 The Problems Of Male Secretaries In Female Dominated Profession

THE PROBLEMS OF MALE SECRETARIES IN FEMALE DOMINATED PROFESSION ABSTRACT This project work is intend to identify and proffer solutions to the problems, male secretaries encountered in what is assumed to be a female dominated profession. The research is intended to the of value not only to... Continue Reading »

13 The Importance Of Computer To Secretarial Professional

THE IMPORTANCE OF COMPUTER TO SECRETARIAL PROFESSIONAL ABSTRACT   This desire to write on this particular topic the importance of computer to a secretarial profession in business organization” grew out of the present significant rolls it plays in secretary day to day activities,... Continue Reading »

14 The Importance Of Computer To Secretarial Profession. (a Case Study Of Some Selected Business Organizations In Onitsha Anambra State

THE IMPORTANCE OF COMPUTER TO SECRETARIAL PROFESSION. (A CASE STUDY OF SOME SELECTED BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS IN ONITSHA ANAMBRA STATE ABSTRACT This desire to write on this particular topic the importance of computer to a secretarial preffession in business organization” grew out of the... Continue Reading »

15 The Importance Of Computer To Secretarial Profession

THE IMPORTANCE OF COMPUTER TO SECRETARIAL PROFESSION ABSTRACT   The desire to write on this particular topic “The Importance of Computer to Secretarial Profession in Business Organization grew out of the Present significant roles. It plays secretaries day to day activities,... Continue Reading »

16 The Impact Of Secretaries In Improving The Quality Of Services Rendered By Nigerian Telecommunication Plc (nitel), Enugu

THE IMPACT OF SECRETARIES IN IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF SERVICES RENDERED BY NIGERIAN TELECOMMUNICATION PLC (NITEL), ENUGU ABSTRACT This research work investigated the impact of secretaries on improving the quality of services rendered by NITEL Plc, Enugu. The research work sincerely brought... Continue Reading »

17 The Challenges Of Secretaries Coping With Modern Technology (a Case Study Of Select Business Organisations In Enugu Urban)

THE CHALLENGES OF SECRETARIES COPING WITH MODERN TECHNOLOGY (A CASE STUDY OF SELECT BUSINESS ORGANISATIONS IN ENUGU URBAN) ABSTRACT   High productivity is the pursuit of every public corporation. To allow for this, it is therefore necessary that the organization should tackle target for... Continue Reading »

18 The Causes Of Stress On The Secretarial’s Job Performance

THE CAUSES OF STRESS ON THE SECRETARIAL’S JOB PERFORMANCE ABSTRACT According to research studies into the relationship between a worker’s life and his job, stress is assuming a position as number one killer disease in the modern society.  The purpose of his work was to find... Continue Reading »

19 A Survey Of Management Problems And It’s Effects In Selected Business Centers In Nsukka Local Government Area

A SURVEY OF MANAGEMENT PROBLEMS AND IT’S EFFECTS IN SELECTED BUSINESS CENTERS IN NSUKKA LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA ABSTRACT The candid objective of this study is to survey the management problems and its effects in selected business centers in Nsukka local government area. Nsukka as a... Continue Reading »

20 A Survey Of Economic In The Performance Of Secretaries

A SURVEY OF ECONOMIC IN THE  PERFORMANCE OF  SECRETARIES ABSTRACT This project is base on the Economic condition of secretary in an organization it also go long way explaining the problem of economic condition on the work of secretary. This project will also enlighten secretary... Continue Reading »

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