• Accounting 1000
  • Agric Engineering 18
  • Agriculture 5
  • Architecture 11
  • Banking And Finance 386
  • Bio-Chemistry 39
  • Biology 1
  • Building Technology 10
  • Business Administration 640
  • Chemical Engineering 77
  • Chemistry 31
  • Civil Engineering 6
  • Computer Engineering 86
  • Computer Science 173
  • Cooperative And Rural Development 21
  • Cooperative Economics 127
  • Economics 79
  • Education 325
  • Electrical Electronic Engineering 101
  • English 16
  • Entrepreneurial And Business Management 8
  • Environmental Design And Technology 5
  • Estate Management 31
  • Fine And Applied Arts 5
  • Food Technology 21
  • Geography 1
  • Health Science And Technology 1
  • Home And Rural Economics 6
  • Hospitality Management And Technology 24
  • Industrial Chemistry 5
  • Industrial Relation and Personnel Management 7
  • Insurance 60
  • International And Diplomatic Studies 0
  • Law 1
  • Library And Information Science 23
  • Marketing 244
  • Mass Communication 299
  • Mechanical Engineering 59
  • Medical And Health Science 1
  • Microbiology 15
  • Nursing Science 18
  • Office Technology and Management 176
  • Pharmacy 11
  • Philosophy 0
  • Political Science 46
  • Printing Technology 0
  • Psychology 4
  • Public Administration 152
  • Public Relations And Communication 1
  • Purchasing And Supply 17
  • Quantity Surveyor 5
  • Science Lab Technology 215
  • Secretarial Administration 1
  • Seminars 23
  • Sociology 28
  • Staff Development And Distance Education 1
  • Statistic 36
  • Urban And Regional Planning 5

Insurance Project Topics

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1 Limitations To The Development Of Insurance In Nigeria

LIMITATIONS TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF INSURANCE IN NIGERIA ABSTRACT Regulation of Nigeria’s insurance industry has become substantially intensified in the last two decades. This paper critically evaluates the philosophy and challenges of insurance regulation in the context of...

2 Government Supervision And Control Of Insurance Industry In Nigeria Problems And Prospects

GOVERNMENT SUPERVISION AND CONTROL OF INSURANCE INDUSTRY IN NIGERIA PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS ABSTRACT The aim of this research work is to appraise the problems and prospects of government supervision and control of insurance industry in Nigeria”. The specific objectives of this research...

3 Problem Associated With General Accident Claims In Nigeria

PROBLEM ASSOCIATED WITH GENERAL ACCIDENT CLAIMS IN NIGERIA CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1     BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Insurance industry is a financial institution that exists to indemnify the insured in the case of any occurrence of the subject matter of insurance....

4 Problems And Prospects Of Extending Insurance Services To The Rural Areas

PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS OF EXTENDING INSURANCE SERVICES TO THE RURAL AREAS PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS OF EXTENDING INSURANCE SERVICES TO THE RURAL AREASABSTRACT The interest to write in this particular topic “Problems and Prospect of Extending Insurance Services to the rural areas”...

5 The Analysis Of The Relationship Between Premium And Claim Settlement In Nigeria Insurance Industry

THE ANALYSIS OF THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN PREMIUM AND CLAIM SETTLEMENT IN NIGERIA INSURANCE INDUSTRY ABSTRACT        Insurance industry plays active in economic development of any nation. No developed or developing nation can do without insurance. For the proposed...

6 The Contribution Of Agricultural Insurance To The Nigerian Economy

THE CONTRIBUTION OF AGRICULTURAL INSURANCE TO THE NIGERIAN ECONOMY Abstract The agricultural sector, as importance as it is exposed to extremely high degree of disk arising out of natural factors like weather conditions. Uncertainties, regarding the quality and quality of the crop/livestock...

7 The Effect Of Insurance Industry In Promoting Banking Services In Nigeria

THE EFFECT OF INSURANCE INDUSTRY IN PROMOTING BANKING SERVICES IN NIGERIA ABSTRACT The aim of this research study is to identify the effect of insurance industry in promoting banking services in Nigeria. (A study of Skye Bank Enugu Metropolis). The objectives of this research work is to...

8 The Effect Of Recruitment, Selection Placement On Organizational Effectiveness.

THE EFFECT OF RECRUITMENT, SELECTION PLACEMENT ON ORGANIZATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS. Abstract The effect of recruitment, selection and placement of an employee in the right position in organization cannot be over emphasized. One of the test of an efficient personnel department is its ability to...

9 The Impact Of Globalization Of Financial Service On The Development Of Nigerian Insurance Industry (a Study Of Igi) (2)

THE IMPACT OF GLOBALIZATION OF FINANCIAL SERVICE ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF NIGERIAN INSURANCE INDUSTRY (A STUDY OF IGI) (2) ABSTRACT The study sought to investigate the impact if globalization of financial services on the development of Nigerian Insurance industry (A study of IGI). Globalization...

10 An Appraisal Of The Nigerian Insurance Companies Approach To Claim Settlement

AN APPRAISAL OF THE NIGERIAN INSURANCE COMPANIES APPROACH TO CLAIM SETTLEMENT ABSTRACT   The aim of this research study is to appraise the Nigeria insurance companies approach to claim settlement. A study of Africa Alliance Insurance company in East Central region. The objectives of...

11 The Investment Of Insurance Fund In Nigeria (a Case Study Of Union Assurance Company)

ABSTRACT Investment can be defined as management of policy holders fund and assets of the company for further benefit guaranteed. The objective of investment is to put ones available fund to use or land it to otherwise in the hope of earning income or  returned dividend. The information...

12 The Problems Of Debt Management In Financial Institution

THE PROBLEMS OF DEBT MANAGEMENT IN FINANCIAL INSTITUTION ABSTRACT This work is to carryout research on debt recovery techniques in the banking sector issues, problems and prospects (A study of Union Bank of Nigeria plc). This research will expose how non-distressed banks bring effective...

13 The Role Of Insurance Middleman In The Growth And Development Of Insurance Business (a Case Study Of Alpha Broker)i

THE ROLE OF INSURANCE MIDDLEMAN IN THE GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT OF INSURANCE BUSINESS (A CASE STUDY OF ALPHA BROKER) ABSTRACT This research work, the researcher examined the role of insurance middlemen in the growth and development of insurance business. The information for the study was...

14 Impact Of The Nigeria Capital Market On The Growth Of Insurance Sector In Nigeria

 impact of the Nigeria capital market on the Growth of Insurance Sector in Nigeria ABSTRACT The aim of this study is to analyze he impact and benefit of the capital market in the realization of the insurance industry contribute to the economy. Despite the low number of insurance...

15 Impact Of Government Policies In Regulating The Activities Of Nigeria Insurance Industry On Your Company

impact of Government Policies in regulating the activities of Nigeria Insurance Industry on your company ABSTRACT   The purpose of this research is concerned on the impact of the government policies in regulating the activities of insurance companies operating in Nigeria. The...

16 The Impact Of Promotional Strataegy On The Development Of Insurance In Nigeria

THE IMPACT OF PROMOTIONAL STRATAEGY ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF INSURANCE IN NIGERIA   ABSTRACT   The purpose at this research is concerned on the impact of the government policies in regulating the activities of insurance companies operating in Nigeria. The government responsibility...


NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT AS A STRATEGY FOR EFFICIENT MARKETING OF LIFE ASSURANCE PRODUCT IN NIGERIA ABSTRACT This research titled new product development in insurance industry as a strategy for efficient marketing for life assurance products in Nigeria was carried out with the objectives...

18 Insurance Companies And Their Impact On Economic Development Of Nigeria

INSURANCE COMPANIES AND THEIR IMPACT ON ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OF NIGERIA ABSTRACTBusiness produce goods and services to satisfy the demand of customers. Muchas these businesses declare profit year-in-year-out, they also face element of riskand uncertainties that may causes losses. This includes...

19 The Impact Of Insurance Services In The Nigerian Economy

THE IMPACT OF INSURANCE SERVICES IN THE NIGERIAN ECONOMY ABSTRACT The purpose of this research work was to identify the impact of insurance services in the Nigerian economy. This is because most of Nigerians looks at insurance industry as a weak and poor industry with little or no impact...

20 Role Of Insurance Industry In Management Of Environmental Risk

ROLE OF INSURANCE INDUSTRY IN MANAGEMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL RISK ABSTARACT The subject of this research work is the role of insurance industry in management of environmental risks, in every environment there are risks that affect man and their inhabitants, this condition affects our...

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