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Enugu, Nigeria
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Insurance Project Topics

1Local Content And Growth Of Nigeria Re-insurance An Overview

LOCAL CONTENT AND GROWTH OF NIGERIA RE-INSURANCE AN OVERVIEW  ABSTRACT This study evaluate the expected impact local content on the growth and development of reinsurance in Nigeria. The historical, problems and challenges facing the growth and development of reinsurance business in... Continue Reading »

2The Analysis Of The Relationship Between Premium And Claim Settlement In Nigeria Insurance Industry (between The Year 2002-2012)

THE ANALYSIS OF THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN PREMIUM AND CLAIM SETTLEMENT IN NIGERIA INSURANCE INDUSTRY (BETWEEN THE YEAR 2002-2012) ABSTRACT        Insurance industry plays active in economic development of any nation. No developed or developing nation can do... Continue Reading »

3Risk Management As An Efficient Means Of Achieving Corporate Objectives

RISK MANAGEMENT AS AN EFFICIENT MEANS OF ACHIEVING CORPORATE OBJECTIVES ABSTRACT This research work titled “Risk management as an efficient means of achieving corporate objectives” Some of the problems that led to this research work includes poor risk management in the... Continue Reading »

4Examination Of The Impact Of Large Numbers Approach In The Valuation Of Life Assurance Business (a Study Of Igi Life Enugu Office)

EXAMINATION OF THE IMPACT OF LARGE NUMBERS APPROACH IN THE VALUATION OF LIFE ASSURANCE BUSINESS (A STUDY OF IGI LIFE ENUGU OFFICE) ABSTRACT   Evaluation of the impact of large numbers approach in the valuation of life assurance business using industrial general insurance as a study.... Continue Reading »

5Implementation Of A Computerized Management System In Insurance Industry

IMPLEMENTATION OF A COMPUTERIZED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM IN INSURANCE INDUSTRY  ABSTRACT The study examines the implementation of computerized management system in insurance industry.  It identifies the imperatives for adoption of technology to promoting efficient and effective... Continue Reading »

6The Role Of Agricultural Insurance In Enhancing Agricultural Productivity (a Case Study In Uzo-uwani L.g.a)

THE ROLE OF AGRICULTURAL INSURANCE IN ENHANCING AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTIVITY (A CASE STUDY IN UZO-UWANI L.G.A)  ABSTRACT Insurance is needed in order to alleviate the financial losses suffered by policy holders or the general public where the liability under policy is a... Continue Reading »

7Marketing Of Life Assurance Policies In Nigeria Problems And Prospects

MARKETING OF LIFE ASSURANCE POLICIES IN NIGERIA PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS ABSTRACT   This research work, the researcher examined the problems and prospects of marketing of life assurance policies in Nigeria. The information for the study was collected using primary and secondary... Continue Reading »

8Ensuring Positive Consumers Attitude Towards Insurance Contract In Nigeria A Study Of Igi Enugu

ENSURING POSITIVE CONSUMERS ATTITUDE TOWARDS INSURANCE CONTRACT IN NIGERIA A STUDY OF IGI ENUGU ABSTRACT This project is designed to determine the attitude of the general public towards insurance contract in Nigeria. The topic to be discussed is “ensuring positive consumers attitude... Continue Reading »

9Impact Of Pension And Gratuity On The Life Of Retirees (a Study Of Enugu State Pension Board)

IMPACT OF PENSION AND GRATUITY ON THE LIFE OF RETIREES (A STUDY OF ENUGU STATE PENSION BOARD) ABSTRACT   The research Project titled “The broad objective of this research work is to the impact of pension and gratuity on the life of retirees with particular reference to Enugu... Continue Reading »

10The Impact Of Globalization Of Financial Service On The Development Of Nigerian Insurance Industry (a Study Of Igi)

THE IMPACT OF GLOBALIZATION OF FINANCIAL SERVICE ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF NIGERIAN INSURANCE INDUSTRY (A STUDY OF IGI) ABSTRACT The study sought to investigate the impact if globalization of financial services on the development of Nigerian Insurance industry (A study of IGI). Globalization... Continue Reading »

11Ensuring Positive Consumers Attitude Towards Insurance Contract In Nigeria A Study Of Igi Enugu State

ENSURING POSITIVE CONSUMERS ATTITUDE TOWARDS INSURANCE CONTRACT IN NIGERIA A STUDY OF IGI ENUGU ABSTRACT This project is designed to determine the attitude of the general public towards insurance contract in Nigeria. The topic to be discussed is “ensuring positive consumers attitude... Continue Reading »

12The Contribution Of Agricultural Insurance To The Nigerian Economy (a Study Of Naic Nigeria Agricultural Insurance Corporation Enugu State)

THE CONTRIBUTION OF AGRICULTURAL INSURANCE TO THE NIGERIAN ECONOMY (A STUDY OF NAIC NIGERIA AGRICULTURAL INSURANCE CORPORATION ENUGU STATE) Abstract The agricultural sector, as importance as it is exposed to extremely high degree of disk arising out of natural factors like weather... Continue Reading »

13The Importance And Roles Of Insurance Industry In Nigeria Economy

THE IMPORTANCE AND ROLES OF INSURANCE INDUSTRY IN NIGERIA ECONOMY ABSTRACT The need for this research paper is partial fulfillment of the researcher’s program in insurance and as a result of the need to know the importance and roles of insurance industry in Nigeria economy. This... Continue Reading »

14The Evaluation Of The Effect Of National Health Insurance Scheme In Enhancing Health Care Delivery In Enugu Metropolis

THE EVALUATION OF THE EFFECT OF NATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE SCHEME IN ENHANCING HEALTH CARE DELIVERY IN ENUGU METROPOLIS ABSTRACT The project on the topic evaluation of the effect of natural health insurance scheme in enhancing health care delivery in Enugu metropolis was discussed chapter... Continue Reading »

15The Contributions Of Insurance In The Sports Sector Of Nigeria

THE CONTRIBUTIONS OF INSURANCE IN THE SPORTS SECTOR OF NIGERIA ABSTRACT In this research work titled ‘The contributions of insurance in the sports sector of Nigeria. The researcher investigated why Nigerian sports sector do not embraces insurance protection. Investigated the factors... Continue Reading »

16The Problems Of Debt Management In Financial Institution (a Study Of Union Bank Plc Garden Avenue Enugu)

THE PROBLEMS OF DEBT MANAGEMENT IN FINANCIAL INSTITUTION (A STUDY OF UNION BANK PLC GARDEN AVENUE ENUGU) ABSTRACT This work is to carryout research on debt recovery techniques in the banking sector issues, problems and prospects (A study of Union Bank of Nigeria plc). This research will... Continue Reading »

17An Appraisal Of The Nigerian Insurance Companies Approach To Claim Settlement (study Of African Alliance Insurance Company

AN APPRAISAL OF THE NIGERIAN INSURANCE COMPANIES APPROACH TO CLAIM SETTLEMENT (STUDY OF AFRICAN ALLIANCE INSURANCE COMPANY ABSTRACT   The aim of this research study is to appraise the Nigeria insurance companies approach to claim settlement. A study of Africa Alliance Insurance... Continue Reading »

18The Investment Of Infurance Fund In Nigeria (a Study Of Union Assurance Company)

THE INVESTMENT OF INSURANCE FUND IN NIGERIA (A STUDY OF UNION ASSURANCE COMPANY) ABSTRACT Investment can be defined as management of policy holders fund and assets of the company for further benefit guaranteed. The objective of investment is to put ones available fund to use or land it to... Continue Reading »

19The Role Of Insurance Middleman In The Growth And Development Of Insurance Business (a Case Study Of Alpha Broker)

THE ROLE OF INSURANCE MIDDLEMAN IN THE GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT OF INSURANCE BUSINESS (A CASE STUDY OF ALPHA BROKER) ABSTRACT This research work, the researcher examined the role of insurance middlemen in the growth and development of insurance business. The information for the study was... Continue Reading »

20The Role Of Public Relations In Marketing Insurance Products In Nigeria

THE ROLE OF PUBLIC RELATIONS IN MARKETING INSURANCE PRODUCTS IN NIGERIA ABSTRACT This research study concentrated on the Role of Public Relations in marketing insurance products in Nigeria.. The problem that necessitated this study were lack of adequate attention given to public... Continue Reading »

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