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Political Science Project Topics

1The Effect Of Ethnic Segregation On Employment In Abia State Civil Service

THE EFFECT OF ETHNIC SEGREGATION ON EMPLOYMENT IN ABIA STATE CIVIL SERVICE CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1      Background of the study  The quest for imperial hegemony inspired the cartographic demarcation of ethnic boundaries (Ukiwo, 2005). What then is... Continue Reading »

2Formulation And Implementation Of Government Policies: A Case Study Of Udenwa’s Tripod Vision 1999-2007

FORMULATION AND IMPLEMENTATION OF GOVERNMENT POLICIES: A CASE STUDY OF UDENWA’S TRIPOD VISION 1999-2007 ABSTRACT         Concisely, the emphasis of this research project is on the formulation and implementation of Governmental policies: A case... Continue Reading »

3Rotational Presidency And Power Shift As An Instrument Of National Integration In Nigeria.

ROTATIONAL PRESIDENCY AND POWER SHIFT AS AN INSTRUMENT OF NATIONAL INTEGRATION IN NIGERIA ABSTRACT One of the biggest issues Nigeria is grappling with, apart from systemic corruption, is that of the perennial struggle among the various regions and ethnic groups that make up the... Continue Reading »

4History Of Nigeria As A Nation

HISTORY OF NIGERIA AS A NATION CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION History Nigeria as a Nation Little is known of the earliest history of Nigeria. most of the country was sparsely inhabited by persons who had a rudimentary knowledge of raising domesticated food plants and of herding animals. From... Continue Reading »

5Investigating The Potential For Job Creation In The Tourism Industry With Particular Reference To Disadvantaged Communities

Investigating the Potential for Job Creation in the Tourism Industry with particular reference to Disadvantaged Communities ABSTRACT       This paper explores the potential for tourism to impact positively on job creation especially its capacity to stimulate other sectors... Continue Reading »

6The Quest For Political Power Through Violence

THE QUEST FOR POLITICAL POWER THROUGH VIOLENCE TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTION 1.1       Background of the Study                     ... Continue Reading »

7Coi P4c A Solid Base For Sustainable Democracy In Nigeria

COI P4C A SOLID BASE FOR SUSTAINABLE DEMOCRACY IN NIGERIA ABSTRACT  Nigeria has grown old enough to be faced with the challenge of the option of either to rise to the challenge of building a new society, a new civilization, or to slide into chaos of interethnic suspicion and rivalry.... Continue Reading »

8Politics Of State Creation In Nigeria

POLITICS OF STATE CREATION IN NIGERIA Chapter One:  Introduction 1.1     Background of the Study The history of state creation in Nigeria dates back to 1900 when Nigeria was divided into three distinct entities, the colony and Protectorate of Lagos, the... Continue Reading »

9Politics Of State Creation In Nigeria.

POLITICS OF STATE CREATION IN NIGERIA. CHAPTER ONE 1.1            INTRODUCTION The history of state creation in Nigeria dates back to 1900 when Nigeria was divided into three distinct entities, the colony and protectorate of Lagos,... Continue Reading »

10The Policy Of Privatization And Commercialization Of Public Enterprises In Nigeria: An Appraisal Of Telecommunication

Abstract It is because of social issues like economic inequalities, unemployment that made the state to interfere in economy of Nigeria. Government chose public sector as a means or medium for economic and social development due to poor managerial skill, weak technological base etc, this... Continue Reading »

11Economic Dependency And Third World Under Development. Nigerian Experience.

ABSTRACT This  study examines the relationship between the third world countries and the western capitalist countries. It shows dependency as a phenomenon or problem of relationship that gave rise to the economic growth and development of the western world in expense of the third world... Continue Reading »

12Corruption And Underdevelopment: (a Case Study Of Halliburton)

CHAPTER ONE GENERAL INTRODUCTION Background of the Study A man can be born again; the springs of life can be cleansed instantly…if this is true of one, it can be true of any number. Thus, a nation can be born in a day if the ideals of the people can be changed [William Jennings Bryan].... Continue Reading »

13Dependency And Underdevelopment In Africa: The Nigerian Experience

AbstractDependency and underdevelopment in Africa is our main thrust which we try to relate the above to the Nigerian context. Dependency as we all know is a product of underdevelopment which is prevalent in Africa in general and Nigeria in particular. It is certain that Nigeria is an independent... Continue Reading »

14Federalism And National Intergration In Nigeria: Issues And Challenges

AbstractThe problem of federalism and the associated crises of national integration in Nigeria raise serious alarm. The situation attracts growing interest and concern. The crises are very severing such that they culminate in a strong force being mounted on the federation with tendency to... Continue Reading »

15Human Resource Development And Productivity In The Civil Service: An Appraisal Of Kogi State Civil Service Commission

AbstractThe Civil Service as the machinery of Government performs the unique role of governance and National development as such government everywhere in the world have come to terms with the need to train and re-train it’s human resource for them to be better equipped to maximize... Continue Reading »

16Labour Unrest And Underdevelopment In Nigeria: An Appraisal Of 2000-2013

AbstractOne of the major impediments to development in Nigeria is labour unrest. This is given the fact that no Nation can develop without human resource because they constitute and play very significant role in Nation building and development. The Nigerian case has been so pervasive that labour... Continue Reading »

17Military Rule And Political Transition In Nigeria: An Appraisal Of Abacha Regime (1993- 1998)

ABSTRACTThis study analyzes military rule and the political transition to democracy in Nigeria. It enquires into how military intervenes in the Nigerian politics in the recent time. The study also examines how corruption induces military intervention in Nigerian politics due to the embezzlement of... Continue Reading »

18The Role Of Political Parties In Democratic Governance In Nigeria: A Case Study Of Pdp: 1999-2007

AbstractThere is a profound paradox about the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Nigeria. The party, which earned the respect and admiration of most Nigerians, in the period between 1999-2007 due to its politics and policies. This work based on direct study and use of secondary data examines the... Continue Reading »

19The Impact Of Civil Society Organization On Nigeria’s Socio-political Development: An Appraisal Of Civil Liberties Organization

AbstractThe civil society and civil society organizations, have sacrificed their existence, goals and objectives to the course of the fight towards socio-political development in Nigeria. To this effect, they have made relentless effort and provoking arrangements, to ensure that the goals and... Continue Reading »

20The Impact Of Public Opinion On Public Policy In Nigeria: An Appraisal Of 2010-2012

AbstractThis research work that analysis on the impact of public opinion on public policy in Nigeria from 2010-2012 while narrowing it down to the economic policy of deregulation or fuel subsidy removal of 2012. Broadly divided into five chapters, the work breakdown how governmental decisions are... Continue Reading »

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