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Mass Communication Project Topics

1 Television As An Instrument For Educational Advancement In Nigeria (a Case Study Of An Abs Onitsha Programme)

INTRODUCTION 1.1  BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY: The word Education could be defined in various ways. In very broad sense, it could be defined to include every agency which enables an individual to master his physical and social environment of which he is a member. It could well be defined as... Continue Reading »

2 The Influence Of The Electronic Media On Children’s Socialization

THE INFLUENCE OF THE ELECTRONIC MEDIA ON CHILDREN’S SOCIALIZATION: A STUDY OF ENUGU METROPOLIS ABSTRACT   This research work which examines the influence of the electronic media on children’s socialization using Enugu metropolis as a study was based on the research design... Continue Reading »

3 Environmental Pollution In The Niger Delta

PRESS COVERAGE OF ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION IN THE NIGER DELTA. A CONTENT ANALYSIS OF THE GUARDIAN, VANGUARD, DAILY SUN AND THISDAY NEWSPAPERS ABSTRACT   Since man’s activity is done in the environment and the resultant effect is either negative or positive to man, the press... Continue Reading »

4 The Impact Of Television Viewing On Education Children In Nigeria. A Study Of Children In Future Hope Primary School Ohaukwu Local Government Area


5 Newspapers Reading Habit Of Female Staff Of Nnamdi Azikiwe University

Newspapers Reading Habit of Female Staff of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Abstract The study was focused on readership habit of female staff of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital, Nnewi. The survey research method was adopted, and the researcher obtained a sample of 288 from the... Continue Reading »

6 Newspaper Coverage Of Sports News In Nigeria A Content Analysis Of Vanguar

NEWSPAPER COVERAGE OF SPORTS NEWS IN NIGERIA A CONTENT ANALYSIS OF VANGUAR ABSTRACT The issue of news coverage in Nigeria has generated interest from all works of life. Argument arise as a result of what is considered inadequate coverage of sports news by Nigerian newspaper. This study... Continue Reading »

7 Newspaper Coverage Of Foreign News In Nigeria. A Content Analysis Of Daily Champion And Vanguard Newspa

NEWSPAPER COVERAGE OF FOREIGN NEWS IN NIGERIA. A CONTENT ANALYSIS OF DAILY CHAMPION AND  VANGUARD NEWSPA CHAPTER ONE   1.1  INTRODUCTION   The concept of news, journalism and freedom of press have for many years now been a major sources of disagreement between... Continue Reading »

8 Magazine Reading Habits Of Students In Institution Of Higher Learning

MAGAZINE READING HABITS OF STUDENTS IN INSTITUTION OF HIGHER LEARNING ABSTRACT   The purpose of this study is to find out how students are affected by Magazine reading and the various ways to encourage greater reading among students. This research is based on reading habits of students... Continue Reading »

9 Magazine Reading Behavior Of Students In Tertiary Institutions In Anambra State (a Case Study Of Federal College Of Education Tech Umunze

MAGAZINE READING BEHAVIOR OF STUDENTS IN TERTIARY INSTITUTIONS IN ANAMBRA STATE (A CASE STUDY OF FEDERAL COLLEGE OF EDUCATION TECH UMUNZE ABSTRACT Magazine is an embodiment of detailed report, analysis and interpretation of events combined with literary and artistic works produced... Continue Reading »

10 The Effectiveness Of The Radio As An Agent Of Social Mobilization In Rural Communities. (a Case Study Of Anambra State)

THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THE RADIO AS AN AGENT OF SOCIAL MOBILIZATION IN RURAL COMMUNITIES. (A CASE STUDY OF ANAMBRA STATE)   ABSTRACT Through survey research method. This study focused on the effectiveness of the radio as an agent of social mobilization in rural communities, using a... Continue Reading »

11 The Effects Of Unethical Practices In Advertising: (a Case Study Of Vitafoam In Nigeria)

THE EFFECTS OF UNETHICAL PRACTICES IN ADVERTISING: (A CASE STUDY OF VITAFOAM IN NIGERIA) Abstract   Our country, Nigeria is more of a capitalist state and everyone in his kind of business wants to maximize profit. By the way of negligence of the ethical standards, some advertisers,... Continue Reading »

12 The Influence Of Western Television Programme On The Cultural Values Of Nigeria Youths. (a Case Study Of Caritas Students, Enugu).

THE INFLUENCE OF WESTERN TELEVISION PROGRAMME ON THE CULTURAL VALUES OF NIGERIA YOUTHS. ABSTRACT This study probes the impact which Tv has on the cultural values of the Nigeria youths. It specifically tackles the impact of western Tv programes on Nigeria University students. The... Continue Reading »

13 Assessing The Operational Problems Of Private Broadcasting Media In Nigeria Case Study Of Vision Africa 104 1fm And Family Love 103 9fm Umuahia North

ASSESSING THE OPERATIONAL PROBLEMS OF PRIVATE BROADCASTING MEDIA IN NIGERIA CASE STUDY OF VISION AFRICA 104 1FM AND FAMILY LOVE 103  9FM UMUAHIA NORTH ABSTRACT The topic of this research work, assessing the operational problems of private broadcasting media in Nigeria is self emphatic... Continue Reading »

14 Assessing The Operational Problems Of Private Broadcasting Media In Nigeria

ASSESSING THE OPERATIONAL PROBLEMS OF PRIVATE BROADCASTING MEDIA IN NIGERIA ABSTRACT The topic of this research work, assessing the operational problems of private broadcasting media in Nigeria is self emphatic and the researcher focus on the private broadcasting media of Umuahia North, Abia... Continue Reading »

15 The Impact Of Community Newspaper In Creating Political Awareness At The Local Level, A Case Study Of Aguata Local Government Area.

The Impact Of Community Newspaper In Creating Political Awareness At The Local Level, A Case Study Of Aguata Local Government Area. CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1      Background of the Study The phenomenal growth in mass media channels have led to an expansion of the... Continue Reading »

16 The Attitude Of Female Mass Communication Students Towards Journalism As A Career

THE ATTITUDE OF FEMALE MASS COMMUNICATION STUDENTS TOWARDS JOURNALISM AS A CAREER ABSTRACT The researcher in this research work focused on the attitude of female mass communication believed that a large number of female mass communication students wants to choose journalism as a career in our... Continue Reading »

17 Police Public Relations As Mechanism For Improving Police Community

POLICE PUBLIC RELATIONS AS MECHANISM FOR IMPROVING POLICE COMMUNITY ABSTRACT The project work is aimed at critically examining “The roles of police public relations as a mechanism for improving police community relation in Dunukofia local Government Area”. It attempts at... Continue Reading »

18 Influence Of Television Advertising On Consumer Choice Of Beverages (a Case Study Of Carbury)

INFLUENCE OF TELEVISION ADVERTISING ON CONSUMER CHOICE OF BEVERAGES (A CASE STUDY OF CARBURY)   ABSTRACT The world provides a competing for environment for firm competing for consumers chike of their product. yet consumers have the right to decide on what form of information they will... Continue Reading »

19 Impact Of Tv Advertisment On Always Pad

impact of TV advertisment on Always pad ABSTRACT This research is on the impact of Television advertisement of Always on consumers choice of sanitary towel (A study of federal polytechnic Oko). This study is designed to find out how the consumers of this product react to the television... Continue Reading »

20 Impact Of Anti-hivaids Programme Of Abs Television On The Sexual Habits Of Youth (a Case Study Of Ekwulobia Aguat Local Government).

impact of ANTI-HIVAIDS programme of ABS television on the sexual habits of youth (A case study of EKwulobia Aguat local government). Abstract (Bilteneven 1973:11) says that a mass media can take message around the world. The stimulus for this on the research is to find out the impact of ANTI... Continue Reading »

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