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Enugu, Nigeria
Enugu State

Chemical Engineering Project Topics

21 Prodcution Of Wood Adhesive

PRODCUTION OF WOOD ADHESIVE ABSTRACT   Adhesive is a substance that holds materials together by surface attachment, while wood adhesive is a substance that is used to hold plywood for furniture works. This substance is essential and has universal applications. Thus the aim of this... Continue Reading »

22 Interface Monitoring And Analysis Of Pipeline And Products Marketing Company Limited Enugu Depot.

INTERFACE MONITORING AND ANALYSIS OF PIPELINE AND PRODUCTS MARKETING COMPANY LIMITED ENUGU DEPOT. ABSTRACT   This research was carried out with the sole aim of monitoring interface in the transportation of petroleum pipeline products and the analysis of this product from Enugu... Continue Reading »

23 Extraction Of Oil From Local Seed (groundnut Seed) & Characterization

EXTRACTION OF OIL FROM LOCAL SEED (GROUNDNUT SEED) & CHARACTERIZATION   ABSTRACT   This project “Extraction of oil from a local seed (groundnut oil) and Characterization” was carried out using ten cups of groundnut seeds that was purchased from a local market in... Continue Reading »

24 Desulphurisation Kerosene

DESULPHURISATION KEROSENE ABSTRACT   This report aimed at determining the presence and removal of mercaptan sulphur in kerosene using colour indicator method.  It is known that impurities such as free sulphur, sulphur dioxide, marketers, finding materials etc. are found in... Continue Reading »

25 Constructoin Of An Open Steam Distillatoin Column

CONSTRUCTOIN OF AN OPEN STEAM DISTILLATOIN COLUMN ABSTRACT             We constructed an open steam distillation column with the following specifications:- FOR THE COLUMN Height of column =       500mm Length... Continue Reading »

26 Construction Of A Standard Wheel Barrow

CONSTRUCTION OF A STANDARD WHEEL BARROW ABSTRACT             This project, fabrication of a standard wheelbarrow is aimed at constructing a strong standard wheelbarrow, which can be able to convey a certain quantity of load from one place to... Continue Reading »

27 Analysis Of Crude Palm Oil

ANALYSIS OF CRUDE PALM OIL ABSTRACT   This project was carried out to ascertain whether the local palm oil met the required standard.  The analytical test carried out include the free fatty acid test the acid value, iodine value moisture, content, saponfication value, peroxide... Continue Reading »

28 A comparative study of chemical and microwave synthesized activated carborn from corn cob

  A_COMPARATIVE_STUDY_OF_CHEMICAL_AND_MICROWAVE_SYNTHESIZED_ACTIVATED_CARBORN_FROM_CORN_COB CHAPTER ONEINTRODUCTION1.1 BACKGROUND OF STUDYActivated carbon, also widely known as activated charcoal or activated coal is a form of carbon which has been processed to make it extremely porous and... Continue Reading »

29 The production of yam flour

THE_PRODUCTION_OF_YAM_FLOUR CHAPTER ONE1.0 INTRODUCTION1.1 Background Of The StudyYam (dioscorea spp.) is a multi-species crop that originated principally from Africa and Asia before spreading to other parts of the world (Hahn et al.,1987). It belongs to the family of dioscoreae within the genus... Continue Reading »

30 The Effect Of Temperature On Hydrolysis Of Cellulose

THE EFFECT OF TEMPERATURE ON HYDROLYSIS OF CELLULOSE CHAPTER ONE1.1 IntroductionCellulose is the name given to a long chain of atoms consisting of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen arranged in a particular manner it is a naturally occurring polymeric material containing thousands of glucose-like rings... Continue Reading »

31 Head loses in horizontal and vertical orificemeter a comparative evaluation and analyses with apllication of statistical method of

HEAD_LOSES_IN_HORIZONTAL_AND_VERTICAL_ORIFICEMETER_A_COMPARATIVE_EVALUATION_AND_ANALYSES_WITH_APLLICATION_OF_STATISTICAL_METHOD_OF CHAPTER ONEINTRODUCTION1.1. Background of the studyFluid mechanics deals with the study of all fluids under static and dynamic situations. Fluid mechanics is a branch... Continue Reading »

32 Extraction And Formulation Of Perfume From Plant

Extraction and formulation of perfume from plant CHAPTER ONE1. 1 INTRODUCTIONThe word perfume derives from the latin ―per fumum‖ meaning through smoke, is fragrant liquid that is sprayed or rubbed on the skin or clothes to give a pleasant smell. Extraction of perfume from various plants... Continue Reading »

33 Effect Of Particle Size On Oil Yield Using Scent Bean

EFFECT OF PARTICLE SIZE ON OIL YIELD USING SCENT BEAN CHAPTER ONE1.0. INTRODUCTION1.1. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDYThere has been an increase in the world production of oilseeds over the last thirty years (Murphy, 1994); this would appear to be related to the increasing demand for oilseed products and... Continue Reading »

34 Design And Implement A Computerized Drug Information Management System Drug Procurement And Distribution Tracking System

design and implement a computerized drug information management system drug procurement and distribution tracking system CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF STUDY Computerization is defined as the control of processes by computers and its peripherals. Today it would be difficult to think of... Continue Reading »

35 Assessment Of Carbon Monoxide (co) Level In Enugu Metropolis Monitoring Ind

ASSESSMENT OF CARBON MONOXIDE (CO) LEVEL IN ENUGU METROPOLIS MONITORING IND CHAPTER ONE1.0 INTRODUCTIONAir pollution is associated with increasing cases of many adverse health effects, e.g. mortality, respiratory diseases and cancer. The chemical composition of ambient air is very complex and... Continue Reading »

36 Temperature And Water Requirement For Leaching Of Caustic Alkali From ‘ngu’

TEMPERATURE AND WATER REQUIREMENT FOR LEACHING OF CAUSTIC ALKALI FROM ‘NGU’ ABSTRACT   The production and analysis of “Ngu” extract for temperature and water requirement for leaching of casuistic alkali is the basic objective of this project.  The... Continue Reading »

37 The Effect Of Environment On Corrosion

THE EFFECT OF ENVIRONMENT ON CORROSION ABSTRACT   In this research project, the various nail were subjected to six environments so as to check the effect of the environments on corrosion of the nails. Two sets of nails were used; normal nail and concrete nail.  Six of each... Continue Reading »

38 Construction Of A Wooden Book Shelf

CONSTRUCTION OF A WOODEN BOOK SHELF ABSTRACT             A bookshelf is a component fabricated for the purpose of storing or packaging books, files and other important documents.           The... Continue Reading »

39 Utlilization Studies Of Enugu Coal

UTLILIZATION STUDIES OF ENUGU COAL ABSTRACT           This study has its theme as a utilization studies of Enugu coals with the view of studying its properties, classification, preparation storage etc comparing coals obtained from different... Continue Reading »

40 The Fabrication For A Set Of Sieves And Saker

THE FABRICATION FOR A SET OF SIEVES AND SAKER ABSRACT             The fabrication of a set of sieves and shaker was carried out in paliton workshop, Enugu. After a thorough analysis on the suitable materials to be used in fabrication,... Continue Reading »


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