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Enugu, Nigeria
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Public Administration Project Topics

1Political Violence And The Electoral Process In Nigeria An Overview Of The 2006 Presidential Election

POLITICAL VIOLENCE AND THE ELECTORAL PROCESS IN NIGERIA AN OVERVIEW OF THE 2006 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION ABSTRACT One of the basic Machineries of any Representative democratic system is the Electoral Process. The Experience of the western representative democracy in Nigeria can be traced... Continue Reading »

2Factors Responsible For Low Productivity Among Enployees In The Nigeria Public Service

FACTORS RESPONSIBLE FOR LOW PRODUCTIVITY AMONG ENPLOYEES IN THE NIGERIA PUBLIC SERVICE ABSTRACT This work attempts to reach into factors responsible for low productivity among employees in the Nigeria public service (power sector) Nigeria which has often been described has giant of a... Continue Reading »

3Staff Training And Development: A Tool For Increase In Performance In Organisation In Abia State; (a Case Study Of Federal Ministry Of Education Abia State)

STAFF TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT: A TOOL FOR INCREASE IN PERFORMANCE IN ORGANISATION IN ABIA STATE; (A CASE STUDY OF FEDERAL MINISTRY OF EDUCATION ABIA STATE) ABSTRACT This work on staff training and development: A tool for increase in performance in organization in Abia State (a case study... Continue Reading »

4Traditional Government And Polities (a Case Study Of Okposi, Ohaozara

TRADITIONAL GOVERNMENT AND POLITIES (A CASE STUDY OF OKPOSI, OHAOZARA ABSTRACT Chapter one of this project take over all view of statement of problem, research objectives, research significance, research hypothesis theoretical framework and operational definitions. Careful examination... Continue Reading »

5Wages And Salary Administration In Nigeria Civil Service Problems And Prospect

WAGES AND SALARY ADMINISTRATION IN NIGERIA CIVIL SERVICE PROBLEMS AND PROSPECT ABSTRACT             This study gives a suitable detail of wages and salary administration in Imo State civil service, with their... Continue Reading »

6Effects Of Rural-urban Migration On The Rural Development In Nigeria (a Case Study Of Umuahia North Local Government Area)

EFFECTS OF RURAL-URBAN MIGRATION ON THE RURAL DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIA (A CASE STUDY OF UMUAHIA NORTH LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA) ABSTRACT This topic “Effects of Rural–Urban migration on the rural development in Umuahia North Local Government Area” has been considered as an... Continue Reading »

7Motivation And Organizational Efficiency In The Nigeria Public Services

MOTIVATION  AND ORGANIZATIONAL EFFICIENCY IN THE NIGERIA PUBLIC SERVICES Abstract The public services been an organization of government charged with the responsibility of executing polices and decisions of government for the benefits of the people or the general public. This study... Continue Reading »

8The Impact Of Remuneration On Workers Performance Among Nigerian Workers (a Case Study Of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Eleme Refinery )

THE IMPACT OF REMUNERATION ON WORKERS PERFORMANCE AMONG NIGERIAN WORKERS (A CASE STUDY OF NIGERIAN NATIONAL PETROLEUM CORPORATION, ELEME REFINERY ) ABSTRACT The researcher have summarized the contents of this project work which is aimed at finding out the impact of remuneration on workers... Continue Reading »

9The Impact Of Inter-government Relations In The Development Of Local Government Areas In Imo State (a Case Study Of Ideato North And Ideato South L.g.a Imo State.)

THE IMPACT OF INTER-GOVERNMENT RELATIONS IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREAS IN IMO STATE (A CASE STUDY OF IDEATO NORTH AND IDEATO SOUTH L.G.A IMO STATE.) ABSTRACT This project topic “The impact of inter-governmental relation in the development of local government areas... Continue Reading »

10National Youth Services Cops Scheme As An Instrument Of National Development In Nigeria. (a Case Study Of Nysc Abia State)

NATIONAL YOUTH SERVICES COPS SCHEME AS AN INSTRUMENT OF NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIA. (A CASE STUDY OF NYSC ABIA STATE) ABSTRACT There is need to encourage Nigerian Youth to activelyparticipate in national integration and development, rather than have passive beneficiaries of the... Continue Reading »

11The Impact Of Training And Development On Workers Performance [a Case Study Of Ministry Of Works ,owerri Imo State]

THE IMPACT OF TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT ON WORKERS PERFORMANCE  [A case study of Ministry of works ,Owerri Imo State] ABSTRACT This study is an analysis of the impact of training and development on worker performance. This is the extent to which training and workers performance has... Continue Reading »

12The Role Of Bureaucracy In Achieving Government Development Objectives (a Case Study Of Ministry Of Education Imo State)

THE ROLE OF BUREAUCRACY IN ACHIEVING GOVERNMENT DEVELOPMENT OBJECTIVES (A CASE STUDY OF MINISTRY OF EDUCATION IMO STATE) Abstract The Main thrust of this research is to ascertain the extent to which Bureaucracy has gone in achieving these government development objectives, using the... Continue Reading »

13The Role Of Manpower Training And Retraining In Local Government (a Case Study Of Orlu L.g.a )

Abstract This research is on the Role of Manpower Training and re-training in Local government system (A case study of Orlu Local Government). It aims at how human, material and financial resources should be effective managed in order to achieve the goals of the local government, and at the... Continue Reading »

14Frequent Changes In Local Government Administration As A Bane To Rural Development In Nigeria (a Case Study Of Owerri West Local Government Area).

FREQUENT CHANGES IN LOCAL GOVERNMENT ADMINISTRATION AS A BANE TO RURAL DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIA (A CASE STUDY OF OWERRI WEST LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA). ABSTRACT For any organization to be productive, it must learn the effective usage of its man power. But research has shown that there is a... Continue Reading »

15The Problems Of Effective Utilization Of Revenue Available To Local Governments In Nigeria (a Case Study Of Aninri Local Government Area Of Enugu State)

16Effects Of Rural-urban Migration On The Rural Development In Nigeria (a Case Study Of Umuahia North Local Government Area)tudy Of Owerri West Local Government Area).

ABSTRACT This topic “Effects of Rural–Urban migration on the rural development in Umuahia North Local Government Area” has been considered as an avenue to know the rural development process in Nigeria and its insurance. This work will present the remote effects of rural... Continue Reading »

17Problems Of Personnel Management In Government Owned Establishment (a Case Study Of Enugu State Board Of Internal Revenue)

PROBLEMS OF PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT IN GOVERNMENT OWNED ESTABLISHMENT (A CASE STUDY OF ENUGU STATE BOARD OF INTERNAL REVENUE) ABSTRACT   This work fries to find out the problems of personnel management in government owned establishment a case study of Enugu state board of internal... Continue Reading »

18The Role Of Co-operative Societies Towards Development Of Rural Areas. (a Case Study Of Idah Local Government Area, Kogi State)

THE ROLE OF CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETIES TOWARDS DEVELOPMENT OF RURAL AREAS. (A CASE STUDY OF IDAH LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA, KOGI STATE) ABSTRACT         This research work was designed to see to the way the areas could be developed through the co-operative... Continue Reading »

19An Evaluation Of Investment Appraisal And Its Application Techniques In A Manufacturing Industries In Nigeria (a Case Study Of Innoson Nigeria Limited)

AN EVALUATION OF INVESTMENT APPRAISAL AND ITS APPLICATION TECHNIQUES IN A MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY (A CASE STUDY OF INNOSON NIGERIA LIMITED) ABSTRACT This study examines the evaluation of investment appraisal and its application techniques in manufacturing industries with INNOSON GROUP... Continue Reading »

20The Impact Of Taxation As An Aid To Economic Development In The Rural Areas Of Enugu State. (a Case Study Of Three Selected Local Government Areas Of Enugu State)

THE IMPACT OF TAXATION AS AN AID TO ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IN THE RURAL AREAS OF ENUGU STATE. (A CASE STUDY OF THREE SELECTED LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREAS OF ENUGU STATE) Abstract The most essential need of any government is to generate enough revenue to take care of its citizens need. Thus... Continue Reading »

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