• Accounting 1000
  • Agric Engineering 18
  • Agriculture 5
  • Architecture 11
  • Banking And Finance 386
  • Bio-Chemistry 39
  • Biology 1
  • Building Technology 10
  • Business Administration 640
  • Chemical Engineering 77
  • Chemistry 31
  • Civil Engineering 6
  • Computer Engineering 86
  • Computer Science 173
  • Cooperative And Rural Development 21
  • Cooperative Economics 127
  • Economics 79
  • Education 325
  • Electrical Electronic Engineering 101
  • English 16
  • Entrepreneurial And Business Management 8
  • Environmental Design And Technology 5
  • Estate Management 31
  • Fine And Applied Arts 5
  • Food Technology 21
  • Geography 1
  • Health Science And Technology 1
  • Home And Rural Economics 6
  • Hospitality Management And Technology 24
  • Industrial Chemistry 5
  • Industrial Relation and Personnel Management 7
  • Insurance 60
  • International And Diplomatic Studies 0
  • Law 1
  • Library And Information Science 23
  • Marketing 244
  • Mass Communication 299
  • Mechanical Engineering 59
  • Medical And Health Science 1
  • Microbiology 15
  • Nursing Science 18
  • Office Technology and Management 176
  • Pharmacy 11
  • Philosophy 0
  • Political Science 46
  • Printing Technology 0
  • Psychology 4
  • Public Administration 152
  • Public Relations And Communication 1
  • Purchasing And Supply 17
  • Quantity Surveyor 5
  • Science Lab Technology 215
  • Secretarial Administration 1
  • Seminars 23
  • Sociology 28
  • Staff Development And Distance Education 1
  • Statistic 36
  • Urban And Regional Planning 5

Seminars Project Topics

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1 Impact Of Corporate Governance On The Profitability Of The Nigerian Banking Sector

Abstract Corporate governance has, in recent times, raised a great deal of concern due, largely, to massive corporate failures in the domestic and global arena. Governments have in response to rising cases of financial distress taken both pro-active and reactive measures to...

2 Structure And Constraints Of Micro, Small And Medium Scale

Abstract   In both developed and developing economies, there are evidences of the immense contributions of MSMEs to economic growth and development. Small enterprises are known to adapt with greater ease under difficult and changing circumstances because they are typically low in capital...

3 Waiting For An Angel: Portrait Of Helon Habila As A Righter

Waiting for an Angel: Portrait of Helon Habila as a Righter  Abstract  This paper examines Helon Habila's Waiting for an Angel in the context of Niyi Osundare's thesis of “the Writer as righter”, an assertion of the role of the African writer in society. The paper...

4 Urban Development And Housing Challenges The Way-out (solutions)

URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING CHALLENGES THE WAY-OUT (SOLUTIONS) INTRODUCTION        In other to have a clear and complete understanding of this project, there is then need to break down the various concepts that constitute the research work and thereafter...

5 The Medicinal Potentials Of Alligator Pepper And Carica Papaya (pawpaw)

THE MEDICINAL POTENTIALS OF ALLIGATOR PEPPER AND CARICA PAPAYA (PAWPAW) ABSTRACT The medicinal values of pawpaw (Carica Papaya) and alligator pepper (Aframomum melegueta) have been discussed in this work. Papaya is commonly known for its food and nutritional value throughout the world. The...

6 The Maintenance Of Circuit Breaker Using Mobile Agent Software Technology

               ABSTRACT Circuit breakers are crucial components for power system operation. The currently adapted time-directed maintenance strategy and the emerging new condition-based strategy require a flexible...

7 Challenges And Opportunities Of Small Scale Business In West Africa Using Nigeria As Case Study

CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES OF SMALL SCALE BUSINESS IN WEST AFRICA USING  NIGERIA AS CASE STUDY Abstract The paper discussed Issues, Challenges and Prospects of Small scale business in Nigeria.  The major challenges facing small scale business in Nigeria are highlighted in this...

8 Effect Of Polymer Composition (ratio) On The Mechanical Properties Of Natural Fiber Composites (polymer In Use Hdpe)

EFFECT OF POLYMER COMPOSITION (RATIO) ON THE MECHANICAL PROPERTIES OF NATURAL FIBER COMPOSITES (POLYMER IN USE HDPE) 1.INTRODUCTION Research and development of natural fibers as reinforcement for many different sectors is growing interest to scientists and engineers. Cellulosic fibers like...

9 Night Vision Technology

NIGHT VISION TECHNOLOGY TABLE OF CONTENT Title page    .         .         .         .        ...

10 Critical Overview Of The Functions Of Management

CRITICAL OVERVIEW OF THE FUNCTIONS OF MANAGEMENT TABLE OF CONTENT Title Page             -      -      -      -     ...

11 Production And Evaluation Of Bread Using Flour Biends Of Wheat (triticum Asetivum) And Casssava (mannihot Esculenta) Flour Flavoured With Ginger (zigiber Officinale)

PRODUCTION AND EVALUATION OF BREAD USING FLOUR BIENDS OF WHEAT (Triticum Asetivum) AND CASSSAVA (Mannihot Esculenta) FLOUR FLAVOURED WITH GINGER (Zigiber Officinale)    ABSTRACT The research work was carried out to produce and evaluate bread made with wheat (Triticum eastivium)...

12 Causes Of Biodiversity Loss

  CAUSES OF BIODIVERSITY LOSS TABLE OF CONTENTS Title page      -      -      -      -      -      -     ...

13 Solid Waste Disposal And Management In Enugu Metropolis

SOLID WASTE DISPOSAL AND MANAGEMENT IN ENUGU METROPOLIS ABSTRACT Solid waste disposal and management in Enugu metropolis, is inefficient and unstainable due to the crude and unscientific method employed. The main practices, process and program of waste management in the state do not in any...

14 Causes, Effect, And Contol Of Ozone Layer Depletion

CAUSES, EFFECT, AND CONTOL OF OZONE LAYER DEPLETION   ABSTRACT   There are many situations where human activities have significant effects on the environment. Ozone layer damage is one of them. The objective of this paper is to review the causes, control, mechanisms and...

15 Solid –phase Extraction Technique For The Preconcentration Of Heavy Metal Ions (copper And Lead)

SOLID –PHASE EXTRACTION TECHNIQUE FOR THE PRECONCENTRATION OF HEAVY METAL IONS (COPPER AND LEAD) ABSTRACT   Solid–phase extraction (SPE) is an extraction method that uses a solid phase and a liquid phase to isolate one, or is type of analyte from a solution. It is usually...

16 Production And Fabrication Of Glass

PRODUCTION AND FABRICATION OF GLASS ABSTRACT   This research work “Production and Fabrication Process of Glass” were carefully carried out.  The sole aim of this study is to show the processes are involve in the production of glass which involves two major methods...

17 The Analytical Significance Of Copper Schiff Base Complexes

THE ANALYTICAL SIGNIFICANCE OF COPPER SCHIFF BASE COMPLEXES ABSTRACT Schiff bases are versatile ligands synthesized from the condensation of an amino compound with carbonyl compound and these coordinates to metal ion via azomethine nitrogen. Schiff’s bases and their copper complexes...

18 Green Tea, Health Benefit And Antioxidants Found In It

GREEN TEA, HEALTH BENEFIT AND ANTIOXIDANTS FOUND IN IT ABSTRACT        The health benefits of green tea for a wide variety of ailments, including different types of cancer, heart disease, and liver disease, were reported. Many of these beneficial effects of...

19 Digital Door Lock Using Gsm And Progress Report On My Project Automtic Room Light Control With Visitors Counter Using Ir Sensor

 DIGITAL DOOR LOCK USING GSM AND PROGRESS REPORT ON MY PROJECT AUTOMTIC ROOM LIGHT CONTROL WITH VISITORS COUNTER USING IR SENSOR ABSTRACT The design and construction a digital door lock system using GSM is a very important project work that can never be over emphasized, especially...

20 Digital Door Lock Using Gsm And Progress Report On My Project Automtic Room Light Control With Visitors Counter Using Ir Sensor

DIGITAL DOOR LOCK USING GSM AND PROGRESS REPORT ON MY PROJECT AUTOMTIC ROOM LIGHT CONTROL WITH VISITORS COUNTER USING IR SENSOR ABSRACT The design and construction a digital door lock system using GSM is a very important project work that can never be over emphasized, especially when...


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