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Final Year Research Project Topics

The Impact Of Corporate Social Responsibility (csr) Of Business Organization To Their Business Environment (a Study Of Nigerian Bottling Company Limited 9th Mile Corner) Enugu

THE IMPACT OF CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (CSR) OF BUSINESS ORGANIZATION TO THEIR BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT (A STUDY OF NIGERIAN BOTTLING COMPANY LIMITED 9TH MILE CORNER) ENUGU ABSTRACT Social responsibility is an obligation of any organization to discharge to the area of operation. Every organization are bound to show interest on the... Continue Reading »

Construction Of A Stell Cupboard

construction of a stell cupboard ABSTRACT           The aim of this project was to construct a steel cupboard in order to help us acquire the knowledge of fabrication of a modern cupboard and the essence of it. Also to enable us (the students of chemical Engineering) to know how to construct... Continue Reading »

The Impact Of Labour Market Crisis On Developing Economics The Nigeria Experience (1980-2010)

THE IMPACT OF LABOUR MARKET CRISIS ON DEVELOPING ECONOMICS THE NIGERIA EXPERIENCE (1980-2010) CHAPTER ONE1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDYThe Nigeria labour market in recent years has experienced problems such as strikes, unemployment and reduction in productivity.Labour conflict is a phenomenon that most often takes the form of strikes [where they are... Continue Reading »

Extraction And Characterization Of Vegetable Oil Using Bread Fruit Seed

EXTRACTION AND CHARACTERIZATION OF VEGETABLE OIL USING BREAD FRUIT SEED CHAPTER ONEINTRODUCTIONEXTRACTION AND CHARACTERIZATION OF VEGETABLE OIL USING BREAD FRUIT SEED.1.1 Vegetable oilA vegetable oil is a triglyceride extracted from a plant. Such oils have been part of human culture for millennia. The term "vegetable oil" can be narrowly defined... Continue Reading »

The Need For Banks In Rural Areas

THE NEED FOR BANKS IN RURAL AREAS CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1      STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM AND PURPOSE OF THE STUDY For many years ago government is running in low banking around the national and /study to look into it, and find out that, there is a needs for the government to establish more banks most... Continue Reading »

Design And Implementation Of An Online Prison Management System (a Case Study Of Nigeria Prison Service Enugu)

ABSTRACTPrisoners’ management in Nigeria has long been a neglected area and has only recently been included in the 20-20 vision document under the e-governance. Currently, prisoner’s records are maintained in a very rudimentary way in the form of manual files and registers. This method of data management often results in human error,... Continue Reading »

Information Retrieval Systems In Academic Libraries (a Case Study Of Federal Polytechnic, Nekede Owerri)

ABSTRACT Information retrieval systems in libraries are basically systems that store record in a file for data relevant to each request, retrieve the data and provide the information on request. The purpose of such system is to help access and use of the knowledge which has been recorded. This study on information retrieval systems in... Continue Reading »

Problems And Prospects Of Marketing In Small-scale Business In Nigeria (a Case Study Of Aqua Rapha, God’s Healing Water In Enugu) 2

PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS OF MARKETING IN SMALL-SCALE BUSINESS IN NIGERIA  (A CASE STUDY OF AQUA RAPHA, GOD’S HEALING WATER IN ENUGU) 2 ABSTRACT             This research work is centered on the Problems and Prospects of Marketing in Small-Scale Business in Nigeria.... Continue Reading »

Strategies For Management Bank Liquidity (a Case Study Of First Bank Of Nigeria Plc)

STRATEGIES FOR MANAGEMENT BANK LIQUIDITY (A CASE STUDY OF FIRST BANK OF NIGERIA PLC) ABSTRACT This topic is about liquidity management, which means the ability of a bank to determine for itself, the appropriate point in time. This is done by looking at it’s credit portfolio is an indispensable factor for the success of any... Continue Reading »

The Implication Of Privatization On Nigeria Economy (a Case Study Of Nigeria Nthe Implication Of Privatization On Nigeria Economy (a Case Study Of Nigeria Nationthe Importance Of Ethics And Social Rasponsibilities Of Business


Media Staff Welfare And Effective Journalism In Nigeria A Case Study Of N.u.j Press Centre Enugu State Chapter

MEDIA STAFF WELFARE AND EFFECTIVE JOURNALISM IN NIGERIA A CASE STUDY OF N.U.J PRESS CENTRE ENUGU STATE CHAPTER ABSTRACT   Media staff welfare and effective journalism in Nigeria look into the problems the Nigerian Journalists face as the carry out their duties. The results of the methodology shows that the media staff are not... Continue Reading »

Design And Implementation Of Online Banking System, (a Case Study Of May Fresh Savings And Loans Bank Caritas University, Enugu)

ABSTRACTThe application has three users, Managing Director, Teller and the Customer login page. The MD has access to all the transaction details, MD can create an Account , add staff and each account created will have password for security purpose which is going to serve as login details. The Teller can check account details, Credit an account... Continue Reading »

The Effect Of Slum On Property Values (a Case Study Aguowa In Enugu, Enugu State)

THE EFFECT OF SLUM ON PROPERTY VALUES (A CASE STUDY AGUOWA IN ENUGU, ENUGU STATE) ABSTRACT           The aim of this dissertation is to evaluate the effects of slum on property values at Aguowa via Trans-Ekulu and confirm that slum was responsible for the low property value in the area. The... Continue Reading »

Production Of Wine From Ripe Pawpaw Fruit Carica Papaya

PRODUCTION OF WINE FROM RIPE PAWPAW FRUIT CARICA PAPAYA ABSTRACT   Wine can be produced from paw-paw carioca papaya. Ripe paw-paw were peeled, sliced and homogenized using a weaving blender to obtain 2.5 litres of paw-paw ‘MUST’ the fresh ‘must’ be added 0.49 litres of sodium metabisulphate to sterilize it,... Continue Reading »

The Issues Of Corporate Social Responsibility A Must To Nigeria Business Organization

THE ISSUES OF CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY  A MUST TO NIGERIA BUSINESS ORGANIZATION   CHAPTER ONE     INTRODUCTION   1.1            BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY   The concept of business social responsibility has continued to evolve and expand. Today,... Continue Reading »

The Role Of Professional Secretaries In Commercial Bank In Enugu Urban And A Case Study Of Afribank Plc

THE ROLE OF PROFESSIONAL SECRETARIES  IN COMMERCIAL BANK IN ENUGU URBAN AND A CASE STUDY OF  AFRIBANK PLC ABSTRACT   The research study investigated the role of secretaries in computerized offices, with particular reference to commercial banks in Enugu urban Afri-Bank  Plc Enugu was mainly used for the study... Continue Reading »

Effects Of Uniform Pricing Policy On The Marketing Of Petroleum Products In Nigeria

EFFECTS OF UNIFORM PRICING POLICY ON THE MARKETING OF PETROLEUM PRODUCTS IN NIGERIA ABSTRACT   The aim of this study is to examine and determine the effects of uniform pricing policy on the marketing of petroleum products in Nigeria. Data were collected form primary and secondary data.  The major data collection instrument is... Continue Reading »

Design And Implementation Of An Online Prison Management System

DESIGN_AND_IMPLEMENTATION_OF_AN_ONLINE_PRISON_MANAGEMENT_SYSTEM CHAPTER ONEINTRODUCTION1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDYManagement of prisons in Nigeria has long been a neglected area which has recently been incorporated in the e-governance program of Government of Nigeria. Currently a rudimentary process of storing all the prisoner data in manual... Continue Reading »

An Evaluation Of The Impact Of Environmental Accounting On The Manufacturing Industry (a Study Of Nigeria Breweries Plc, 9th Mile Corner Enugu)

AN EVALUATION OF THE IMPACT OF ENVIRONMENTAL ACCOUNTING ON THE MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY (A STUDY OF NIGERIA BREWERIES PLC, 9TH MILE CORNER ENUGU) ABSTRACT This project work is based on “an evaluation of the impact of environmental accounting on the manufacturing industry the statement of the problems of this research work is to help us... Continue Reading »

Public Relation As A Tool For Industrial Harmony

PUBLIC RELATION AS A TOOL FOR INDUSTRIAL HARMONY ABSTRACT   This study is necessitated by incessant complaints about the police, their shortcomings in combating crime, protection of life and property of the people.  It is policing, extortion of the public by the police, brutality in the force, poor educational background and... Continue Reading »

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