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Final Year Research Project Topics

A Survey Of The Factors Responsible For Student Poor Performance In Shorthand In Polytechnics In Enugu State. (a Case Study Of Institute Of Management

A SURVEY OF THE FACTORS RESPONSIBLE FOR STUDENT POOR PERFORMANCE IN SHORTHAND IN POLYTECHNICS IN ENUGU STATE. (A CASE STUDY OF INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT   ABSTRCAT             The study is aimed at finding a survey of the factors responsible for students poor performance in shorthand in... Continue Reading »

Effect Of Agricultural Policies Of The Federal Government In The Development Of Agricultural Cooperative In Nigeria (a Case Of Amuzi Agricultural Cooperative Ltd In Amuzi Obowo L. G. A)

EFFECT OF AGRICULTURAL POLICIES OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF AGRICULTURAL COOPERATIVE IN NIGERIA (A CASE OF AMUZI AGRICULTURAL COOPERATIVE LTD IN AMUZI OBOWO L. G. A) ABSTRACT The main purpose of this research work is to determine the effect of agricultural policies of the federal government in the development of... Continue Reading »

The Problems Of Financing Government Corporations

ABSTRACT Government Corporation or parastatals are partly or completely financed by government.  Some of these government funded parastatals operate in some private fashion.  Government presence coming only in the form of control, directive and subvention.  Example mass transit services of state or local government. This... Continue Reading »

The Impact Of Western Television Programmes On The Cultural Values Of The Nigerian Youths: A Case Study Of Esut Students, Enugu.

THE IMPACT  OF WESTERN TELEVISION PROGRAMMES ON THE CULTURAL VALUES OF THE NIGERIAN YOUTHS: A CASE STUDY OF ESUT STUDENTS, ENUGU. ABSTRACT           This study probes the impact which TV. has on the cultural values of the Nigerian youths.   It specifically tackles the impact of... Continue Reading »

The Adoption And Implementation Of International Financial Reporting Standard (ifrs) Issues And Challenges On Nigeria Economy

  THE ADOPTION AND IMPLEMENTATION OF INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL REPORTING STANDARD (IFRS) ISSUES AND CHALLENGES ON NIGERIA ECONOMY ABSTRACT This research work titled adoption and implementation of International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) Issues and challenges on the Nigeria economy. The researcher examined the relationship... Continue Reading »

Analysis Of Problems Of Financing Small Scale Businesses In Enugu State

ANALYSIS OF PROBLEMS OF FINANCING SMALL SCALE BUSINESSES IN ENUGU STATE   ABSTRACT This research study investigates the problems of financing a small scale business and impact of financial institution on entrepreneurial development of small-scale entrepreneurs that are craving for growth and development in a stiffened economy... Continue Reading »

A Critical Examination Of Problems Of Farmers Cooperative Societies In Nigeria


The Effect Of Fuel Crises In Nigerian Economy

THE EFFECT OF FUEL CRISES IN NIGERIAN ECONOMY   CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND OF STUDY The fuel scarcity that has befalls the nation in recent years to be worse at the beginning of this year. It caused a lot of pain, anguish and dislocation of economic and Sunday activities. There hardy any individual, industries, institution... Continue Reading »

Effect Of Gender And Locality On Altruistic Behavior Among Adults.

ABSTRACT This study investigated gender and locality on altruistic behavior among adults. A total of 100 participants comprising 50 males (25 rural and 25 urban), 50 females (25 rural and 25 urban) were used. The  participants who were within the age range of 25-55 years has a mean age of 41 years. A 15 tem questionnaire designed to... Continue Reading »

Role Of Independent Television, Benin, In Political Mobilization Of Rural Areas (a Study Of Uziare L.g.a In Edo State)

AbstractThis research work is geared towards finding out the Role of Independent Television in Political Mobilization of Rural Areas in Nigeria with special reference to Uziare Local government area. For this study, five rural towns in Uziare local government area were studied. The important of Television as the mobilization media, mass... Continue Reading »

Examination Of The Role Of Commercial Banks In Housing Development In Nigeria. (a Case Study Of Port-harcourt Metropolis Rivers State)

EXAMINATION OF THE ROLE OF COMMERCIAL BANKS IN HOUSING DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIA. (A CASE STUDY OF PORT-HARCOURT METROPOLIS RIVERS STATE) Abstract           The relevance of real estate to our economics and social development cannot be over-emphasized not at least in the housing sector, which has a... Continue Reading »

The Effect Of Television Advert On The Buying Habit Of Consumers (a Case Study Of Peak Milk Advert In Enugu State).

THE EFFECT OF TELEVISION ADVERT ON THE BUYING HABIT OF CONSUMERS (A CASE STUDY OF PEAK MILK ADVERT IN ENUGU STATE). ABSTRCT This study is aimed at given insight into the effects of television advertisement on the buying habit peak milk consumers. It is a research survey based on a sample size of 500 Enugu state Dwellers. Careful... Continue Reading »

Design And Construction

DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION Abstract   The aim of this project work is to design and construct an electronic digital display system, based on light-emitting diodes connected in an array that forms the information to be displayed i.e. “GREAT NIGERIAN STUDENTS”. This project is useful for creating attention – getting... Continue Reading »

Taxation As An Instrument Of Economic Development In Nigeria

TAXATION AS AN INSTRUMENT OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIA ABSTRACT             This research is proposed to investigate taxation as a fiscal policy tool – on its use in solving economic problem such as inflation reduction, harmonization of policies on tax as it relates to... Continue Reading »

The Overview Of Local Government Finance In The New Millenium

THE OVERVIEW OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT FINANCE IN THE NEW MILLENIUM TABLE OF CONTENTS   Title page Approval page Dedication Acknowledgement Proposal   CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUTION 1.1            Background of the... Continue Reading »

The Need For Accounting Education In Small Scale Industries

THE NEED FOR ACCOUNTING EDUCATION IN SMALL SCALE INDUSTRIES ABSTRACT             The face is generally recognized that small scales industries constane the major of business organization in Nigeria.           The problem tend to investment... Continue Reading »

The Role Of Public Relations In Gender Conflict Resolution In Nigerian Organisation

THE ROLE OF PUBLIC RELATIONS IN GENDER CONFLICT RESOLUTION IN NIGERIAN ORGANISATION ABSTRACT   The study was on the role of Public Relations in Gender Conflict Resolution on Nigerian Organization literature was reviewed on gender conflicts in organization, discriminatory laws, customs and practices against women in politics and... Continue Reading »

The Impact Of Efficient Material Management In Manufacturing Company (a Case Study Of East Chase Aluminum Manufacturing Company Ltd) Onitsha

THE IMPACT OF EFFICIENT MATERIAL MANAGEMENT IN MANUFACTURING COMPANY (A CASE STUDY OF EAST CHASE ALUMINUM MANUFACTURING COMPANY LTD) ONITSHA    ABSTRACT  This research exercise is aimed at show casing the impact of efficient material management in manufacturing companies with the EAST CHASE ALLUMINUM COMPANY, ONITSHA... Continue Reading »

The Role Of Commercial Bank In Financing Of Agricultural Projects In Enugu State

THE ROLE OF COMMERCIAL BANK IN FINANCING OF AGRICULTURAL PROJECTS IN ENUGU STATE ABSTRACT           The role of commercial bank in financing of Agricultural project in Enugu State, is a topic so crucial that interested parties in the work are... Continue Reading »

The Effects Of Human Resources Training And Development On Workers Productivity (a Case Study Of Union Bank Of Nigeria Plc, Enugu Main Branch)

THE EFFECTS OF HUMAN RESOURCES  TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT ON WORKERS PRODUCTIVITY (A CASE STUDY OF UNION BANK OF NIGERIA PLC, ENUGU MAIN BRANCH) ABSTRACT             One of the major ways, organizations invest in their work force for greater returns today and even in employees. ... Continue Reading »

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