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Final Year Research Project Topics

The Impact Of Advertising In The Sale Of A New Product (a Case Study Of Indomie Instant Noodles Enugu State)

THE IMPACT OF ADVERTISING IN THE SALE OF A NEW PRODUCT (A CASE STUDY OF INDOMIE INSTANT NOODLES ENUGU STATE) TABLE OF CONTENTS Title page - - - - - - - - - -  --  -- -  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - i Approval page- - - - - - - - - -  --  -- -  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -ii Abstract ... Continue Reading »

The Role Of Secrataries Tool For Enhancing The Quality Of Services Rendered By Government Establishment (a Case Study Of University Of Nigeria, Enugu Campus)

THE ROLE OF SECRATARIES TOOL FOR ENHANCING THE QUALITY OF SERVICES RENDERED BY GOVERNMENT ESTABLISHMENT (A CASE STUDY OF UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA, ENUGU CAMPUS) ABSTRACT   Secretaries as important organs of government establishment and organization perform essential functions in these establishment. For the purpose of this research... Continue Reading »

Cost-volume-profit Analysis As A Tool For Profit Planning And Control: (a Case Study Of Nigerian Bottling Company Plc, Ninth Mile Enugu).

COST-VOLUME-PROFIT ANALYSIS AS A TOOL FOR PROFIT PLANNING AND CONTROL: (A CASE STUDY OF NIGERIAN BOTTLING COMPANY PLC, NINTH MILE ENUGU). ABSTRACT This research investigation has focused on the use of cost-volume-profit analysis as a tool for profit planning and control using Nigerian Bottling Company Plc as a case study. The Nigerian... Continue Reading »

Interpersonal Human Realtions Skills Secretaries Require For Effective Job Performance In Industries In Enugu Urban

INTERPERSONAL HUMAN REALTIONS SKILLS SECRETARIES REQUIRE FOR EFFECTIVE JOB PERFORMANCE IN INDUSTRIES IN ENUGU URBAN ABSTRACT           This study focused on interpersonal/human relations skills secretaries requires for effective job performance in... Continue Reading »

Developing Effective Strategy For Pension Administration In The Nigerian Public Sector (a Study Of Pension Commission Rivers State, Nigeria)

DEVELOPING EFFECTIVE STRATEGY FORPENSION ADMINISTRATION IN THE NIGERIANPUBLIC SECTOR(A STUDY OF PENSION COMMISSION RIVERS STATE,NIGERIA) ABSTRACTThis research work is designed to develop effective strategy for pension administration in the Nigeria public sector, using pension commission as a study. The research work reveals how some retirees are... Continue Reading »

The Role Of Commercial Banks In The Development Of Small Scale Enterprises A Study Of Selected Firms In Lagos Mainland

THE ROLE OF COMMERCIAL BANKS IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF SMALL SCALE ENTERPRISES A STUDY OF SELECTED FIRMS IN LAGOS MAINLAND                              ABSTRACT The impact of commercial banks loan on small... Continue Reading »

Internal Control A Comparative Analysis Between Public And Private Sectors

INTERNAL CONTROL A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS BETWEEN PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SECTORS ABSTRACT   Internal control is an important tool by which management aims to achieve its object, of ensuring as far as practical  the orderly and to efficient conduct of the business of the enterprise it is an indispensable aid to efficient management... Continue Reading »

Design And Construction Of 20watts Wireless Public Address System

DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF 20WATTS WIRELESS PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEM CHAPTER ONEINTRODUCTION1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDYFig 1: A picture of a modern wireless public address systemA public address system allows you to broadcast information to a large group of people, whether you are giving a speech or playing live or recorded music.Public address... Continue Reading »

An Evaluation Of The International Monetary Fund (i.m.t) Loan Policy On Developing Economy (a Case Study Of Nigeria) 1990 –1999

AN EVALUATION OF THE INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND (I.M.T) LOAN POLICY ON DEVELOPING ECONOMY (A CASE STUDY OF NIGERIA) 1990 –1999 ABSTRACT             The trust of this paper is the evaluation of the I.M.F loan policy on developing nations with Nigeria as a case... Continue Reading »

The Problems Of Managing Small Scale Enterprises In Nigeria (a Case Study Of Ground Metropolis Hotel Enugu)

THE PROBLEMS OF MANAGING SMALL SCALE ENTERPRISES IN NIGERIA (A CASE STUDY OF GROUND METROPOLIS HOTEL ENUGU)   ABSTRACT This research work is a very crucial study for the managers prospective owners of small scale hotel. The study has motivate by the diminishing state of the hotels and also the prospects. To solve the research... Continue Reading »

Digital Door Lock Using Gsm And Progress Report On My Project Automtic Room Light Control With Visitors Counter Using Ir Sensor

 DIGITAL DOOR LOCK USING GSM AND PROGRESS REPORT ON MY PROJECT AUTOMTIC ROOM LIGHT CONTROL WITH VISITORS COUNTER USING IR SENSOR ABSTRACT The design and construction a digital door lock system using GSM is a very important project work that can never be over emphasized, especially when it comes to a country that has security... Continue Reading »

Effect Of Stress On The Management Of Private Business Enterprises (a Study Of Fine Brothers)

EFFECT OF STRESS ON THE MANAGEMENT OF PRIVATE BUSINESS ENTERPRISES (A STUDY OF FINE BROTHERS) ABSTRACT Several literature and publications in delight concerning the contrition of service of the Nigerian managers have not been anything to write home about most of the writer point to the face that Nigerian managers are finding it more... Continue Reading »

Personnel Appraisal In A Routinized Management System In University

PERSONNEL APPRAISAL IN A ROUTINIZED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM IN UNIVERSITY 1.1   BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY         A natural consequence of the systematic view of organization is that it is made up of subsystems or components which are interdependent and... Continue Reading »

Phytochemcial Screening Of Citrus Peel (shaddock)

PHYTOCHEMCIAL SCREENING OF CITRUS PEEL (SHADDOCK) ABSTRACT Citrus generally is one of the most important commercial fruit crops grown in all continents of the world.  Citrus importance is attributed to it’s diversified use and growing world demand. There is always an increased attention in bringing useful products from... Continue Reading »

Impact Of Supervision On Management Efficiency In Banking Industry (a Case Study Of Uba-station Road Enugu)

IMPACT OF SUPERVISION ON MANAGEMENT EFFICIENCY IN BANKING INDUSTRY (A CASE STUDY OF UBA-STATION ROAD ENUGU) ABSTRACT The purpose of this study is to determine the impact of supervision on management efficiency in Banking Industry with Reference to U.BA main Branch, station Road Enugu. Banking Act (1969) defined Banking as the business of... Continue Reading »

Administration Of Personal Income Tax In Abia State

ADMINISTRATION OF PERSONAL INCOME TAX IN ABIA STATE TABLE OF CONTENT   Title page Approval page Dedication Acknowledgment   CHAPTER ONE Introduction 1.1            Background of study 1.2            The need... Continue Reading »

Factors Affecting The Quality Of ‘family Forum’- A Radio Programme Of Anambra Broadcasting Service, Awka

ABSTRACT This research is on “Factors Affecting the Quality of Family Forum-A Programme of Anambra Broadcasting Service, Awka”. The desire for this study was informed of the need for better family planning and moral upbringing of the children, now difficulties are abound and mortality is steadily in the decline. Therefore, the... Continue Reading »

The Impact Of Efcc And Icpc On Public Service Accountability (a Case Study Of Selected Bank In Enugu Metropolis)

THE IMPACT OF EFCC AND ICPC ON PUBLIC SERVICE ACCOUNTABILITY (A CASE STUDY OF SELECTED BANK IN ENUGU METROPOLIS) Abstract This research work emphasized on the Impact of Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) and Independent Corrupt Practice Commission (ICPC) on public device accountability. The unprecedented spate of Economic and... Continue Reading »

Malaria Parasite And Its Effect To Human Health (a Case Study Of University Of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (unth), Enugu)


Cover Page The Effective Taxation In Local Government (a Case Study Of Ugwuogo Nike Community)

COVER  PAGE THE EFFECTIVE TAXATION IN LOCAL GOVERNMENT (A CASE STUDY OF UGWUOGO NIKE COMMUNITY) TABLE OF CONTENTS Title page Approval page Dedication Acknowledgement Table of  content List of tables  List of figures Abstract  Chapter one INTRODUCTION ONE 1.1  Background of the study 1.2 ... Continue Reading »

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