Final Year Research Project Topics

The Role Of Financial Institutions In The Management Of Loan Syndication In Nigeria Economic.


Funding Of Federal Parastatlas (a Case Study Of Fedreal Radio Coperation Of Nigeria In Enugu State

FUNDING OF FEDERAL PARASTATLAS  (A CASE STUDY OF FEDREAL RADIO COPERATION OF NIGERIA IN ENUGU STATE ABSTRACT   Federal parastatla are set up by the federal government of Nigeria to archive some certain objectives. Some of this objective is to provide the goods and services, which the private sector cannot provide because of... Continue Reading »

The Problems Facing Personal Income, The Administration In Rural Communities A Case Study Of Ugwuaji Community In Enugu South Local Government Area Of Enugu State

THE PROBLEMS FACING PERSONAL INCOME, THE ADMINISTRATION IN RURAL COMMUNITIES A CASE STUDY OF UGWUAJI COMMUNITY IN ENUGU SOUTH LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF ENUGU STATE ABSTRACT The importance of personal income tax to government, both as a revenue source and as a fiscal policy factor cannot be over emphasized.   In order to achieve... Continue Reading »

Analysis Of Production System Design And Management In The Soft Drink Indubuilding Sustainable Entrepreneurship In Nigeria Economy: Issues And Prospects (a Case Study Of Ekene Dili Chukwu Transport Company Limited)stry (a Ca

BUILDING SUSTAINABLE ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN NIGERIA ECONOMY: ISSUES AND PROSPECTS (A CASE STUDY OF EKENE DILI CHUKWU TRANSPORT COMPANY LIMITED) ABSTRACT   The research work. Building sustainable entrepreneurship in Nigeria economy: issues and prospect, is intended to introduce the readers to the entrepreneurial capacity building... Continue Reading »

Appraisal Of Issue Of Shares As A Source Of Finance In Public Ltd. Liability Companies (an Analytical Review Of Fisrt Bank Of Nig. Plc.)

APPRAISAL OF ISSUE OF SHARES AS A SOURCE OF FINANCE IN PUBLIC LTD.  LIABILITY COMPANIES (AN ANALYTICAL REVIEW OF FISRT BANK OF NIG. PLC.) PROPOSAL           Floating of shares is one of the permanent source of finance available to the public companies. A public company that desires to... Continue Reading »

Production Of Toothpaste

PRODUCTION OF TOOTHPASTE   ABSTRACT We produce toothpaste using fluoride. The practical was carried out in the chemical laboratory which is under the Science Lab technology (IMT) Enugu.  The toothpaste was  done using the low shear Lang Vacmix which is vaccum mixture.Our’s have desensitizing agents that helps... Continue Reading »

An Evaluation Of Product Positioning Strategies In Consumer Products Industries In Nigeria

AN EVALUATION OF PRODUCT POSITIONING STRATEGIES IN CONSUMER PRODUCTS INDUSTRIES IN NIGERIA ABSTRACT This study was on “An Evaluation Of Product Positioning Strategies In Consumer Products Industries In Nigeria   (A Case Study Of Unilever Nigeria Plc Operation In Enugu Metropolis). The objectives for which the study was... Continue Reading »

Extent Of Use Of Instructional Materials In Effective Teaching/learning Of Computer Science In Junior Secondary Schools In Enugu Education Zone, Enugu State.

EXTENT OF USE OF INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS IN EFFECTIVE TEACHING/LEARNING OF COMPUTER SCIENCE IN JUNIOR SECONDARY SCHOOLS IN ENUGU EDUCATION ZONE,  ENUGU STATE. ABSTRACT As the world is becoming a global village.  The use of computer in our education sector becomes very important. This study was undertaken to asses th extent of... Continue Reading »

Performance Evaluation Of New Products Developed In The Banking Industry 1999-2004

PERFORMANCE EVALUATION OF NEW PRODUCTS DEVELOPED IN THE BANKING INDUSTRY 1999-2004 ABSTRACT This research studied performance evaluation of new product developed in the banking industry from 1999- 2004. In this research work, the researcher chooses four of the products and measures the extents to which they have been able to satisfy the... Continue Reading »

Problems Of Shorthand To Secretarial Students In Institutions Of Higher Learning ( A Case Study Of Institute Of Management And Technology And Federal Polytechnic Idah)

PROBLEMS OF SHORTHAND TO SECRETARIAL STUDENTS IN INSTITUTIONS OF HIGHER LEARNING ( A CASE STUDY OF INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND TECHNOLOGY AND FEDERAL POLYTECHNIC IDAH) ABSTRACT             The study aim at getting both learners and teachers of shorthand to identify the problems and... Continue Reading »

Evaluation Of Technical Services In Abia State Central Library Board, Umuahia.

ABSTRACT This study is on the Evaluation of Technical Services in Abia State Central Library Board, Umuahia. The study is divided into five (5) chapters. Chapter 1: It deals with the introduction/background of study, statement of the problem, objectives of the study, scope of the study, significance of the study, definition of terms. Chapter... Continue Reading »

Effective Customers Service As A Market Tool In The Banking Industry (a Case Study Of Guaranty Trust Bank Enugu)

EFFECTIVE CUSTOMERS SERVICE AS A MARKET TOOL IN THE BANKING INDUSTRY (A CASE STUDY OF GUARANTY TRUST BANK ENUGU) ABSTRACT             The aim of this study is to find out by empirical evidence, the use of effective customers service delivery as a marketing tool in Banking industry by... Continue Reading »

The Impact Of Credit Management On The Profitability Of A Manufacturing Firm

THE IMPACT OF CREDIT MANAGEMENT ON THE PROFITABILITY OF A MANUFACTURING FIRM CHAPTER ONE1.0 INTRODUCTION1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDYCredit management is a term used to identify accounting functions usually conducted under the umbrella of accounts receivables. Essentially, this collection of processes involves qualifying the extension of credit to... Continue Reading »

The Economic Importance Of Ugu (pumpkin Leaves) To The Rural Communities In Mbanabo Clan (a Case Of Selected Communities)

THE ECONOMIC IMPORTANCE OF UGU (PUMPKIN LEAVES) TO THE RURAL COMMUNITIES IN MBANABO CLAN (A CASE OF SELECTED COMMUNITIES) ABSTRACT In this research work titled “The economic importance of Ugu (Pumpkin leaves) to the rural communities in Mbanabo clan” with a particular reference to Selected Communities. The researcher... Continue Reading »

The Role Of Financial Institutions In The Development Of An Economy (a Case Study Of Nigerian Agricultural And Co-operative Bank, Ogui – Enugu)

THE ROLE OF FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF AN ECONOMY (A CASE STUDY OF NIGERIAN AGRICULTURAL AND CO-OPERATIVE BANK, OGUI – ENUGU) ABSTRACT   The banking system and financial institutions is one of the fastest growing and developing sectors of paramount importance in the Nigeria economy.  The role of the... Continue Reading »

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