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Design And Evaluation Of Pediatric Gait Rehabilitation Robots

Design and Evaluation of Pediatric Gait Rehabilitation Robots Abstract Gait therapy methodologies were studied and analyzed for their potential for pediatric patients. Using data from heel, metatarsal, and toe trajectories, a nominal gait trajectory was determined using Fourier transforms for each foot point. These average trajectories were used... Continue Reading »

Computerized Transcript Management Systemcomputerized Transcript Management Systemcomputerized Transcript Management Systemcomputerized Transcript Management Systemcomputerized Transcript Management Systemcomputerized Transcr

ABSTRACTThis project is a computerized information management for transcript management which will help to over-come the undesirable problem associated with misplacement of student records, student’s grades, slow and strenuous accessibility of student report and record, inaccurate record keeping and poor information management within the... Continue Reading »

The Investment Of Insurance Fund In Nigeria (a Case Study Of Union Assurance Company)

ABSTRACT Investment can be defined as management of policy holders fund and assets of the company for further benefit guaranteed. The objective of investment is to put ones available fund to use or land it to otherwise in the hope of earning income or  returned dividend. The information for the study was collected using primary and... Continue Reading »

Inflation And Economic Activities In Nigeria By

INFLATION AND ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES IN NIGERIA BY ABSTRACT This research work is handy in the study of current inflation and economic activities in Nigeria.  The inflationary hypothesis aims at finding out if there is any adequate  control of inflation in relation to economic activities in Nigeria. In this project we discuss the... Continue Reading »

The Dearth Of Technological Equipment And Effect On Secretarial Job Performance On Ministries In Anambra State

ABSTRACT The major purpose of this study is to find out the dearth of technological equipment and effect on secretarial job performance on ministries in Anambra State. The population of the study consisted of 25 secretarial from all the seven ministries selected. Four research questions were formulated which guided the study. (11) Eleven... Continue Reading »

Design And Fabrication Of A Pilot Production Plant For Paints (emulsion And Texcoat)


The Impact Of Indutrialization On Nigeria Economic Development

THE IMPACT OF INDUTRIALIZATION ON NIGERIA ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CHAPTER ONEINTRODUCTION1.1 Background of the StudyThe financial system in any modern economy consists basically of two markets via:1} The money market2} The capital marketThe money market provides short term finances for project execution, while the capital market perform all the long... Continue Reading »

Appraisal Of Fraud Control Techniques In Nigerian Commercial Banks (a Case Study Of First Bank Nigeria Plc) (enugu And Onitsha Branches)

APPRAISAL OF FRAUD CONTROL TECHNIQUES IN NIGERIAN COMMERCIAL BANKS (A CASE STUDY OF FIRST  BANK NIGERIA PLC) (ENUGU AND ONITSHA BRANCHES) ABSTRACT         Fraud is the number one enemy of the business world.  No Company is Immune to it.  It is in all walls of life.  No where is... Continue Reading »

Revenue Generation In Local Government Areas (problems And Prospects)

REVENUE GENERATION IN LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREAS (PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS)   ABSTRACT   The adverse situation in the various local government areas of Nigeria has led the researcher to go into this very topic. Hence, the purpose of this work is to enlighten people, mostly students in the school of financial studies on how revenue is... Continue Reading »

Knowledge And Perception Of Federal Civil Servants In Abuja Municipal Area Council Towards National Health Insurance Scheme

ABSTRACTNational Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) is a system of healthcare financing introduced byFederal Government of Nigeria to help reduce the risks and minimize the costs ofhealthcare. Since its inception, only the Formal Sector Social Health Insurance Programme(FSSHIP) has comprehensively taken off. This study investigated the knowledge... Continue Reading »

An Optimal Inventory Control Of Raw Materials And Network Analysis Of Production Planning

AN OPTIMAL INVENTORY CONTROL OF RAW MATERIALS AND NETWORK ANALYSIS OF PRODUCTION PLANNING ABSTRACT This study is aimed at determining the optimal quantity of raw materials to be ordered for and when best to make the order. It also aimed in determing the completion time in the producer of paint. A case study of Aka paint industry limited was... Continue Reading »

The Impact Of Religious Broadcasting On Nigeria Viewers

THE IMPACT OF RELIGIOUS BROADCASTING ON NIGERIA VIEWERS ABSTRACT This research focus on “Impact of Religious Broadcasting in Nigeria” The study aimed at examining the influence the broadcast media have on the audience. To arrive at comprehensive and empirical result ,the survey research method was adopted with item... Continue Reading »

Motivation As A Means Of Staff Performance (a Case Study Of Delta Glas Pt)

MOTIVATION AS A MEANS OF STAFF PERFORMANCE (A CASE STUDY OF DELTA GLAS PT) TABLE OF CONTENTS   Title page Approval page Dedication Acknowledgement Abstract Table of content   CHAPTER ONE 1.1           ... Continue Reading »

Information Dissemination On Agriculture In Nigeria: A Case Of Study Anambra State Agricultural Development Programme (adp) Awka.

ABSTRACT This project aims at looking at information Dissemination on Agriculture in Nigeria, this is a particular reference to ADP Awka agricultural development programme in Anambra State. Its purpose were to find out what constituted the problem of information dissemination on agriculture. The study identified various information flow to... Continue Reading »

The Impact Of Cooperative Thrift And Loan Societies On Workers A Case Study Of Selected Cooperative Thrift And Loan Society In Enugu State

ABSTRACT This project work is on the design of impact of cooperative thrift and loan societies on workers with the selected cooperative society (ORCS) Enugu State. The project is based on the loaning of savings to members and the organization. Cooperative thrift and loan society in Enugu (ORCS LTD) offer reliable (Enugu) cooperative society... Continue Reading »

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