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Final Year Research Project Topics

The Influence Of Broadcast Media On The Moral Upbringing Of Nigerian Children A Case Study Of Residents Of Enugu Metropolis

THE INFLUENCE OF BROADCAST MEDIA ON THE MORAL UPBRINGING OF NIGERIAN CHILDREN A CASE STUDY OF RESIDENTS OF ENUGU METROPOLIS CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1  Background of the Study The mass media-radio, television, newspaper and magazine reach large numbers of people through communication and entertainment, and have been found as a... Continue Reading »

The Effectiveness Of Physical Distribution In Nigerian Bottling Company (a Case Study Of Coca-cola, Enugu)

  THE EFFECTIVENESS OF PHYSICAL DISTRIBUTION IN NIGERIAN BOTTLING COMPANY (A CASE STUDY OF COCA-COLA, ENUGU)   ABSTRACT This research work is mainly on the effectiveness of physical distribution in Nigeria Bottling Company (NBC) (A case study of Coca-cola). The essential objectives of this study is to determine the physical... Continue Reading »

The Formation/registration Of A Co-operative Societies In Enugu State (a Case Study Of The Procedure Involved In Registering A Co-operative Societies In Enugu State)

THE FORMATION/REGISTRATION OF A CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETIES IN ENUGU STATE (A CASE STUDY OF THE PROCEDURE INVOLVED IN REGISTERING A CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETIES IN ENUGU STATE) ABSTRACT   This research project is a very crucial study for the formation of co-operative societies in Enugu metropolis.  From the history of co-operative... Continue Reading »

Agricultural Loan Disbursement And Repayment In Nigerial Commercial Banks [a Case Study Of Afribank Nigerial Plc]

AGRICULTURAL LOAN DISBURSEMENT AND REPAYMENT  IN NIGERIAL COMMERCIAL BANKS [A CASE STUDY OF AFRIBANK NIGERIAL PLC] ABSTRACT       The objective of this study is to evaluate agricultural loan disbursement and repayment in the Nigeria commercial banks. In particular it is intended to examine the adequacy and... Continue Reading »

The Impact Of Commercial Banks In Rural Development (a Case Study Of Union Bank Of Nigeria Plc)

THE IMPACT OF COMMERCIAL BANKS IN RURAL DEVELOPMENT (A CASE STUDY OF UNION BANK OF NIGERIA PLC) TABLE OF CONTENT   Title page Approval page Dedication Acknowledgement Abstract Table of content   CHAPTER ONE 1.1        ... Continue Reading »

The Problems Of Debt Management In Finacial Institution. (a Case Study Of Union Bank Plc Garden Avenue Enugu)

THE PROBLEMS OF DEBT MANAGEMENT IN FINACIAL INSTITUTION. (A CASE STUDY OF UNION BANK PLC GARDEN AVENUE ENUGU) ABSTRACT   This work on the problem of debt management in Nigeria financial institutions.  A case study of union bank Plc Garden Avenue Enugu, you see for some tears a lot of reorganization has been going on in... Continue Reading »

Sustainable Strategies For Effective Implementation Of Universal Basic Education (ube) Programmesustainable Strategies For Effective Implementation Of Universal Basic Education (ube) Programmesustainable Strategies For Effe

SUSTAINABLE STRATEGIES FOR EFFECTIVE IMPLEMENTATION OF UNIVERSAL BASIC  EDUCATION (UBE) PROGRAMME ABSTRACT. Universal basic Education programme is programme instituted by Federal Government under the auspices of Federal ministry of Education aimed at reducing illiteracy and create job for Nigerian citizen by being self... Continue Reading »

The Contribution Of Secretaries Towards The Achievement Of Organizational Goals

THE CONTRIBUTION OF SECRETARIES TOWARDS THE ACHIEVEMENT OF ORGANIZATIONAL GOALS TBALE OF CONTENT Title page Approval page Dedication Acknowledgement Abstract Table of content. CHAPTER ONE 1.0            INTRODUCTION 1.1     Background of the... Continue Reading »

Extraction Ofalkaloids From Three Nigerian Plants, Kola Accuminata (oji Igbo), Kola Vera (oji Hausa), And Gaxcina Kola (bitter Kola).

  ABSTRACT   The   extraction of alkaloid from Gaxcina  kola (bitter Kola), Kola acuminated (Oji Igbo) and Kola Vera (Oji Hausa) were carried out using 10% enthanoic acid and 10% ethanol to separate the alkaloid from the residue. The alkaloid was extracted using 5% ammonium hydroxide. From the sample results obtained... Continue Reading »


EKWE-GBUO-AMA-AGBAA. CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND OF STUDY          Before the emergence of western culture, the Igbo tribe as a part and parcel of Nigeria has a long age means of communication among themselves which is “EKWE” (Wooden... Continue Reading »

A Critical Analysis Of Revenue And Expenditure Of Local Government Administration In Nigeria (case Study Of Mbanabo North Local Government.


Computerized Aided Learning Of Mathematics For Senior Secondary School

COMPUTERIZED AIDED LEARNING OF MATHEMATICS FOR SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL ABSTRACT A lot of problems are associated with the traditional way of teaching mathematics because it uses manual approach to impact knowledge to student which makes it time ineffective, time wasting, and high level of energy dissipation. Also due to the calculative... Continue Reading »

Problems Of State-owned Enterprises In Enugu State (a Case Study Of Presidential Hotels Enugu And Nike Lake Hotels Limited, Enugu)

PROBLEMS OF STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES IN ENUGU STATE (A CASE STUDY OF PRESIDENTIAL HOTELS ENUGU AND NIKE LAKE HOTELS LIMITED, ENUGU) Abstract   This research work is a field survey research design, which was conducted to find out the Problems Facing State-Owned Enterprises in Enugu State “A case study of Presidential Hotels,... Continue Reading »

Cost Accounting Information And Price Determination (a Case Of Nigeria Breweries Plc Enugu)

COST ACCOUNTING INFORMATION AND PRICE DETERMINATION (a case of Nigeria Breweries PLC Enugu) ABSTRACT   This study is designed to provide knowledge for costing information and price determination. The need for cost accounting came with increased industrialization, engineering an expansion in manufacturing.  It is therefore... Continue Reading »

Department Of Banking And Finace Faculty Of Finace Study Institute Of Management And Technology Enugu

DEPARTMENT OF BANKING AND FINACE FACULTY OF FINACE STUDY INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND TECHNOLOGY ENUGU     ABSTRACT           This study – investigated the marketing of banking services with it problems and prospects within the socio-economic environment Bank of Nigeria (Plc)... Continue Reading »

The Role Of The Management Accountant In Profit Maximization (a Case Study Of Emenite Plc)

THE ROLE OF THE MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTANT IN PROFIT MAXIMIZATION (A CASE STUDY OF EMENITE PLC) ABSTRACT   The management accountant is identified as one of the key officers in the accounting department of any manufacturing company.  He has the duty of providing the required professional information reroute to achieving the... Continue Reading »

Influence Of Media Ownership On Professionalism

INFLUENCE OF MEDIA OWNERSHIP ON PROFESSIONALISM ABSTRACT             This project is based on the theoretical and practical study of the media ownership on professionalism.           In this work, I revaluate the two types of the media-that... Continue Reading »

The Effects Of Leadership Style On Management Of An Organization

THE EFFECTS OF LEADERSHIP STYLE ON MANAGEMENT OF AN ORGANIZATION ABSTARCT   Going through the present in investigation on the effects of leadership style on management of an organization many findings and result were made in the service and finace oriented organizations. The results postulated that leadership style affects... Continue Reading »

Design And Construction Of A 3 Way Inter-communication System.

DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF A 3 WAY INTER-COMMUNICATION SYSTEM   ABSTRACT   This thesis gives the account for the design and construction of a 45W Audio Power Amplifier with the objective of producing a reliable and cheaper amplifier that can be used in a household or stage.          ... Continue Reading »

The Impact Of Personnel Satifaction On Organizational Growth And Development (a Case Study Of Anamco)

THE IMPACT OF PERSONNEL SATIFACTION ON ORGANIZATIONAL GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT (A CASE STUDY OF ANAMCO) ABSTRACT   The topic to be studied is “The impact of personnel satisfaction on organizational growth and development” A case study of Anamco ltd Emene Enugu. Personnel satisfaction has been an issue that employers... Continue Reading »

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