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Final Year Research Project Topics

The Impact Of Sales Promotion On Sales Volume In Enugu Metropolis (a Case Study Of Cocacola Bottled By Nigerian Bottling Company 9th Mile Corner Enugu)

THE IMPACT OF SALES PROMOTION ON SALES VOLUME IN ENUGU METROPOLIS  (A CASE STUDY OF COCACOLA BOTTLED BY NIGERIAN BOTTLING COMPANY 9TH MILE CORNER ENUGU) ABSTRACT   This research study which attempt to find out the impact of sales promotion on sales volume of NBC has been painstakingly and systematically undertaken and... Continue Reading »

The Impact Of Accounting On Bank Lending Decision

THE IMPACT OF ACCOUNTING ON BANK LENDING DECISION ABSTRACT This study was embarked upon to ascertain one impact of Accountancy knowledge on bank lending decision.  The study has a total of three chapters and first chapter titled the introduction started with preamble.  Here on overview of accountancy knowledge on banking... Continue Reading »

The Role Of Effective Communication In The Performance And Productivity Of A Secretary (a Case Sudy Of Enugu State Ministry Of Finance)

THE ROLE OF EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION IN THE PERFORMANCE AND PRODUCTIVITY OF A SECRETARY (A CASE SUDY OF ENUGU STATE MINISTRY OF FINANCE)   ABSTRCAT           This research project was carried out in order to discover the contribution and role of effective communication in the performance and... Continue Reading »

Design And Implementation Of Gas Detection System Using Gsm Network

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF GAS DETECTION SYSTEM USING GSM NETWORK ABSTRACT This project presents the design and implementation of gas detection system using GSM network. Gas leakage is a major problem with industrial sector, residential premises and gas powered vehicles like CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) buses, cars, etc. One of the... Continue Reading »

Extraction Ofalkaloids From Three Nigerian Plants, Kola Accuminata (oji Igbo), Kola Vera (oji Hausa), And Gaxcina Kola (bitter Kola).

  ABSTRACT   The   extraction of alkaloid from Gaxcina  kola (bitter Kola), Kola acuminated (Oji Igbo) and Kola Vera (Oji Hausa) were carried out using 10% enthanoic acid and 10% ethanol to separate the alkaloid from the residue. The alkaloid was extracted using 5% ammonium hydroxide. From the sample results obtained... Continue Reading »

Strategies For Effective Supervision And Management Of Primary Schools In Awka North Local Government Area

strategies for effective supervision and management of primary schools in Awka North Local Government Area ABSTRACT This study was conceived out of the fact that many primary schools especially in Anambra State lack the concept and apprehension of the role of supervision and good management for effective academic progress. Many teachers... Continue Reading »

Examination Verification System Using Biometric (a Case Study Of Waec)

ABSTRACTMy research Project is to develop fingerprint biometrics systems that assist in the elimination of examination impersonation. Up till now, the WAEC examination board (WAEC) is not using fingerprint as mode of identification, this has resulted in people sitting for WAEC examinations for others who collect the result at the end. With the... Continue Reading »

The Effect Of Product Advertising On A Company's Sales Volume. (a Case Study Of 7up Bottling Ltd 9th Mile Corner, Enugu State).

  The effect of product advertising on a company's sales volume. (A case study of 7up bottling LTD 9th mile corner, Enugu State). ABSTRACT   The major aim of this project is to demonstrate the impact of advertising on the sales and profit of a business organization taking 7up bottling company Nigeria Limited  as a case... Continue Reading »

The Effects Of Financial Accounting Reporting On Managerial Decision Making

THE_EFFECTS_OF_FINANCIAL_ACCOUNTING_REPORTING_ON_MANAGERIAL_DECISION_MAKING CHAPTER ONEINTRODUCTION1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDYFinancial reports provides an overview of a business profitability and financial condition in both short and long term. They are necessary sources of accounting information about companies for wide variety of users. In.... Continue Reading »

Strategies For Managing Petroleum Strategies For Promoting Entrepreneurship Development In Nigeria (a Study Of Enugu State)products Scarcity In Nigeria. (a Case Study Of Enugu State)

Strategies for promoting entrepreneurship development in Nigeria   (A study of Enugu state)   ABSTRACT   The aim of this study is to examine the strategies for promoting entrepreneurship in Nigeria. Data were collected from both primary and secondary sources. The main instrument used is the questionnaire. The data are... Continue Reading »

Effects Of Job Dissatisfaction On Secretalies In Enugu (a Case Study Of The Nigeria Telecommunication, (nitel) Plc, Enugu)

EFFECTS OF JOB DISSATISFACTION ON SECRETALIES IN ENUGU (A CASE STUDY OF THE NIGERIA TELECOMMUNICATION, (NITEL) PLC, ENUGU) Abstract This work was on “the effect of job dissatisfaction on secretaries NITEL Enugu (A Case Study of Nigeria Telecommunication (NITEL) Plc Enugu). The purpose of the study was to find out the whether NITEL... Continue Reading »

The Impact Of Monetary Policy On Banking Industry (a Case Study Of Some Selected Banks From 1984-2004)

THE IMPACT OF MONETARY POLICY ON BANKING INDUSTRY (A CASE STUDY OF SOME SELECTED BANKS FROM 1984-2004)   ABSTRACT   Money is not neutral it is a contributing factor to the greatest economic problem any nation has to face the recurrent cycle of property and depression.  It would be going to for to accuse money of being... Continue Reading »

Design And Implementation Of A Case Filling System For A Drug Monitoring Agency

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A CASE FILLING SYSTEM FOR A DRUG MONITORING AGENCY ABSTRACT           The world over, it is indisputable that the introduction of computer technology in different facets of life, has virtually transformed and entranced information processing, which is very vital in any... Continue Reading »

The Effectiveness Of Standard Costing As A Control Tool For Performance Evaluation In Manufacturing Industries (a Case Study Of Juhel Pharmaceutical Company Limited Emene, Enugu)

ABSTRACT This research work titled “the effectiveness of standard costing as a control tool for performance evaluation in manufacturing industries” examined the effectiveness of the application of standard costing system in controlling the production cost. Identified the variance that do occur and how they are analyzed for... Continue Reading »

Secretary As The Image – Maker Of A Business Organization (a Case Study Of Nigerian Breweries Plc Onitsha And Our Lady’s Industries Nkpor-agu Anambra State

SECRETARY AS THE IMAGE – MAKER OF  A BUSINESS ORGANIZATION  (A CASE STUDY OF NIGERIAN BREWERIES PLC ONITSHA AND OUR LADY’S INDUSTRIES NKPOR-AGU ANAMBRA STATE ABSTRACT             This study investigated the role of the secretary in the image making of a business... Continue Reading »

Training And Development Prerequisite For High Productivity (a Case Study Of Beecham Plc

TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT PREREQUISITE FOR HIGH PRODUCTIVITY (A CASE STUDY OF BEECHAM PLC ABSTRACT   This research is aimed at going the enhancement high productivity in BEECHAM PLC To guide this study there are problem associated with the study which are passed on finding some major finding are that the staff training and... Continue Reading »

Network Programming

NETWORK_PROGRAMMING CHAPTER ONE1.1 INTRODUCTIONSeveral network systems are built to communicate with one another and are made available through service-oriented architectures. In this project, we use the client server architecture to develop a secured Client-Server chat application. A chat application is created based on Transmission Control... Continue Reading »

Design And Construction Of Automatic Chang Eover Switch With Indicator

DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF AUTOMATIC CHANGE OVER SWITCH WITH INDICATOR ABSTRACT This project work deals on the design and construction of an automatic power changeover that will change/transfer control from MAINS to Gen set and can switch ON/OFF the Gen automatically. The system integrates phase selector in MAINS and changeover to Gen. It... Continue Reading »

Evaluation Of The Effectiveness Of Radio Advertisements Of Family Planninng Programmes (a Study Of Enugu Metropolis)

AbstractThis research work is aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of the radio advertisements on family planning programmes bearing in mind the impact of family planning advertisement on the radio audience. The research method used was survey method and questionnaire being the instrument. The findings got from the questionnaire shows that the... Continue Reading »

Credit Management Techniques In Agricultural Co-operative Bank In Nigeria (a Case Study Of Nacrdb, Enugu)

CREDIT MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES IN AGRICULTURAL CO-OPERATIVE BANK IN NIGERIA (A CASE STUDY OF NACRDB, ENUGU) ABSTRACT   This project is written to be useful to all who are interested in co-operative organizations, banks and the general public. This is to reveal the process of effective management of credit in Co-operative Agricultural... Continue Reading »

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