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Final Year Research Project Topics

Internal Auditing And Stock Taking

INTERNAL AUDITING AND STOCK TAKING ABSTRACT   INTERNAL AUDIT AND STOCK TALKING           Internal auditing and stocktaking are characterized by paucity of literature mostly when it involves having a focus on a particular establishment.  Most at the work on auditing have been... Continue Reading »

The Effectiveness Of Consumer Service Delivery In The Fast Food Industry (a Case Study Of Mr. Bigg’s Enugu Metropolis)

THE EFFECTIVENESS OF CONSUMER SERVICE DELIVERY IN THE FAST FOOD INDUSTRY (A CASE STUDY OF MR. BIGG’S ENUGU METROPOLIS)   ABSTRACT             This study focused on the “Effectiveness of Consumer service delivery in the Fast Food Industry a case study of Mr. Biggs in... Continue Reading »

Inventory Management And Control In A Manufacturing Organization

INVENTORY MANAGEMENT AND CONTROL IN A MANUFACTURING ORGANIZATION [A CASE STUDY OF AKARAKA INDUSTRIES NIGERIA LIMITED ABOH MBAISE –IMO STATE] ABSTRACT An efficient and effective inventory control and management in any organization is very vital in the survival of such organization. Inventory is defined as “An idle resource of... Continue Reading »

Design And Implementation Of An Automated Motor Vehicle Driver’s Licensing System. (a Case Study Of Enugu Motor License Office, Enugu State; Abakpa) Nike)

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF AN AUTOMATED MOTOR VEHICLE DRIVER’S LICENSING SYSTEM. (A CASE STUDY OF ENUGU MOTOR LICENSE OFFICE, ENUGU STATE; ABAKPA) NIKE)   CHAPTER ONE   1.0     INTRODUCTION The need and expected role of management practice is that workers should be free of bias, fraud and sabotage,... Continue Reading »

Managing A Co-operative Society As Small Business Venture, A Case Study Of A Co-operative Society Supermarket, Oji-river

MANAGING A CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY AS SMALL BUSINESS VENTURE, A CASE STUDY OF A CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY SUPERMARKET, OJI-RIVER ABSTRACT   Co-operative society was introduced into Nigeria in 1935.The objective include the pooling of sources together to achieve common goal and the substances of rural economy through marking fund available... Continue Reading »

Isolation And Identification Of Bacteria Associated With Wound Sepsis 2

ISOLATION AND IDENTIFICATION OF BACTERIA ASSOCIATED WITH WOUND SEPSIS 2 ABSTRACT             The isolation and identification of bacteria associated with  150ml sepsis studies were carried out to 250 patient at National Orthopedic Hospital Enugu. (250) Two hundred and fifty patients... Continue Reading »

The Impact Of Fuel Scarcity On Nigerian Economy (a Special Reference To Enugu Metropolis Area)

THE IMPACT OF FUEL SCARCITY ON NIGERIAN ECONOMY (A SPECIAL REFERENCE TO ENUGU METROPOLIS AREA) ABSTRACT   Fuel is a form of energy, according to Longman English Dictionary, fuel is a form of energy use for production.  In that case, its scarcity will affect the living standard of the people in various... Continue Reading »

Role Of Government In Co-operative Development

ROLE OF GOVERNMENT IN CO-OPERATIVE DEVELOPMENT ABSTRACT   The Role of Government in Co-operative Development emphasis on the economic growth of the nation and the eradication/alleviation of poverty among the populace.   The significant of the contribution of government towards the growth of co-operative society in the... Continue Reading »

Computer Based Census Management System

COMPUTER_BASED_CENSUS_MANAGEMENT_SYSTEM CHAPTER ONEINTRODUCTIONCensus has been a reliable exercise from time, from where government rely for decision-making, and aids for administration and planning. According to Robert M. Groves, (2010) Director of the United States Census Bureau;“Just like we cannot survive without roads and bridges, the... Continue Reading »

The Investment Of Infurance Fund In Nigeria (a Study Of Union Assurance Company)

THE INVESTMENT OF INSURANCE FUND IN NIGERIA (A STUDY OF UNION ASSURANCE COMPANY) ABSTRACT Investment can be defined as management of policy holders fund and assets of the company for further benefit guaranteed. The objective of investment is to put ones available fund to use or land it to otherwise in the hope of earning income or ... Continue Reading »

The Problems Of Working Capital Management In The Private Sector


A Study On The Problems Facing The Tourism Sector In Expanding Economic Opportunities In Nigeria (a Case Of Oakland Entertainment Park Enugu)

A STUDY ON THE PROBLEMS FACING THE TOURISM SECTOR IN EXPANDING ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES IN NIGERIA (A CASE OF OAKLAND ENTERTAINMENT PARK ENUGU) ABSTACT   Tourism has become a major source of economic diversification for many countries, underpinning the service sector and forging effective backward and forward linkages with the rest of... Continue Reading »

The Effect Of Incentives On Job Performance In Dannic Hotels Limited Enugu State

THE EFFECT OF INCENTIVES ON JOB PERFORMANCE IN DANNIC HOTELS LIMITED ENUGU STATE ABSTRACT   This study focuses at identifying the effects of incentives on job performance in Dannic Hotel Ltd Enugu. Chapter one given us the overview effect of incentives on job performance with the problem that destroy our business organization... Continue Reading »

Role Of Independent Television Benin In Political Mobilization Of Rural Areas

ROLE OF INDEPENDENT TELEVISION BENIN IN POLITICAL MOBILIZATION OF RURAL AREAS CHAPTER ONEINTRODUCTION1.1 Background of study.The Nigerian electorate in recent years has been intensely individualistic groups. Hence political parties usually confront pro-found cultural differences given the cultural structure of the Nigerian electorate.Independent... Continue Reading »

Antihyperlipidemic And Antioxidant Effects Of Phaseolus Vulgaris

ANTIHYPERLIPIDEMIC AND ANTIOXIDANT EFFECTS OF PHASEOLUS VULGARIS ABSTRACTIn this study, the antihyperlipidemic and antioxidants activities of the extract and fractions ofPhaseolus vulgaris L. were evaluated. The crude extract (PVE) of dried pulverized plant materialwas obtained by maceration in methylene chloride/methanol (1:1) while the solvent... Continue Reading »

The Impact Of Electronic Banking On Commercial Banks Operations

THE IMPACT OF ELECTRONIC BANKING ON COMMERCIAL BANKS OPERATIONS THE IMPACT OF ELECTRONIC BANKING ON COMMERCIAL BANKS OPERATIONS ABSTRACT This study was on electronic banking and the purpose of carrying out this research was to assess the impact of electronic banking on commercial banks operations. In the review of related literature. I... Continue Reading »

Effect Of Different Carbon Sources On The Growth Of Antimicrobial Producing Bacillus Species In Citrillus Vugaris.

ABSTRACTEffect of different carbon sources on the growth of antimicrobial producing Bacillus species in ogiri-egusi sold in Ogbeta, Orie, Artisian, Kenyatta, Enugu State were evaluated using standard microbiological and analytical methods. 12 bacteria were isolated and identified such as Bacillus subtilis,(33.33), Bacillus pumulis (41.66),... Continue Reading »

An Evaluation Of The Role Of Auditing In A Computerised System

AN EVALUATION OF THE ROLE OF AUDITING IN A COMPUTERISED SYSTEM TABLE OF CONTENT   Title page Approval page Dedication Acknowledgment Table of content   CHAPTER ONE Introduction 1.1            Background of... Continue Reading »

The Role Of Commercial Banks In Agricultural Financing In Enugu State (a Case Study Of First Bank Of Nigeria Enugu)

THE ROLE OF COMMERCIAL BANKS IN AGRICULTURAL FINANCING IN ENUGU STATE (A CASE STUDY OF FIRST BANK OF NIGERIA ENUGU) ABSTRACT             The object of this study is to determine the vital role played by commercial banks in Agricultural financing in Enugu State which has been a major... Continue Reading »

Factors That Influence Pricing Decisions In Nigeria

FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE PRICING DECISIONS IN NIGERIA CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1      BACK GROUND OF STUDY One of the most crucial operating decisions management must make is establishing a setting price for its products but this is quiet unfortunately that many firms are  still mismanaging pricing... Continue Reading »

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