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Chemical Engineering Project Topics

41 The Construction Of Sieve Equipment

THE CONSTRUCTION OF SIEVE EQUIPMENT ABSTRACT             The sets of seizes with shocker which was fabricated and assembled in the chemical engineering pilot plant was aimed at providing the students with a machine that will aid them in... Continue Reading »

42 Repair Of Stop Clocks

REPAIR OF STOP CLOCKS ABSTRACT             Stop clocks are devices for indicating time duration for the occurrence of two events after a passage of time. They are usually powered by batteries and they measure time in unit of seconds. Most... Continue Reading »

43 Repair And Refurbishment Of A Centrifugal Pump

REPAIR AND REFURBISHMENT OF A CENTRIFUGAL PUMP ABSTRACT The aim of this project was to restore and renovate one phase, one horse power centrifugal pump to its normal operating condition for future practical purposes. The work started with fault finding/trouble shooting, a method of... Continue Reading »

44 Design And Construction Of A Refrigerating Unit

DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF A REFRIGERATING UNIT ABSTRACT           The design and construction of s refrigerating unit is handled from the knowledge of the working principles of laws of... Continue Reading »

45 Construction Of Turbine Mixer

CONSTRUCTION OF TURBINE MIXER ABSTRACT   The Turbine Mixer was Fabricated at the Mechanical Engineering Workshop of Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu The method of the fabrication of the Turbine Mixer involves a preliminary computation of the dimensions of the standard... Continue Reading »

46 Construction Of Steel Cupboard 1

CONSTRUCTION OF STEEL CUPBOARD 1 ABSTRACT             The project work “Construction of standard steel cupboard” was constructed at the mechanical workshop. During the construction, various hand and machinery tools (equipment)... Continue Reading »

47 Construction Of Steel Cupboard

CONSTRUCTION OF STEEL CUPBOARD ABSTRACT             A workshop cupboard is a facility designed from mild steel for the storage of various materials, like book material and non-book materials e.g. workshop tools, labouratory wares and... Continue Reading »

48 Construction Of Sheel And Tube Heat Exchanger

CONSTRUCTION OF SHEEL AND TUBE HEAT EXCHANGER ABSTRACT             The aim of this project was to construct shell and tube heat exchanger with fixed boundless. A heat exchanger that would cool 5 x 5 x 10 – 3 kg/s of steam at a... Continue Reading »

49 Construction Of Packed Distillation Column

CONSTRUCTION OF PACKED DISTILLATION COLUMN ABSTRACT             This is an abstract on the construction of a packed distillation column. A packed distillation column is used in the separating process distillation that is the separation of... Continue Reading »

50 Construction Of Industrial Wheel Barrow

CONSTRUCTION OF INDUSTRIAL WHEEL BARROW ABSTRACT   Wheelbarrow is a simple machine, which belong to the second-class lever. This is because the load or resistance is placed between the effort and the fulcrum. It is used in many areas of work to convey loads that are too heavy or... Continue Reading »

51 Construction Of Industrial Barrow

CONSTRUCTION OF INDUSTRIAL BARROW ABSTRACT             The constructional project involved the construction of an industrial barrow of standard size was constructed.           The process used... Continue Reading »

52 Construction Of Flow Nozzle

CONSTRUCTION OF FLOW NOZZLE ABSTRACT   The project title “fabrication of flow nozzle” was done by a selected group of ND II Chemical Engineering Students and the practiced objective (aim) of the project was centered on constructing a nozzle that is capable of... Continue Reading »

53 Construction Of Book Shelve

CONSTRUCTION OF BOOK SHELVE ABSTRACT           A book shelve is a structure which here series of compartments for the preservation of books, valuable or useful materials, which are made up of metal, wood or plastic materials of construction.... Continue Reading »

54 Construction Of A Stell Cupboard

construction of a stell cupboard ABSTRACT           The aim of this project was to construct a steel cupboard in order to help us acquire the knowledge of fabrication of a modern cupboard and the essence of it. Also to enable us (the students... Continue Reading »

55 Construction Of A Standard Drawing Desk

CONSTRUCTION OF A STANDARD DRAWING DESK ABSTRACT   This project is a fabrication of a standard drawing writing desk using the cheapest, effective and most readily available materials. Method of maintenance and services were also taken into... Continue Reading »

56 Construction Of A Fluidzed Bed Reactor

CONSTRUCTION OF A FLUIDZED BED REACTOR ABSTRACT The project is the construction of fluidised bed reactor. After a detailed research mild steel was chosen as the material of construction based on its inherent properties. The construction process entitles the marketing out of the sheet... Continue Reading »

57 Comparative Analysis Of Coal, Fuel Oil And Natural Gas For Cement Production

ABSTRACTThis study is a comparative analysis of the use of coal, fuel oil and natural gas for cement production noting their physical and chemical properties, cost and availability, impact on the environment and human health. Out of the seven cement manufacturing industries in Nigeria, three... Continue Reading »

58 The Effect Of Temperature On Hydrolysis Of Cellulose (saw-dust)

ABSTRACTThe effect of concentration of hydrochloric acid on hydrolysis of cellulose (saw-dust) to glucose was studied on this research project and the steps obtained to achieve this project involved treatment of saw-dust (cellulose) with different concentrations of the acid at constant temperature... Continue Reading »

59 The Production Of Yam Flour

ABSTRACTThe project dealt on the production of yam flour from yam chips. The yams were peeled and washed, 100grams samples coded sample A to G were subjected to two different drying conditions. Some were dried using the sun drying method while the others were dried through oven drying method kept... Continue Reading »

60 The Kinetic Study On Hydrolysis Of Cellulose (saw-dust)

ABSTRACTThis research project studied on the kinetics of hydrolysis of cellulose to glucose. The steps employed to achieve this project involved extraction of cellulose from sawdust and subsequently, hydrolysis of starch to simple sugar. This was followed by glucose analysis. Different experiments... Continue Reading »


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